Do Eyebrows Grow Back When You’ve Over-plucked?

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The answer really depends on whether you’ve only been plucking your eye-brows lightly for a few years. Or if you’ve plucked them heavily from an early age and now they are looking quite thin. Over the years we’ve all read articles that encourage heavy plucking underneath your eye-brows to create a larger gap between eyes and brows. This left more space for fancy eye-shadow designs and ‘glam’ looks to make your eye area look larger.

1. Past fashion for thin brows

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We’ve also read articles encouraging you to make the gap between your eyebrows wider, if your eyes are too close together. And there was a fashion for many years to pluck out almost everything and just leave a thin, arched line above your eyes.

2. The new trend!

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And then about 5 years ago Cara Delavigne burst onto the model and beauty scene with the thickest, natural eyebrows any of us had seen on a celeb. And that’s when everything changed! So as the natural brow became the trendy look, many of us were left looking hopelessly old-fashioned and wondering what we could do about our bald brows!

3. Re-growth is always slow

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Over-plucking in itself means you’ve gone too far. So it’s not very likely that your eye-brows will ever return to their original thickness. But younger women may find that massaging their brows with oils and brow-growth products will encourage new growth. It is a slow process, so you’ll be filling in your brows with pencils and eyebrow mascaras for at least 6 – 12 months.

4. Massaging with moisturiser

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I tried several ideas to stimulate some new growth on my extremely, over-plucked eye-brows, not believing for one minute that they would work. First of all, I just tried massaging Nivea crème into my eyebrows or baby oil, depending what first came to hand. But to my surprise I did get more growth on the inner parts and a little more underneath.

However, not enough to make my brows look thick enough for modern fashion trends. But the younger you are, or the less you have plucked, the more success you will have with massaging your brows.

5. Special eye-brow growth products

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For plucked, but not over-plucked, brows, you should see some improvement with commercial brow growth products i.e. Prevage, Rapidlash and Revitabrow. Hair follicles need feeding and these product use peptides and vitamins to create skin and hair health that encourages new growth.

6. Latisse never fails

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If you’re more mature, you may have over-plucked too much for any new growth to occur. And eye-brow thinning does happen as we approach 60.  However, there is an eye-lash and eye-brow growth product that is 100% clinically proven to work. It’s called Latisse and you can get a prescription from an eye-doctor or a dermatologist for this little miracle-worker.

It’s quite expensive, at over $100 but it totally works to grow and thicken brows and lashes. I tried it myself on my eyelashes and saw that it definitely works! And there are a couple of other versions of the Latisse formula, available on the internet, which are cheaper and work just as well. But you have to keep using it.

7. Castor oil and olive oil

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These two traditional treatments for thick and glossy eyebrows are also well-worth trying, as they also add nourishment to your skin and hair follicles, promoting healthy new growth. Just because they are the cheapest option, definitely does not mean they are the least effective!

8. Micro-blading or tattooed eyebrows

I thought that buying Latisse regularly was far too expensive for my budget and I really wanted eye-brows that didn’t need any fussing with or coloring in. So for me, the most economical and beauty-enhancing option, for over-plucked eye-brows, was Micro-bladed brows (tattooed). They cost the same as one 3-month bottle of Latisse or Revitabrow, look totally natural, don’t need any make-up and look great night and day!

So I hope this run through of the latest products on the market will help you decide whether you just need some brow massage and patience, a sure-fire cure like Latisse, or the permanent answer to filling and shaping scanty brows – micro blading!

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