Do Jade Rollers Improve Your Skin?

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What beauty benefits can you expect from the latest trend for Jade Face Rollers? It’s tempting to believe this pretty jade roller can do a great job massaging your skin and providing a host of benefits.  For example, it will improve the circulation of your blood, which is always beneficial.

Increased blood flow carries nutrients to your skin cells and takes waste products away. And this action can also help reduce swelling, reduce eye-bags, promote healing, purify your blood and make skin heal faster.

1. Does it really make a difference?

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But a facial massage can do all of that, so do you need to buy a Jade Face Roller to use at home?  A Jade roller may be left in the fridge and then used to reduce inflammation on your face by constricting your blood vessels with cold.

But it’s no more efficient than an ice-pack, or a bag of frozen peas. Rolling a jade roller over your face does feel soothing, but it hasn’t got anything like the speedy, anti-inflammatory action of frozen peas or ice.

2. Not a recognized beauty tool

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Beauty tool retailers claim that a Jade Roller improves circulation. And this could improve poor sleep patterns, help reduce fluid retention, battle infection and speed-up blood circulation to reduce head and neck inflammation.

However, there just isn’t any scientific evidence to back up these claims. And currently, expert facial massage and exercise are the best ways to really impact on blood flow and drain excess lymph fluid. So Jade isn’t a recognised beauty tool that efficiently reduces under-eye bags or dark skin circles.

3. Reduce your salt intake

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You can cause fluid retention yourself, by eating extra salt intake from salty packet-snacks. This can make you sleep poorly, and the you end up with facial swelling in the head and neck.

But rather than buying a trendy Jade Roller, you should work on cutting out salt from your diet. This can be done gradually and will benefit your eye-bags and dark under eye patches far more than a jade roller!

4. Effect on eczema or wrinkles

Jade can’t calm itchy rashes or eczema and it certainly can’t smooth away wrinkles. If you find that the action of the roller is soothing and relaxing, then that can be counted as a solid benefit. Especially when you get flare-ups of shingles, cold sores, acne and psoriasis brought on by stress. If you do use a jade roller, be very careful to be it hygienic at all times.

It’s easy to spread herpes and cold sore viruses around, so cleanse it with chlorhexidine, alcohol or soap and water before applying it to clean unbroken skin. Rolling any device over the skin might encourage pimples, inflamed hair follicles, or infection.  If you use a jade roller, clean it before and after use with alcohol, chlorhexidine, or a gentle cleanser, and apply it to clean, intact skin.

5. Caution

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Never be tempted to use a Jade Roller over enlarged lymph nodes. Nodes that appear on our head and neck area are a vital part of our immune defense system. So if you notice lymph nodes that are swollen, rubbery or firm for a couple of weeks, stop using the roller until you’ve consulted your doctor.

6. Relaxing face massage

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Jade is a beautiful natural stone, but it doesn’t have any magical healing properties. Ancient people used to imagine it was an active ‘healing stone’. But before modern medicine, people were often desperate to believe in outlandish cures. As there isn’t any scientific data to support any health benefits from using a Jade Roller, just expect the benefit to be a nice, relaxed sensation. And that’s a pretty valuable experience in itself!


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