Billie Eilish Rocks Vintage Style

Billie Eilish Rocks Vintage Style

Billie Eilish, known for her unique and bold fashion choices, recently showcased a standout look during an NRJ interview. Her outfit combined vintage elements with modern streetwear, perfectly reflecting her eclectic style.

Billie wore Supreme Washed Corduroy Double Knee Painter Shorts, bringing a touch of street-savvy style to her look. The rugged, utilitarian shorts were both comfortable and trendy, setting a cool, laid-back tone.

She paired the shorts with an Ecko Unltd Vintage T-shirt. The classic design and relaxed fit of the t-shirt added a nostalgic vibe, harking back to the early days of streetwear culture.

Billie’s eyewear choice was spot-on with Oakley Vintage Eyeglasses Frames 01 11-600 Platinum matte Light Gold. These frames added a retro flair to her outfit, blending perfectly with the vintage theme while also giving her a smart, sophisticated look.

On her feet, Billie sported Es Accel OG Skate Shoes. These iconic skate shoes not only provided comfort but also added to the overall cool, skater aesthetic of her ensemble.

To top off her look, Billie wore a Comme des Garcons Vintage Homme Tartan Blazer Jacket. The oversized, plaid blazer added a layer of sophistication and quirkiness, making her outfit truly unique.

Billie Eilish’s mix of vintage and contemporary pieces in this look is a testament to her fearless and innovative approach to fashion. Whether she’s on stage or in an interview, Billie continues to inspire with her bold style choices.

Oakley Vintage Eyeglasses Frames 01 11 600 Platinummatte Light Gold

Oakley Vintage Eyeglasses Frames 01 11-600 Platinummatte Light Gold

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