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Introduction – 200 – 500 words. Finding the perfect bra is difficult enough, but if you have a smaller cup size, it can seem impossible. Whether you have a petite frame or just a small cup size, you need a bra that’ll fit well and be supportive without all of the unnecessary and uncomfortable features in styles that are designed for larger busts. You also want to make sure you’re spending your money on bras that fit well and are worth the splurge and will last over time.

The experts in The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab put bras to the test to find the ones that are durable, comfortable, supportive and look great under clothing. We evaluated the durability of each bra by measuring its ability to recover from being stretched, as well as shrinkage and signs of wear after five wash cycles. We also had women from a wide range of sizes wear the bras for a minimum of two days, reporting on aspects like fit, comfort, support, appearance, how well they stayed put, and how easy they were to put on and take off. The picks ahead are winning bras from our evaluations and newer styles from brands that have performed well in our tests.


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product description, about 50-250 words:  Don’t use “one user said,” “one customer reviewed” “With over 10,500 five-star reviews” words in the post, but you can rewrite the user’s words as your own review. Don’t mention price in all posts.  It’s hard enough to find bras that come in AA and A cup sizes, let alone ones that actually fit. Pepper only designs bras for small busts, so you know it’s not just a scaled-down version of a larger-sized bra. This style in particular is soft, stretchy, and wireless. It has thin, adjustable straps and a low neckline so it can be worn discreetly under most clothing, plus it has removable cups depending on how much shaping you want.

The brand also makes an underwire bra for small busts with lightly lined cups that are specially shaped to avoid gaps in the fit. There’s also a layer of mesh around the cups so help with the fit and give a flattering look.

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