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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Boobs From Sagging

Prevent Sagging Breasts Naturally with THESE Tips!

As you get older, visible signs of aging are inevitable. Your skin wrinkles, fine lines appear on your face, and gravity begins to pull your skin downward over time. Unfortunately, women’s breasts are not immune to the effects of aging. Over the years, boobs inevitably begin to sag downward and become less perky than they once were. All women’s breasts change as they get older. However, some women’s boobs sag more than others. Many busty women who have larger breasts experience more sagging than women with smaller breasts. The amount your boobs sag depends largely on your body type and lifestyle.

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There is no way to completely stop your boobs from sagging. Sagging breasts is a natural part of the aging process. Unfortunately, visible signs of aging, including sagging boobs, can never be completely prevented. However, there are preventative measures you can take to avoid excessive sagging of your boobs as you age. You should not invest too much effort or money into keeping your boobs from sagging; you’ll only end up disappointed when the aging process inevitably takes hold. Despite this reality, however, small lifestyle changes can be effective at preventing your boobs from sagging more than necessary.

1. Maintain Your Weight

7 Ways to Keep Your Boobs From Sagging


Maintaining your weight is one of the most effective ways to prevent your boobs from sagging. If you frequently gain and lose large amounts of weight, your boobs will naturally become less firm. They will lose elasticity and the skin of your boobs will begin to sag.

If you feel like you need to lose weight to improve your health, make sure that you lose weight in a healthy way. Maintain proper nutrition and exercise during your weight loss process to prevent your breasts from losing their elasticity and sagging.

2. Stay Hydrated

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Boobs From Sagging


Hydration is extremely important in a proper skin care routine. If you do not drink enough water, the skin of your breasts will become shrunken and lose its elasticity. This in turn leads to visible sagging.

To maintain the firmness and elasticity of your boobs, drink plenty of water every day. Aim to drink at least six to eight cups of water per day in order to keep your boobs perky and prevent them from sagging.

3. Do the Right Exercises

7 Ways to Keep Your Boobs From Sagging


It is important to exercise if you want to prevent your boobs from sagging. All exercise helps keep your breasts firm and perky. Try to incorporate at least thirty minutes of cardio into your daily exercise routine to maintain the elasticity of your boobs.

However, there are also many exercises that are specifically relevant for the prevention of breast sagging. Push-ups, bicep curls, and any other exercises that specifically target your arms, chest, and back muscles are great for keeping your boobs firm and perky.

4. Stop Smoking

7 Ways to Keep Your Boobs From Sagging

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If you needed one more reason to quit smoking, here it is. Smoking can significantly increase how much your boobs sag and how quickly they sag as you age. When you smoke frequently, nicotine in your cigarettes prevents oxygen from flowing freely through your body. This makes your breasts less elastic and causes them to sag quickly.

5. Use Moisturizer

7 Ways to Keep Your Boobs From Sagging


Keeping your skin as well as your body hydrated is important to prevent your boobs from sagging. Many women don’t think to moisturize their breasts even if they maintain a daily moisturizing routine for their face and other parts of their body.

Make sure that you don’t forget your boobs when you moisturize your skin. Use a light, non-toxic moisturizer and massage it into the delicate skin on your chest to keep the skin of your breasts elastic and prevent it from sagging.

6. Wear the Right Bra

7 Ways to Keep Your Boobs From Sagging


Wearing a high-quality bra that fits correctly is vital to the prevention of breast sagging. Go to a professional bra store and get fitted if you aren’t sure what size you should wear. Make sure that all of the bras you wear on a regular basis fully support your boobs and lift them comfortably without squeezing or pinching.

It is also important to buy sports bras that sufficiently support your boobs while you exercise. If your sports bras do not fit your body correctly, your boobs will bounce up and down while you exercise. This motion leads to sagging over time.

7. Avoid Sun Damage

If your boobs sustain extensive damage from the sun over the years, they are more likely to sag over time. Sun damage reduces the elasticity of your breasts and causes them to sag more quickly. Prevent your boobs from getting damaged by the sun by putting sunscreen with high SPF protection on all of your skin, including the skin on your chest, before you go outside.

While there is no way to completely prevent your boobs from sagging, you can lessen and slow the natural aging process with simple lifestyle changes like the ones above.

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