Five Most Annoying Beauty Problems Solved

Limp Flat Hair Five Most Annoying Beauty Problems Solved

Some days, it’s hard to make sure you have eyeliner on both eyes.  Some days you’re running late and feeling the pressure already and then BAM…you’re hit with one of these annoying beauty problems. Whether it’s your broken brushes or busted eyeshadow- feel at ease, ladies!  We’ve got a solution for you.

1. Busted Eyeshadow

Busted Eyeshadow

This is one of our least favorite things, ever. We are always tempted to throw out our broken eyeshadows because they seem useless to us. But they AREN’T! We found an awesome DIY fix for broken eyeshadows from Petit Elefant. You’ll need your broken eyeshadow, rubbing alcohol, a quarter, tissue, a butter knife, and plastic wrap.

Step 1: Place the plastic over the broken shadow then further break the shadow. No, seriously! Use that butter knife to get it to powder material.

Step 2: Remove the plastic and reconstitute the powder with rubbing alcohol!

Step 3: Place a tissue over the powder and then press the quarter into your eyeshadow to reform it.

Step 4: Enjoy.

2. Frayed Brushes

Frayed Brushes

Is it just us or do my make up brushes seem to last about a month before becoming useless? We get tired of buying brush after brush only to have the same problem. So we did a little research. It turns out that we weren’t cleansing our brushes nearly enough. We used to clean them every couple of months with warm water and soap. But if you want your brushes to last longer like we do- try washing them monthly with dish soap. Dish soap can better break down the oils and pigments stuck in the bristles. You might be amazed how much better your brushes feel after just one wash.

3. Smudged Nail Polish

Smudged Nail Polish

It takes us an unreasonable amount of time to paint our nails with precision. The last couple of times we’ve decided to try out a sleek new nail trend, we’ve sworn to never again after we discover a chip or a smudge within 20 minutes. A solution we found? Lightly dabbing you index finger in acetone remover then lightly sweeping it over the dent to smooth it out. It actually works.

4. Insanely Fast Growing Leg Hairs

Leg Hairs

Shaving your legs is a pain. It seems to take forever and all that work seems useless when we feel the prickly hairs on our legs two hours later. We were curious- is there anything we can do to slow down leg hair growth? Turns out there is. First, try a light scrub or exfoliation with a loofa before shaving. This will help release any hidden hairs. Still feeling those prickly hairs? Use a deep moisturizer to help soften them and make them lie flat.

5. Limp, Flat Hair

Limp, Flat Hair

It’s inevitable that we all have bad hairs once in a while. But on the days when your hair absolutely refuses to perk up- we’ve got you covered. It’s simple- this Indie Hair Dry Shampoo essentially changed our lives. It instantly adds life back into your hair. It’ll perk right up and demand attention! And the best part? It can be used as a dry shampoo, too! Bye- bye flat hair.

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