How to Make Your Period Come Faster – 5 Simple Ways

Period How to Make Your Period Come Faster - 5 Simple Ways

There are several reasons why a woman would want to have her period come faster. Perhaps you have a weekend planned with your hubby in 2 weeks and want to get it out of the way? Maybe you’re sick and tired of those pesky premenstrual cramps and just want aunt Flo to show! Whatever your reason may be, we have the solution with these 5 ways to possibly make your period come faster.

How to Make Your Period Come Faster - 5 Simple Ways

Herbal Supplements CAN Induce Periods

It’s no secret that herbs and herbal supplements have been used throughout history for a wide variety of reasons, and it works in this situation too. There are actually a few different herbal supplements you might want to consider for kicking your period into high gear in a flash:

  • Dong Quai. If you suffer from any kind of menstrual issues such as intense cramps, you probably already know the benefits of Dong Quai! Also referred to as the Angelica root, this herb promotes the flow of blood directly to the pelvis which means viola! A period and no menstrual cramps to follow.
  • White Peony. Second to the Dong Quai is the White Peony. This particular herb has the same effect as Dong Quai, accelerating blood flow right to the pelvis for a swift onset of periods.
  • Black Cohosh. Probably a more well-known herb, Black Cohosh is the go-to for a variety of woman-related issues as it helps to regulate menstrual cycles. This herb is also known to help shed the uterine lining, which is, well, your period.
  • Ginger/Parsley/Celery. These everyday ingredients are probably already in your fridge, ready to be consumed to start your period. To use these specific ingredients, you will want to eat a ton of celery or make a ginger and parsley tea to sip on throughout the day.

Vitamin C- Make it Your Bestie

Okay, call me cheesy; but making Vitamin C your bestie is the perfect way to go when you want to start your period quicker. After all, vitamin C is known to be a natural emmenagogue (substances that stimulate menstrual flow), and it just happens to be found in all your favorite foods:

  • Strawberries
  • Papayas
  • Pineapples
  • Broccoli
  • Kiwi
  • Kale
  • Oranges
  • Green/Red Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Snow Peas

Just shovel these tasty treats in your mouth as much as possible to increase your Vitamin C levels in the body. For those of you out there who can’t stand the thought of excess fruits and veggies in your diet, don’t worry- we got you covered. Vitamin C supplements are readily available for the healthy food haters out there!

Get Physical

Okay, when I say ‘get physical’, I actually mean that in two different ways.

  1. Have s-e-x with your partner. Could you imagine intercourse having even more benefits? Yup, it does. And if you do it at the right time, you’ll be sending your uterus into high gear and speeding up the onset of your period. So if it’s around that time of the month and you want your period NOW, then consider having s-e-x with your partner!
  2. Exercise! I am pretty sure we all have that friend that said, “Never exercise when you’re about to get your period! It will make the cramps so much worse and you will end up with a heavier period”. Ummm, hang on a sec. That couldn’t be any further from the truth!

You will be happy to know that physical exercise- specifically aerobic exercises and ab building exercises such as sit ups- can speed up your period and get rid of cramps. Wow!

Sit back and Relax, Lady

How to Make Your Period Come Faster - 5 Simple Ways
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They weren’t lying when they said stress could actually delay your period- so listen to them.

Stress is possibly one of the most well known reasons why a period shows up late. That being said, what’s the solution? A pretty simple one, actually: destress. And do it now!

By simply getting in some ‘me time’, you can bring on your period. Sit back and relax. Take a bath, watch your favorite television show or movie, eat some ice cream, and let the stress of life leave you for a bit. Trust me, your mind needs a break from the hustle and bustle of life sometimes, and if you’re period is late due to stress you more than likely are overdue for a break.

Birth Control Pills

This one is not the ‘natural remedy’ that I’m sure most of you came here in search of, but it is definitely still worth mentioning.

A lot of doctors will prescribe birth control pills, not just for contraception, but to help with menstrual irregularities. This is especially true for those who have specific problems with their menstrual cycles such as PCOS.

Birth controls help to regulate cycles because they are filled with hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which is needed for regularity. Depending on your specific situation the doctor would prescribe you with a birth control that either has one of these hormones or both. Every woman is different, so if you need help with regularity of your menstrual cycles, it may be time to discuss it with your doctor.


Conclusion is… you need your period, and you need it now. So what are you going to do? Well, you have plenty of options. You can go the route of going out and buying herbal supplements specific to what you need, or you can try using some of the parsley and ginger hiding in your pantry. Other ideas? Get busy with your man or go out for a nice long run, followed with some sit ups. If all else fails, consult your doctor to see what they can do for your menstrual irregularities. And here are some tips to help you feel better while you’re on your period.

Have you ever had your period come early? How did you make it happen? Share your ideas and stories with us below!


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