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Dua Lipa effortlessly combines sophistication and edgy style in her latest look, perfect for a day at the museum. Captured admiring artwork, Dua’s outfit is a masterclass in chic minimalism with a modern twist.

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Dua wears a long black coat that exudes elegance and mystery. The coat’s sleek design and tailored fit make it an ideal choice for a sophisticated outing. The long silhouette adds a dramatic flair, while the simplicity of the design keeps it timeless and versatile.

She pairs the coat with black knee-high boots. These boots add a touch of edginess to her look, balancing the sophistication of the coat with a modern, bold statement. The pointed toes and high heels elongate her legs, adding to the outfit’s overall sleekness.

Dua’s accessories are minimal yet striking. She carries a black mesh handbag that adds texture and a contemporary feel to her ensemble. The bag is both stylish and functional, perfect for carrying essentials while adding a unique element to her look.

Her hair is styled in a messy bun, giving a relaxed and effortless vibe that contrasts beautifully with the structured coat. This hairstyle keeps the focus on her outfit while adding a touch of casual chic.

Completing her look, Dua wears bold red-framed sunglasses that add a pop of color and a hint of playfulness to her monochromatic outfit. These sunglasses are a standout accessory, adding a touch of retro glamor and drawing attention to her face.

Dua Lipa’s museum look is a perfect example of how to mix elegance with modern edge. This outfit is ideal for anyone looking to make a stylish statement while maintaining a sophisticated appearance.

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Dua Lipa’s Style: long black coat + black knee-high boots + black mesh handbag + messy bun + bold red-framed sunglasses.

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