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40 Hottest Bob Hairstyles for Women- Inverted, Mob, Lob, Ombre, Balayage

40 Hottest Bob Hairstyles for Women- Inverted, Mob, Lob, Ombre, Balayage


A bob is a classic and sleek short hairstyle that will never go out of style. Bobs are an excellent haircut choice for women who can’t bring themselves to decide between long and short hair. This style is longer than a cropped pixie cut but shorter than your average long locks. Unlike many other very short hairstyles, bobs are extremely easy to grow out and do not force you through endless awkward growing stages if you decide to switch to longer hair over time.

Plus, bobs leave you with tons of style options from straightening to curling and more. They provide you with all of the convenience of a short haircut: no more fighting with tangles or excessively heavy hair. However, they are also generally long enough to leave you with the option of either pulling your hair back in a short ponytail or at least clipping it out of your face. A bob is the perfect in-between cut for all you indecisive women out there who want to take the plunge toward a shorter haircut without giving up all of your style options and keeping the comfort of a longer cut.

Inverted straight black bob haircut for women

Hottest Bob Hairstyles


The look above is a perfect example of the classic A-line bob. This haircut is very short in the back and keeps the hair off of your back to show off your sleek neckline. However, this bob has longer pieces in the front that provide you with plenty of style options and allow you to clip your hair out of your face when needed.


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