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Top 10 Best Dog Nail Clippers – Reviews of Dog Nail Grinders & Trimmers

Paying for regular pet-grooming and professional manicures with dog nail clippers is expensive and most pet-owners would prefer to do their dog’s manicure at home.  On the other hand, I know that many dog owners view dog nail clippers nervously, as their pets don’t like having their nails clipped.  Owners worry about cutting into their dog’s sensitive nail-bed and causing pain.  And dogs don’t want to stay still while someone’s messing around their paws with pet nail clippers.  They hate being startled by the sudden ‘click’ sound!

The best dog nail clippers must have blades sharp enough to clip off slivers of the claw, or trim across in one neat cut.  This depends on your pet’s size and breed. So for choosing the best dog nail clippers, we’ve listed clippers with sharp, stainless steel blades that slice through claws quickly.  We’ve also chosen clippers with high-quality nail guards that prevent you cutting off too much.

A good grip is also important for efficient use of dog nail clippers, so these nail clippers all have comfy handles that won’t slip.  Finally, we’ve chosen well-designed dog/pet nail clippers that are suitable for people without much hand-strength – so why not take a look now! Keep reading the following Dog Nail Clippers reviews to learn more about the top rated best Dog Nail Clippers on the market.

10.  Medium Size Dog & Cat Nail Clippers  – Professional Claw Trimmer for Most Dogs Small & Medium, Some Large – Bonus Guide – Stainless Steel Blades – Safety Lock & Guard

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

These are medium pet nail clippers you can use to trim the claws of small to large dogs, except dogs with extremely thick claws measuring more than 3/16 of an inch.  They’re made of stainless steel, which is durable and you get a precise cut. The handles are specially designed to give a non-slip, comfortable grip.

Users say these are very easy to use and of a professional standard.  The heavy-duty spring gives maximum leverage from minimum force and the safety guard prevents cutting too much off.  These popular pet nail clippers can be used on cats and rabbits, too.

9. MoJo’s Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmers, With Safety Guard to Avoid Over-cutting, Lifetime Warranty

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

These large dog nail clippers are used by veterinarians and have a unique Quick Guard built-in to the tool.  The handles are thick and comfortable in use, facilitating a steady grip as you cut your pet’s claws.  The grips give strong traction.

Users found these dog nail clippers worked well and had good, sharp blades.  The safety guard moves into place to prevent you cutting too much nail and it’s firmly attached, so it doesn’t slip out of place just when you’re ready to cut.  Testers commented that this makes them stand out from clippers with safety guards attached with a nut.

8.  Green Street Pet Basics  Safe, Convenient & Easy to Use – Dog Nail Clippers

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

These dog nail clippers have a strong, spring-loaded action so the sharp, stainless-steel blades cut quickly and cleanly.  Users said they are easy to use, with a smooth action and above all, a quiet clip.  As we know, the sudden ‘click’ sound is one of the things that most startles dogs and cats during a manicure, so that’s a definite advantage.

The non-slip handles takes the anxiety out of clipping your pet’s claws. Testers liked the safety guard and one-click safety lock for instant open-and-close. Like most good quality pet nail clippers, these come with a free metal nail file and an instructional e-book.


7. GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats with 1 Nail File, Orange / Black

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

These dog nail clippers are recommended for use with large breeds that have very thick nails.  The handles are larger than those on other dog nail clippers, such as those suitable for trimming medium and small pet claws.  The handles have a special non-slip coating are ergonomically-designed for comfort.

Testers say they have excellent leverage capacity.  This makes it easier to cut thick nails, if you find you don’t have the hand-strength to clip your pet’s nails with regular pet nail clippers. Users liked the fact that the handles are longer than usual and said the blades are thick stainless steel and very sharp.

6. Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

 Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

These stainless-steel dog nail clippers are recommended for trimming the claws of small to medium-sized dogs.  They have a safety-stop and locking blades, to give users confidence they won’t accidentally nick their pet’s sensitive nail bed.

Users tried them out on some very thick nails and said they give a clean, precise cut without needing too much pressure, slicing straight through the nail in one go.  Everyone liked that the safety stop is adjustable, so you can move it back and forwards to get the right setting for claws of different thicknesses.  Testers said these dog nail clippers are well-designed.

5.  Professional Dog Nail Clippers And Trimmers 

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

These dog nail clippers leave a smoothly cut edge. The safety guard makes it impossible to cut into the sensitive nail-bed, as it only allows a maximum of 3mm of nail to be cut. This model of dog nail clippers has blades made from 3.5 mm thick stainless-steel and very sharp blades.

Users found the clippers strong enough to trim cat and dog nails with just one cut.  A tester with a nervous Chihuahua liked these dog nail clippers because they are sharp and fast. This help your pet’s claws cut without a long struggle!

4. Koodella Dog Nail Clippers With Quick Sensor. Professional Dog Nail Trimmer For Large, Medium, and Small Dogs

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

These are heavy duty dog nail clippers with blades made from 3.5 mm stainless-steel.  They have a safety lock on the handle, with a push-button that locks the blades in place instantly.  Recommended for use with large, medium and small dogs, these are popular for use with small dogs.

Users said that the dog nail clippers offered for use with small dogs, often have handles that are too small, making them hard to grip or use effectively.  The backstop was very useful for using on smaller nails and these are sturdy, durable pets’ nail clippers.

3. Boshel® Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer 

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

Built to last for years, these pet nail clippers are made from stainless-steel with a blade thickness of 3.5 mm.  They are sufficiently powerful to cut through your cat of dog’s nails with a single snip and will stay sharp for years.  The handles are easy-to-grip and non-slip, to give users confidence in using them safely.

The safety stop acts as a ‘quick-sensor’ greatly reducing the risk of over-clipping nails or cutting the sensitive nail-bed.  Users liked the ‘depth-adjustment stop’, which they say is of particular help when cutting the claws of dogs with black nails where it’s hard to see the quick.

2. Paw2Paw Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer – For Professional Pet Grooming

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

These high-grade dog nail clippers are suitable for use on medium to large dog’s claws.  They have a sharp, clean clipping action that makes them popular with vets and professional dog groomers.  The built-in safety guard prevents accidentally nicking the dog’s skin.

Users advise that you spend a moment examining the dog’s nails and then set the safety-guard in the best position for each nail, as they are all different.  Our testers said they worked very well on dogs up to 115 lbs, but are too small for a dog weighing 170 lbs. This is one of the best best dog nail clippers available at Walmart.

1. Professional Pet Nail Clipper,Easy and Safe To Use

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers

These well-designed dog nail clippers are recommended for owners’ who don’t have a lot of hand strength.  Users said the sharpness of the blades, made cutting the nails of large dogs almost effortless.  The handles are designed to fit the user’s fingers well and have a coating of anti-slip rubber.

Users say this means you don’t need to grasp them with a super-tight trip, which can be tiring for hands.  The blades cut cleanly and you don’t need to file away jagged edges.  Our testers said they were excellent for use on dogs weighing between 30 lbs and 125 lbs. This is a professional dog nail clipper you can buy.

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