Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Pierre Cardin Saddle Bag Makes a Comeback

pierre cardin handbag

Fashion aficionados and dedicated fans of Sex and the City will undoubtedly remember Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic Pierre Cardin Saddle bag from Season 2, Episode 5 of And Just Like That. Carrie’s dramatic strut through a bike lane, which led to a collision and subsequently landed her in the ER, showcased this vintage piece in a memorable fashion moment.

A Bold Fashion Statement

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Carrie Bradshaw’s style has always been about making bold statements, and her pairing of the Pierre Cardin Saddle bag with various textured and printed outfits was no exception. This vintage accessory, beloved by true fashion enthusiasts, made multiple appearances in the same episode, underscoring its significance in her wardrobe.

A Nod to Fashion History

Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker was seen filming in Washington Square Park, alongside co-star Sarita Choudhury, with the very same Pierre Cardin Saddle bag. This continuity in Carrie’s wardrobe not only adds a touch of realism to her character but also reflects a relatable fashion choice—reusing a beloved vintage item.

Pierre Cardin, a titan in the fashion world during the 20th century, is celebrated for his innovative designs and bold aesthetic. His namesake label has left an indelible mark on fashion history, making the choice of this vintage logo saddle bag a fitting tribute to his legacy and a perfect accessory for Carrie.

A New Season, A New Look

In the upcoming season, Carrie’s vintage Pierre Cardin Saddle bag is styled with clog sandals, a tiered maxi dress, and an oversized hat that exudes her signature over-the-top flair. This ensemble is quintessentially Carrie—bold, eclectic, and unapologetically unique. As filming progresses, fans eagerly anticipate which other classic bags might make a return.

pierre cardin handbag

Get the Look

For those inspired by Carrie’s timeless style and looking to own a piece of fashion history, platforms like The RealReal offer a curated selection of Pierre Cardin pieces. Embrace the vintage charm and add a touch of iconic fashion to your collection.

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Stay tuned as we continue to follow Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion journey, celebrating the vintage pieces that make her style so unforgettable.

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