3 Tips to Reduce Redness in Your Skin

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Facial redness plagues millions of women worldwide. That’s why color-cancelling green concealer lines the shelves of virtually every beauty section you see. Feeling like your face looks constantly flushed can be very frustrating. You can even out your skin tone with makeup, but what if you want to go out in public bare-faced without feeling embarrassed? Fortunately, almost all cases of facial redness are treatable–not just concealable.

Depending on the cause of the redness in your skin, getting rid of facial redness might not be a realistic goal. However, you can definitely reduce the redness in your skin. The redness-reducing techniques that work for you depend on the original source of your redness. Experimentation is the first step toward more even skin. Try out these easy tips for yourself to determine which are effective at reducing your redness and evening out your skin tone for good.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking more water might seem like obvious advice, but very few women actually drink enough water every day to keep them fully hydrated. Staying hydrated doesn’t just help your internal body processes. It also hydrates your skin from the inside to protect it against dryness that leads to irritation and–you guessed it–facial redness.

Don’t just focus on hydrating your whole body. Make sure to hydrate your skin from the outside as well. Apply a lightweight moisturizer every morning and apply a heavier formula at night to let it sink into your skin while you sleep.

2. Wear Sunscreen Always

Even if you don’t feel like you have a sunburn, your facial redness might be caused by sun damage. Your face is one of the most delicate areas of your skin. Plus, it’s never covered by clothing so it is exposed to the sun every time you walk outside. The combination of constant sun exposure and delicate skin makes your face very susceptible to sun damage, whether you feel it or not. Even the slightest sunburn can noticeably redden your face.

Fortunately, facial redness from sun damage is easy to prevent as long as you are vigilant about your sun protection. Wear sunscreen on your face all day every day. The easiest way to remember to always apply sunscreen to your face is to buy makeup or moisturizer that features SPF 25 or above. That way, you’ll always be protected without adding an extra step to your daily routine.

3. Lighten Up on Your Skincare

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Your skincare routine might be the cause of your facial redness, especially if you struggle with acne. Acne can be a vicious circle when it comes to redness in your skin. Breakouts redden your skin, but the products you use to clear up your skin might be worsening this redness.

PIBE Spring Summer 2018 Amber Anderson by Iakovos Kalaitzakis - Fashion Editorials
PIBE Spring Summer 2018 Amber Anderson by Iakovos Kalaitzakis – Fashion Editorials

Topical acne creams, gels, spot treatments, etc. have harsh chemicals–namely benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, usually–as their active ingredients. These chemicals can lead to major irritation and redness in your skin. If you want to reduce facial redness, try giving it a rest with your topical acne products. Get lower-strength, less irritating formulas or try using them every other day instead of daily to give your skin time to heal its irritation in between uses.


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