10 Incredible Pixie Cuts: Short Haircuts for Oval Faces


“Who dares wins,” as the saying goes, and those who dare to take on the audacious pixie cut? Well, they win big.

Just think about it. There’s something truly magical about pixie cuts. They’re more than just a hairstyle; they’re a bold declaration of confidence, a touch of rebellion, a sprinkle of the avant-garde. The pixie cut isn’t merely a look; it’s an attitude, a lifestyle, a statement whispered in the language of hair that shouts to the world, “I am strong, unique, and unapologetically myself.”

Picture Audrey Hepburn with her iconic pixie in ‘Roman Holiday’ – a style sensation that has etched a permanent mark in the annals of hair fashion. Or Halle Berry, her pixie cut defining an era, making a statement about beauty norms and the power of individuality. These are women who dared to take the plunge into the exciting, dynamic world of pixie cuts.

Yes, my friends, the pixie cut is the audacious underdog in the world of hairstyles, the unexpected hero that dares to defy convention. And like any daring adventure, once you’ve embarked on the pixie journey, you may find yourself never wanting to return to the ordinary.

For women with oval faces have a chin that is normally just a bit smaller than their forehead. The jawline is about the same width and the face is about one and a half times the width. Following tips to fit your face shape will really enhance your features, including finding a good cut for your hair. Oval faces are one of the easiest to match with a style. One of the biggest drawbacks is keeping your face from appearing too narrow. Short haircuts are great for drawing the eyes to the best feature on your face.

The pixie cut is a style we all know and love, just not necessarily feel as though we can pull off. In this year, the cut has grown to include new and fashionable looks. Finding the right one for you takes patience and a little bit of knowledge. Pulling off a pixie cut isn’t as effortless as it looks, but once you find the one that really fits you well, it truly is one of the best styles. No wonder it is so hot right now. with summer approaching, this short cut can really make you stand out and stay cool while doing it.


Bangs can really make or break a haircut. Oval face shapes can utilize bangs to shorten the face. If you really want to draw the attention to your eyes, choose a bang that will frame around them, rather than have them cut in a blunt fashion across. Side swept bangs are great, especially cut off around the jaw line. These bangs will pull in the eyes to the cheekbones, giving a softer appearence


Having texture in your hair will help keep from lengthening an oval face. If you don’t already have a lot to go with, try adding some soft waves to your pixie cut with a large barrel curling iron. Add in some mousse to give thinner hair a boost and really pull the attention to where you want it the most. Try tight curls to add a great addition to pixie cuts with longer layers in them.


Not enough volume can leave an oval face looking elongated. Adding some hairspray to the roots before drying can help counter act hair from appearing flat and lifeless. Just straightening your hair can cause you to lose the desired body. Leaving a pixie cut too flat is not the best for an oval face. By adding in volume you will be bringing your hair to life, meaning you will get to really enjoy your short cut.


Because the oval face shapes is able to wear so many different styles, color is no exception. Choosing one that will suit your skin tone is the best way to go, but never be afraid to play around with the colors you love. Though some colors may leave you washed out, adding in highlights could help to really compliment your skin. You may want to choose two similar colors, or choose two that really contrast each other.


Often times we associate the pixie cut with really short hair. That isn’t the case, especially in the current world of women’s hair fashion. A grown out pixie doesn’t mean you have to grow it out. You can get the same look in a longer version just by asking. A chin length cut may be just the right look for you, especially if you have a strong jaw to accompany your oval face.


One thing everyone should consider with a pixie cut, not just those with an oval face, is movement. The secret to this is finding a good balance. Having your longer layers flying away might make for a fun messy look, but isn’t always wanted. Use products that don’t weigh down your hair or give it a ‘stuck’ look. You want you hair to flow around your head as much as possible, not matter what length your pixie cut is.


We often forget that some great accessories can really make your hair style pop. This includes the ones you wear in your hair, but isn’t limited to that. When you have shorter hair, you may feel like there isn’t much you can do. Adding a headband or a bandanna with a bow will look adorable. Trendy sunglasses or a pretty necklace will draw attention up around your face. These simple accessories will keep you feeling feminine and confident.

Once you find the look for you it’s time to go for it. You’ll be ever so pleased with yourself, and the looks you recieve. Jumping into the trend while its hot will give you the confidence to nod to other girls joining you. You will have fun enjoying your hair and your summer.


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