Shay Mitchell Stuns in Monday Swimwear Honeydew Plaid Getup

Shay Mitchell Stuns In Monday Swimwear Honeydew Plaid Getup

Shay Mitchell is bringing summer vibes to Instagram with her stunning beach look! She’s seen rocking the Monday Swimwear Barcelona Tunic in Honeydew Crinkle Linen, and it’s the perfect mix of stylish and breezy. This light, airy tunic flows beautifully, making it ideal for a day by the ocean.

Underneath, Shay is wearing the Monday Swimwear Morocco Top in Honeydew Summer Plaid. This cute top, with its plaid pattern and fresh honeydew color, is both playful and chic. She pairs it with the matching Monday Swimwear Cayman Skirt, completing her flawless beach outfit. The skirt’s snug fit highlights her curves while keeping the look effortlessly cool.

To shield her eyes from the sun, Shay opts for the Celine Triomphe Metal 01 40235 Sunglasses in Metal Gold/Green. These trendy sunglasses not only offer excellent protection but also add a touch of glam to her overall look.

Shay Mitchell’s outfit is a perfect example of how to blend style and comfort. The vibrant colors and light fabrics are perfect for hot summer days. So, if you’re planning a beach getaway or just want to upgrade your summer wardrobe, take a leaf out of Shay’s book. Embrace the bright hues and stay cool in stylish beachwear like Shay Mitchell!

Monday Swimwear Cayman Skirt In Honeydew Summer Plaid

Monday Swimwear Cayman Skirt in Honeydew Summer Plaid

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