20 Kaitlyn Dever’s Hairstyles and Haircuts [Gallery]

Kaitlyn Dever Emmy Awards Red Carpet

Kaitlyn Dever has become a style icon, captivating fans with her versatile and stunning hairstyles. Whether she’s gracing the red carpet, posing for high-fashion editorials, or enjoying a casual day out, Kaitlyn’s hair game is always on point.

From glamorous waves to chic updos, her looks are both inspiring and achievable. Let’s dive into some of her most iconic hairstyles that showcase her beauty and elegance.

Glamorous Waves

Kaitlyn Dever A Stylish Journey Through Instyle S Showcase

In this stunning photoshoot, Kaitlyn Dever exudes old Hollywood glamour with her luscious waves. The voluminous waves add a touch of elegance and sophistication to her overall look. To recreate this hairstyle, apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose curls, then gently brush them out for soft, flowing waves. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to keep the waves in place all day.

Casual Chic

Kaitlyn Dever At Sportsman Lodge In Studio City

Kaitlyn Dever effortlessly pulls off the casual chic look with her loose, natural waves. This hairstyle is perfect for a relaxed day out, adding a touch of elegance to a simple striped t-shirt and comfortable pants. It’s a great example of how understated hair can still make a stylish impact.

Soft and Sophisticated

Kaitlyn Dever Booksmart Press Conference In Beverly Hills

At the Booksmart press conference, Kaitlyn’s soft waves frame her face beautifully, adding a sophisticated touch to her look. The subtle volume and gentle curls give her hair a polished yet relaxed vibe, perfect for a professional setting while still maintaining a youthful charm.

Subtle Waves for an Editorial Shoot

Kaitlyn Dever Deadline Studios Portraits At Sundance Film Festival January

For an editorial shoot, Kaitlyn opted for subtle waves that give her hair a textured, voluminous appearance. This look is both modern and timeless, fitting perfectly with the artistic vibe of the photoshoot. The waves add movement to her hair, making it a versatile style for both casual and formal settings.

Elegant Updo for the Red Carpet

Kaitlyn Dever Emmy Awards Red Carpet

On the red carpet of the 2022 Emmy Awards, Kaitlyn stunned with an elegant updo. This sophisticated hairstyle highlights her graceful neckline and allows her stunning red dress to take center stage. The updo is sleek and polished, making it a perfect choice for high-profile events.

Effortless Waves with a Modern Flair

Kaitlyn Dever Elle Australia October Issue

In this stunning feature for a magazine, Kaitlyn Dever effortlessly rocks soft, cascading waves that perfectly complement her youthful and fresh look. The waves add volume and movement to her hair, giving it a natural yet polished finish. Paired with a sheer, delicate white blouse and a subtle makeup palette that highlights her eyes and natural beauty, this hairstyle is both timeless and modern. It’s a versatile look that can easily transition from a day event to a glamorous evening outing.

The Effortless Top Knot

Kaitlyn Dever Ew S Independent Spirit Awards Portrait Studio

Kaitlyn Dever stuns with an effortlessly chic top knot, exuding an air of elegance and ease. The high bun draws attention to her facial features, making it perfect for showcasing bold earrings or intricate neckline details. The wisps of hair framing her face add a soft, romantic touch to this polished look. This hairstyle is ideal for both casual outings and formal events, proving its versatility and timeless appeal.

The Sleek Half-Up, Half-Down

Kaitlyn Dever Hfpath Anniversary Celebration And Nbc Golden Globe Special Screening In Hollywood

Kaitlyn opts for a sleek half-up, half-down hairstyle, perfect for any red carpet appearance. This look combines the best of both worlds, offering the sophistication of an updo with the relaxed vibe of leaving some hair down. The clean lines and smooth finish highlight her bone structure and add a contemporary edge to her ensemble. Pair this hairstyle with minimalist jewelry to keep the focus on the hair.

The Classic Updo

Kaitlyn Dever Instyle And Warner Bros Golden Globes After Party

For a more classic approach, Kaitlyn chooses a sophisticated updo. This style is timeless and elegant, making it a go-to for formal events. The hair is neatly pulled back, emphasizing her natural beauty and creating a refined silhouette. This updo works beautifully with statement accessories and bold makeup, ensuring a standout look on any occasion.

The Effortless Waves

Kaitlyn Dever Louis Vuitton S Trunks Visionaries The Exhibition In Beverly Hills

Kaitlyn Dever showcases her natural beauty with effortless waves, a hairstyle that radiates casual elegance. The loose waves add volume and movement to her hair, creating a relaxed yet stylish look. This hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear or casual events, offering a versatile option that complements a variety of outfits. Pair it with natural makeup and simple accessories for a fresh, youthful appearance.

Kaitlyn Dever’s Elegant Waves

Kaitlyn Dever Miu Miu February_thumbnail

Kaitlyn Dever stuns with her elegant waves in this chic look. Her soft, cascading curls perfectly frame her face, creating a timeless and sophisticated style. This hairstyle complements her classic black outfit with a statement collar, adding a touch of old Hollywood glamour to her overall look.

Relaxed Ponytail Vibes

Kaitlyn Dever Miu Miu Summer Club Event Portrait July

In this effortlessly chic look, Kaitlyn Dever sports a relaxed high ponytail, giving off casual yet polished vibes. This hairstyle, paired with a breezy top and jeans, highlights her natural beauty and carefree spirit. The simplicity of the ponytail draws attention to her glowing complexion and subtle makeup.

Sleek and Modern

Kaitlyn Dever Net A Porter Magazine September

Kaitlyn Dever’s sleek and modern hairstyle is a perfect match for her edgy leather jacket and bold earrings. Her straight, smooth locks are styled with a middle part, creating a minimalist yet striking appearance. This look emphasizes her sharp features and fashion-forward sense.

Classic Hollywood Glam

Kaitlyn Dever No One Will Save You Fyc Event Portrait May

Channeling classic Hollywood glam, Kaitlyn Dever looks radiant with her voluminous waves and bright red lipstick. Her hair, styled in loose, flowing curls, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to her ensemble. This timeless hairstyle, paired with her confident pose, showcases her versatility and glamour.

Kaitlyn Dever’s Glitzy Glam

Kaitlyn Dever Oscar Photo Shoot March

Kaitlyn Dever dazzles with her elegant waves in this glamorous look. Her soft, cascading curls beautifully frame her face, adding a touch of old Hollywood sophistication. This hairstyle perfectly complements her shimmering silver strapless gown, making her look like a true star.

Kaitlyn Dever’s Chic Top Knot

Kaitlyn Dever Paper Magazine June

Kaitlyn Dever effortlessly rocks a chic top knot in this vibrant and playful look. The high bun showcases her delicate features while adding a modern twist. Paired with a sheer white blouse and high-waisted shorts, this hairstyle is perfect for a trendy, youthful vibe.

Kaitlyn Dever’s Romantic Curls

Kaitlyn Dever Photoshoot

Kaitlyn Dever enchants with her romantic curls, creating a timeless and feminine style. The loose waves enhance her natural beauty and pair flawlessly with her floral dress, exuding elegance and grace. This look is perfect for any special occasion, adding a touch of classic charm.

Kaitlyn Dever’s Effortless Waves

Kaitlyn Dever Social Media

Kaitlyn Dever showcases her effortless waves in this ethereal look. The soft, beachy curls give her a relaxed yet stylish appearance, perfectly matching her bohemian-inspired outfit. This hairstyle is ideal for a laid-back, chic vibe that still makes a statement.

Kaitlyn Dever’s Edgy Glam

Kaitlyn Dever The Sunday Times November

Kaitlyn Dever turns heads with her edgy glam look, featuring sleek, straight hair with a subtle wave. The polished hairstyle adds a modern edge to her bold outfit, making her stand out in the crowd. This look is perfect for those who want to mix sophistication with a touch of daring style.

Kaitlyn Dever’s Polished Updo

Kaitlyn Dever Visits Aol Build To Promote Detroit In Nyc

Kaitlyn Dever shines with her polished updo, creating a sleek and sophisticated style. The neatly styled hair pulls back to highlight her stunning features, perfectly complementing her elegant dress. This look is ideal for formal events, adding a touch of refinement and grace.

Kaitlyn Dever’s hairstyles are a testament to her versatility and timeless appeal. Each look, whether effortlessly casual or meticulously styled, highlights her natural beauty and fashion-forward sense. Embrace these styles to add a touch of Kaitlyn’s elegance and charm to your look, and let her be your muse for your next hair transformation.

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