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8 Best Sea Salt Sprays for Perfect Beachy Waves

8 Best Sea Salt Sprays for Perfect Beachy Waves

Every woman dreams of having long, tousled wavy locks like the bikini models pictured on the shoreline in advertisements across the media. However, when you actually go to the beach, your hair often ends up looking frizzy and untamed in a way that certainly isn’t desirable. This frustrating reality crushes many women’s dreams of achieving those gorgeous beachy waves without even trying.

On the contrary, effortless beachy hair is not outside of your reach. In fact, it’s much easier to achieve than you might think. Plus, it doesn’t even require a trip to the ocean. Using sea salt spray on your hair has the texturizing, volumizing, waving effect your locks need to reach the level of beautiful beach hair. Styling your hair with sea salt is a quick, easy, and non-damaging way to make your hair look great every morning while putting in barely any time and effort. However, it is important to make sure you invest in a top-quality sea salt spray for best results. Effective sea salt sprays include pure ocean salt and include hydrating ingredients to keep your hair tame and prevent it from looking or feeling dry.

8. Sun Bum Sea Spray Top 8 Best Sea Salt Sprays

This innovative sea spray formula from Sun Bum is extremely lightweight but still manages to add instant volume and texture to your hair to give it a fresh beachy finish. The spray seals the cuticles of your hair and adds thickness to them in order to give each strand added volume while keeping your locks tame and fully frizz-free. Plus, this protective formula preserves artificial color in your hair and prevents it from fading.

The sea spray includes multiple natural active ingredients, such as Hawaiian black lava sea salt, sea kelp, and seaweed. It does not include any parabens, silicone, alcohol, or other harsh chemicals that can damage or dry out your hair. As an added bonus, the spray is crafted without any animal cruelty so that you can use it in your hair guilt-free.

7. Davines Sea Salt Spray

Top 8 Best Sea Salt Sprays

Do you artificially color your hair and feel like your locks have become limp and lifeless? If so, this sea spray from Davine is the perfect choice for you. The salt spray is specifically designed for color-treated hair that looks and feels damaged and is in need of some major perking up.

The natural sea salt and pomegranate extract within this spray work together to moisturize, nourish, and hydrate your hair. The spray’s formula adds shine, texture, and volume to your strands. It helps restore your hair to its former hydrated, glossy glory no matter how many chemical treatments you’ve put it through.

6. Paul Mitchell Texturizing Sea Spray

Top 8 Best Sea Salt Sprays

This sea salt spray from Paul Mitchell is a professional-quality formula that gives your hair a tousled, beachy look and keeps your strands in place all day long. It provides your hair with a firm hold that tames each strand while still maintaining a natural look.

The spray includes both sea salt and awapuhi extracts. The natural sea salt adds texture and volume to your locks while the awapuhi extracts ensure that your hair gets the moisture and hydration that it needs. Plus, this salt spray is extremely easy to use. Just spray it liberally onto your dry hair to add instant texture and nourishment.

5. KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray

Top 8 Best Sea Salt Sprays

This sea salt spray includes natural salt derived straight from the Dead Sea itself. This top-quality salt ensures a gorgeous, tousled look for your hair. The salt within the spray’s formula combines with grape and peppermint extracts to protect your hair and add texture and volume to every strand.

The spray provides your hair with a workable hold. It does not cause stiffness or stickiness. In fact, a liberal amount of this sea salt spray leaves your hair flexible with a completely natural feel. Also, the spray does not make your hair look oily. Instead, it adds a matte finish to your strands that stays all day long.

4. OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

Top 8 Best Sea Salt Sprays

This sea salt spray from OGX is an extremely lightweight formula. It does not weigh down your hair or add any stickiness. You don’t have to be afraid to use a liberal amount of this salt spray because it leaves your hair with a completely natural look and feel.

The spray’s formula includes Moroccan argan oil, sea salt, and sea kelp. The argan oil in the spray adds hydration to your hair and leaves it with a healthy, shiny finish. The sea salt texturizes and thickens your hair. Finally, the sea kelp in this sea salt spray moisturizes and nourishes your hair in order to keep it tame and ensure that it does not look or feel dry.

3. TIGI Catwalk Sea Salt Spray

Top 8 Best Sea Salt Sprays

This sea salt spray is a professional-quality product from TIGI. It is designed to provide your hair with light texturizing without adding any frizz or weight. The spray is very light and feels weightless in your hair no matter how much you apply. It provides your hair with a light hold that is extremely workable and does not feel stiff or sticky like many other traditional hairsprays.

The spray features a light fragrance that adds a pleasant sweetness to your hair without being overpowering in the slightest. If you’re looking for a light and gentle spray to add natural body and volume to your hair, you’ve found it in this sea salt spray.

2. Aquage Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Top 8 Best Sea Salt Sprays

This sea salt spray is designed for women who don’t want their hair to look perfectly put together at all times. Sometimes, some unexpected, untamed volume is just what you need to create a tousled look that appears effortless and sexy all at the same time.

The spray includes natural dead sea salt along with a blend of lightweight polymers. These active ingredients provide your hair with a workable hold as well as an abundance of natural volume, texture, and thickness.

1. Got2b Beach Trippin’ Salt Infusion Waving Spray

Top 8 Best Sea Salt Sprays

Try this sea salt spray if you really want to achieve the intense waves characteristic of beach-day hair. If you want to experiment with bouncy, tousled, gorgeously messy waves that are anything but perfectly neat, this spray is a tool you should definitely have by your side.

The spray is infused with natural sea salt that adds necessary body and volume to your hair and helps your strands settle into gentle, effortless waves. Its formula also includes a blend of moisturizing ingredients that comfortably nourish and hydrate your hair without leaving any sticky or stiff residue.

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