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One thing that high school students think they don’t need is a backpack. In high school, backpacks aren’t really a necessity but if you’re a freshman in college, you need one. You might think that you’ll be able to manage without one, but you won’t. Depending on how many classes you take, where they’re located and if you can even get back to you room before your next class are all things you have to think about. However, Pretty Designs has your back literally so here are 15 Backpack Options For Incoming College Freshman, and Amazon is the best place to buy a backpack for college!

1. Jansport Super Break Backpack

If you’re looking for something classic or want a simple backpack, this is a great option. It has the simple zip-up in the back and the small pocket up front. Jansport is one of the leading companies in backpacks so you can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Vera Bradley Ultimate Backpack

This is one of the most common backpacks on a college campus, but one of the cutest. Although it looks small,  this backpack has a lot more storage on the inside and is able to hold a lot of your school supplies. It also has a pocket for drinks on the side and a pocket on the front for holding various items.

3. Kenox Canvas School College Backpack/bookbags for Girls/students/women

This backpack would be perfect if you have a pretty light class load. Some classes don’t require you to buy the book and that’s where this one comes in handy. It’s not very big, but you can pretty much carry all the essentials that you’d need for a pretty easy day on campus.

4. Preppy Korean Style Canvas Flower Floral Casual Daypacks College Student Satchels

This backpack has one of the cutest patterns on the entire list. It’s a great alternative to the Jansport if you’re not looking to get a classic backpack. This one is a little bit smaller, maybe not enough to bring your laptop to class but it seems like it could hold up a few books and notebooks.

5. Disney Little Mermaid Scale All Over Print Backpack

This backpack is for all the Disney fans out there. It commands attention because of the shiny material and has a subtle Disney touch without being overwhelming. The pocket in the front is nice for putting pencils, pens or a flash drive in and it seems like it could hold up an average class load.

6. Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

This is one of the sporty backpacks. This is a great option if you’re a student-athlete because it has a lot of pockets so you’ll be able to carry your books, notebooks and a change of clothes. The side pockets would work great for holding water bottles or even phone chargers for long trips.

7. The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack

This is another sporty option for student athletes. It has the two pockets in the front, allowing you to carry a large amount of stuff. Then there’re the 2 side pockets where you can carry water or any type of drink that you want/need for that day. It is a little bit smaller than the Under Armour backpack, but could still hold up.

8. Abshoo Cute Lightweight Canvas Bookbags School Backpacks for Teen Girls

This backpack would be perfect for a commuter because the inside has a lot of room. If you’re going to be commuting, a big backpack is a must. You’ll definitely need a phone charger, water, all your materials for your classes and probably your laptop. This backpack is a cute option for those who opt to live off campus.

9. Eshops Fashion Backpacks for Girls School Bags for Women College Book Bag

This is the third option for student athletes. In the inside, this backpack has a lot of different compartments where you can carry a multitude of materials. It has the two side pockets on the outside and then in the front, it has zippered pocket to carry some miscellaneous items.

10. Women’s Casual Backpack Daypack Laptop Backpack Cute School Bag for Teen Girls

This is one of the girlier options on the list and the pattern is so unique. No one else on campus will have a backpack like this, trust me. It’s made of denim material and is marketed to be able to hold a laptop so it’s definitely pretty sturdy. One of the coolest features that it has is a cell phone pocket in the back.

11. JanSport High Stakes Backpack

Another Jansport backpack had to make the list! I can personally say that I swear by this backpack because I had one almost exactly like it. It held  up against my workload including carrying sometimes 5 books to class, notebooks and the rest of my school supplies. This backpack is also very weather resistant which is great for college students.

12. Tinyat College Backpack Stylish School Bag Travel Hiking Daypack T101

This is another simple option for a backpack. Even though it’s simple on the outside, it has a lot of storage on the inside and could accommodate the workload of a college student. It has the main zipper part and then it has room inside for other materials including a laptop sleeve.

13. KAUKKO Backpack Outdoor Rucksack Hiking Travel Schoolbag Daypack Backpacks

This is a twist on the classic backpack because it has the same features as a Jansport. It has all the storage you could need, sturdy straps and has a really unique pattern. One of the coolest features that this backpack has is the two side pockets that are actually made out of the same material as the backpack.

14. Sealike Daypack Backpack for College Bookbag for Women Girls School Bags

This is one of the cheapest options on the list if you’re looking for a steal. This backpack is a little less sturdy but could probably withstand an average student’s books and other materials. It has a big pocket in the back and then a medium sized pocket in the middle along with the small zippered pouch which would be great for storage. The only drawback is that the side pockets are relatively small.

15. Roxy Junior’s Cool Breeze Poly Backpack

This last backpack could really be for anyone. It’s a pretty big backpack with a ton of different zippered compartment that could definitely withstand a college student’s workload. Even the side pockets have zippers which are great for carrying money, your keys or your student ID. This is a really nice backpack for freshman but the only drawback is that it is relatively expensive in comparison to the rest of them.

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