Metalhead Fashion Style and Outfit Ideas

female Metalhead Fashion outfit

So what’s the appeal of metal fashion? Well, for starters, it’s edgy and cool. It’s also a great way to add some texture and interest to your look. Whether you’re going for an all-out metal look or just adding a few accent pieces, metal fashion is definitely worth considering.

Origins of Metalhead Fashion

Metalhead Fashion for women

People started dressing in metal fashion in the early 1980s, when bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were popular. Metal fashion is all about dressing in dark, edgy clothing and accessories. Think leather jackets, ripped jeans, studded belts and chokers. Metal fashion is also about big hair – think big, bouncy curls or spikes. If you’re a fan of metal music, then dressing in metal fashion is a great way to show your love for the genre.

A metalhead is a person who is extremely passionate about metal music. They are usually heavily involved in the metal community, attending concerts and festivals, and supporting metal bands. Metalheads are often knowledgeable about metal history and the different subgenres of metal. They dress in metal-themed clothing and often have tattoos and piercings. Metalheads are typically outgoing and social, and they often form strong bonds with other metalheads.

Metalhead Fashion Inspiration

female Metalhead Fashion outfit

There’s no doubt that metal fashion is still trendy. Just take a look at all the celebrities who are rocking metal-inspired looks these days. From Kourtney Kardashian to Bella Hadid, everyone is getting in on the trend. And it’s not just limited to clothes either. Jewelry, shoes, and even handbags are all getting the metal treatment.

Metalhead fashion has come a long way since the days of black leather jackets and studded belts. Today, metalheads are just as likely to be found sporting skinny jeans and vintage band tees as they are to be rocking head-to-toe black. And while you might not find them rocking the latest fashion trends, metalheads have their own unique style that is both edgy and cool.

So what does metalhead fashion look like today? It is a style that is all about personal expression and embracing your inner rebel. If you are looking to channel your inner metalhead, start by pairing some ripped jeans with a band tee or leather jacket. Add some studded accessories and Doc Martens boots to complete the look. And don’t forget to rock your hair in a big, bold way!

Here’s how you can rock the style.

1. Graphic Leather Jackets

Graphic leather jackets are the perfect way to add a bit of edge to your look. They’re perfect for metalheads who want to show off their style, and they can also be worn by anyone who wants to add a bit of attitude to their outfit. Whether you’re looking for a new jacket to add to your collection, or you’re just looking for something different to wear, graphic leather jackets are a great option.


2. Doc Martens

If you want to achieve the perfect metalhead look, you need to start with a good pair of Doc Martens. These boots are the perfect mix of tough and stylish, and they’ll help you create a look that’s all your own. Pair them with ripped jeans and a band tee, and you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go.

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3. Leather/ Vinyl Pants

Leather and vinyl pants are the perfect way to get that metalhead look. They are tight-fitting and show off your curves, and they also have a bit of an edge to them. Pair them with a black t-shirt and some chunky boots, and you’re good to go.

metalhead fashion

4. Tight Tops

Looking to add a touch of edge to your outfit? Then why not try out the metalhead look by wearing tight tops? This style is all about creating a bold and fearless look, so go for tops that are tight-fitting and made from materials like leather or PVC. Pair your top with ripped jeans and chunky boots, and accessorize with lots of chains and spikes.

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5. Accessories with spikes

If you’re looking to add a little edge to your outfit, why not try some accessories with spikes? Spikes are a staple of the metalhead look, and they can really help to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a spiked bracelet or necklace, or even a spiked belt, you can find some great options out there. Just be sure to pair your spikes with some other metal elements, like studs or chains, to really complete the look.

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6. Band T-shirts

For the metalhead look, consider wearing a band T-shirt. This will show that you’re a fan of metal music, and it will also give you a cool, edgy look. Be sure to pair your T-shirt with other metalhead-approved clothing, such as ripped jeans or a leather jacket. And don’t forget to add some metal-themed accessories, such as a studded belt or dog collars. With this look, you’ll be sure to turn heads and get some serious street cred.

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7. Dark Eye Makeup

If you’re looking to channel your inner metalhead, one of the best ways to do so is with your makeup. And what better way to do that than with a dark, smoky eye? This look is all about creating a bold and dramatic statement, so go big and bold with your eyeshadow. Black, gray, and dark purple are all great colors to use to create this look.

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8. Plain Trainers

So you want to rock the metalhead look? One key piece of footwear you’ll need are plain trainers. No flashy colors or designs – just a clean, simple pair of shoes. They should be comfortable too, since you’ll be spending a lot of time standing (or headbanging) in them.

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9. Headband

Headbands are the perfect way to add a little edge to your look. They’re great for keeping your hair out of your face, and they can also help you achieve that metalhead look. If you’re going for a more hardcore look, opt for a black headband. If you want to soften things up a bit, try a white or pastel headband.

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10. Glitter

Whether you’re going for a full-on metalhead look or just want to add a little bit of edge to your outfit, wearing eye glitter is a great way to do it. Eye glitter comes in a variety of colors and can be applied in a number of different ways, so you can really customize your look.

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What is your favorite metal band? Have you ever been to a metal concert?

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