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20 Gorgeous Minimalist Nail Design Ideas

15 Gorgeous Minimalist Nail Design Ideas


20 Gorgeous Minimalist Nail Design Ideas

With nail designs always being in fashion for women, some of the prettiest looks involve a minimalist approach. These nails are done with just a touch of paint or designs and give off a more natural feel to them. Often times, we can achieve the same gorgeous effect by polishing our nails in this fashion. With the minimalist look being extremely trendy right now, it is a good time to try one of the out on yourself. Most of these nail art inspirations can be done at home and are quite simple to maintain.

For the classy girl who prefers classic colors and styles to the trend setter who likes to go bold, there is a simple look to add flare to your nails. If you have been looking for something you can do to make those fingers stand out, look no further. This list is full of ideas that will have you pulling out your polish. The best part is the less design you have the less time your nails will take to do. If you are an on the go woman who wants to look beautiful, try one of these gorgeous designs on your nails today.

1. Minimalist Designs- Simple Dot Nail Art

Using a base coat in a neutral color, adding just a few dots to the base of each nail turns boring nails into very pretty ones. Play with the size of your dots to find the minimalist look you love.

2. Neutral Nail Art- Simple Metallic Line

Just one line is the only design this look uses. The chrome color can be changed to any metallic of your choosing. Find your favorite and place it near the cuticle. Paint over the rest of the nail with a clear coat to add extra shine.

3. Minimalist Nail Art- Artificial Nail Ideas

There is nothing stopping you from using a minimalist design on long nails. Whether your nails or false or naturally long, a simple design can go a long way. The heartbeat print on these navy colored nails is a cute style.

4. Simple Lines- Nail Art For Women

These simple lines done across the natural nail give an instantly fabulous look. You can use a nail pen add some invisible tape to get your lines right, or use pre-made nail strips to achieve the design.

5. Minimalist Nail Designs- Colored Tips

This is a great nail design for short nails. Just a small line done diagonally across the tips make for an easy to do design. use tape to block off the portion of the nail you want to leave natural. While this black tip is pretty, you can choose the color of your choice. Top your nails off with a clear coat. And you can find more short nail art ideas here.

6. Simple Hearts And Matte Nail Polish

Matte polish is extremely trendy right now when it comes to nail art. Instead of painting all your nails with a matte color, try this minimalist approach instead. Paint a small heart with the same polish on the tips of your nails.

7. Matte Polish With Simple Leaf Design

Here is another look that uses a matte polish as a base coat. The polish is in a neutral color, giving a more natural effect. Adding on the leaf design is simple and gives life to boring nails.

8. Cuticle Nail Art- Minimalist Design For Women

Cuticle nail art is another trend that we love for nails right now. While this look uses a base coat, you can leave your nails natural instead. A glitter polish is chic and simple.

9. Colorful Minimalist Nail Art For Women

This simple look is not so simple. The one colored line across each nail is a great choice for those who prefer not to give up a pop of color. Pair the rainbow lines with a neutral polish to keep the minimalist style.

10. Nail Art Ideas- Fun Punctuation Nails

I just adore these cute nail designs. While simple, the art really leave a statement. You can do just punctuation marks to show off boldness, or a semicolon to match the popular meaning behind it.

11. Under Nail Art- Unique Design Ideas

With simple nail polish, the rhinestones on the back of the nails add a unique twist. This gorgeous style would pair well with fake nails.

12. Color Block Nails- Minimalist Nail Designs

Here is another design that uses color while keeping the minimalist style. The color blocking can be done in your personal preference of colors, but these primary ones are a great option.

13. Colorful Minimalist Designs- Nail Art For Women

Play with colors even more by trying out this design. The natural nail showing keeps it simple while giving the art a place to really stand out. Use geometric shapes around the cuticles or tips to make your own version of this look.

14. Simple Dot Designs- Minimalist Nail Art

This inspiration plays with numbers. You can easily make this look unique to you by adding a number of dots on each nail that mean something to you. For example, your birthday.

15. Benefits Of Minimalist Designs- Jewelry

With a minimalist design, you have more room to play with jewelry. These unique rings pair well with the simple design done on the nails.

Update: More beautiful nail designs added.
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