Top 10 Dry Skin Care Tips for Babies

baby skin care Top 10 Dry Skin Care Tips for Babies

Babies are born with very dry skin. Just like adults their skin tends to become a little more drying during the cold winter months. However, taking good care of your baby’s skin can be a little bit more tricky because of how sensitive it actually is. The skin on a baby tends to be so sensitive due to how thin it is. Which means many products and even the change of weather can affect the way your baby’s skin looks and feels.

Understanding the problem is the very first step when it comes to taking care of your baby’s skin the proper approach. In order for you, to do so we have put together 10 helpful tips that will help you take better care of your baby’s dry skin.

10-Cut Down on Bath time

Bath time tends to be a baby’s favorite time of the day. They get to relax and feel soothed. However, if your baby has extremely dry to dry skin you want to cut bath time in half. Bath time is usually 30 minutes give or take if you allow your baby to splash around and play with their favorite bath toys. However, you want to cut your baby’s bath time in half 10-15 minutes is more than enough.

Bathing removes the natural oils on our skin which causes the skin to become dry. The same happens to your baby’s skin so the less time they are in the water the better it will be for them and the health of their skin.

9-Change the Soap

If you have noticed your baby has been scratching more lately or their skin seems red and irritated. It could be the soap you are utilising in them. You want to switch up your soap for something fragrance free and created specifically for sensitive skin. Many baby soaps tend to contain harsh chemicals that create many of the fragrance smells that we know and love. To ensure the skin of your baby does not become irritated using a fragrance free body wash is the best way to go.

You also want to ensure the baby wash you use contains some sort of liquid lotion in it. This will condition the skin of your baby while cleansing it as well. When a baby wash contains lotion it is less drying on the skin.

8-Less Hot Water

A nice warm bath is always a great idea especially right before bedtime. It can be calming and soothing. However, using too much hot water in your child’s bath can do more harm than good. Hot water is the number one enemy for dry skin. Especially in the winter as the air is already extremely dry. You want to cut the hot water in half and use lukewarm to cool water to bathe your baby.

If you follow this rule you will notice your baby has better skin almost immediately. The skin will feel more moist and hydrated almost instantly.  Your baby will also thank you for a cooler bath as it will help them feel refreshed.


Oiling is a great method to maintain your baby’s skin hydrated for a longer period of time. It will also protect your child’s skin from heavy chemicals that may be found even in your child’s favorite soap. This is a great trick if your child suffers from dry itchy skin. Take a natural oil such as coconut oil and warm it up for a few seconds. After you want to rub your child with the oil from head to toe and let them soak in this mixture for 15-20 minutes.

What this does is it penetrates deep inside the skin of your baby hydrating it instantly. After 20 minutes you want to bathe your baby as you normally would. You will notice the skin is moisturized and you will not feel equired to apply moisturizer even though you should to help seal in the hydration.

6- Crawling

Did you know the simple fact of your baby crawling on a cold floor can dry out their skin? The cold is a top enemy for dry skin so before you allow your child to discover every entire home by crawling you want to prepare them with a head to toe onesie. This will ensure they are fully covered and the cold will not get to them in any way.

If you would like to take an extra step place a blanket in the area you would like your child to crawl in. This will add an extra layer of warmth to their body as they continue to explore their surroundings.

5-Moisturize At All Times

A good moisturizer will be your best friend when your child has dry skin. You want to use a moisturizer at all times. Especially if you are taking your baby out to the pool or beach. Saltwater and chlorine are very drying to the skin. They soak up all the natural oils our skin has almost immediately.

So for this reason, as soon as your child is done playing in the water you want to apply a thick layer of moisturizer all over their skin. You also want to continue applying moisturizer throughout the day to ensure they are always hydrated and their skin does not become dull.

4- Mittens or Gloves

Dry skin is itchy irritated skin. You do not want your baby to scratch or the skin will become worst. You may want to have your child wear mittens or gloves over their hands to prevent them from scratching the areas that are irritating them. Mittens can also prevent your child from picking at a certain stop that may be bothering them.

If they suffer from extremely dry hands you want to apply a thick moisturizer before they go to bed with a pair of mittens.This will assist the moisturizer really soak into the skin while your baby sleeps.

3- Less Frequent Bubble Baths

Bubble baths can be a lot of fun for parent and baby. However, the chemicals that are originally in bubble baths tend to be very drying to the skin. So you do not want to have your child soak in the bubble bath solution for too long. Instead you want to let your child play in just water and before it is time for their bath time to be over you want to add a little bit of bubble solution and have them play in that.

Your baby’s skin will feel less drying after about a week, as they will be exposed to less overly drying products. After a bubble bath you want to pat them dry and immediately apply a moisturizing lotion to hydrate and seal the moisture.

2- Humidifier

If you live in a very cold area or if your home has very air you want to place a humidifier in your child’s room. A humidifier will bring moisturizer into the air that your child breathes and is in. It will also help your baby’s skin feel and look more hydrated. Having a humidifier running at all times, while your child is in the room can make them feel more comfortable. They will be in a position to breathe better and their skin will feel less irritated.

1- Oatmeal Baths

Oatmeal baths are an excellent alternative to bath time. They are hydrating and moisturizing all at the same time. If your child’s skin is irritated an oatmeal bath helps not only calm the skin but also calm your baby. Oatmeal has been known to be wonderful skin healing agent especially for dry skin.

You always want to run this bath in a bath tin or baby tub as the oats can clog your drain if you run it in a regular bath tub. Add 2 cups of oatmeal into lukewarm water and let that soak for about 10 minutes then add your baby and let them play around for another 10 minutes. Rinse off with cool water and you are ready to go. Your baby’s skin will be smooth and supple as well as moisturized.

If your baby suffers from dry skin using these tips and tricks can help them feel more comfortable and their skin less irritated. Let us know if you have any tips and tricks that have helped your child’s skin feel better.

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