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10 Fabulous Summer Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color

10 Fabulous Summer Hair Color Ideas

10 Fabulous Summer Hair Color Ideas

3. Rose Gold: Summers Hottest Hair Color

If you are a trend setter, then rose gold is for you. The color has won our hearts in everything it touches, So why not try it for your hair. The result is nothing short of stunning. This can be done on a full head of hair or placed in highlights. You could even try it in a balayage or ombre! If you are looking for something new and fresh, definitely consider trying this one out.

Hair color ideas for short blonde hair

This look uses rose gold on the roots for a less dramatic, yet still gorgeous look. The drawback to choosing this color is the maintenance it requires. The summer sun will fade the pink shade, so you’ll need to wear a hat and protective spray to prevent damaging your color. You can ask your stylists for tips on keeping up with the bright pastel shade.

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