How to Breathe When You Are Running

tips for running How to Breathe When You Are Running

Knowing how to breathe properly when you are running is actually very important as it enables you to run faster and for a longer period of time. Ever wonder why some days you feel as if you can run for miles without feeling exhausted and why some days you feel out of breath very quickly? The answer is in your breathing techniques.

Many people are not aware of this but the way you breathe while you work out can affect the way you workout. Including the length in which you workout. Knowing how to breathe can help you achieve a better workout routine over all. There are some steps you can take to not only make your breathing better while you are running but also make you have a better workout. Here are some things you can do to breathe better while you run.

Learn To Breathe Through Your Nose

As surprising as it may sound many people have difficulty properly breathing through their nose. Breathing through your nose can be extremely beneficial when it comes to running and working out. The reason being when you are running your lungs are expanding. When you breathe through your nose, you are giving your lungs the proper amount of air that they need. When you breathe through your nose, you are breathing more deeply and effectively.

If you experience difficulties in breathing through your nose practice often so you are able to breathe through your nose regardless of how the weather is outside. The colder the weather is the harder it may be to breathe through your nose however, breathing through your nose in cold weather can help you have a longer run.

The reason behind this is when you breathe through your mouth you are causing the cold air to go straight to your lungs which can cause asthma like symptoms. While breathing through your nose will help warm the air and filter out any impurities.

Match Your Breathing to Your Steps

One of the best ways to get a good breathing rhythm when you are running is to match your breathing to your steps. When you first start running start by counting your steps in your head and trying to live up to your breathing with the steps you take.

This will help regulate your breathing in a more natural fashion. If you running a more rapid speed and feel the need to slow down, because you’re becoming out of breath inhale twice and exhale once to open up your legs then slow down your pace.

Breathe Differently in Cool Temperatures

If you enjoy running outdoors all year round you know running in cooler temperatures can be a hassle. The reason behind this is the cold air. Cold air can make you feel out of breath quickly and make you not want to run anymore or as effectively. To avoid this you want to begin jogging and matching the rhythm of your breathing to your steps and then start running and breathing through your nose.

In cooler temperatures make sure you breathe through your nose only to avoid the frosty air. From drying out your lungs and making you feel out of breath. If you cannot breathe through your nose properly try wearing a bandana to cover your nose and your mouth to retain the warm air in.

Learn to Breathe Deeply

Learn to breathe deeply is the number one rule you should remember when you are learning how to breathe better. Your lungs are only a little bit smaller than your rib cage but for some reason, most people tend to believe your lungs are actually small. Which is why many of us only use ⅓ of this powerful organ.

When you take a deep breath, you are expanding your lungs and letting a lot of air in.  Taking deep breaths while running enables you to take in a lot of oxygen while helping you prevent dizziness and nausea. You want to take deep breaths while working out and running to make sure you are getting the oxygen that your body needs.

Knowing how to breathe while running can help you in multiple ways you will start to notice you will be able to run at a better speed and you will feel tired as well. Tell us below if you have any tricks to help you run at a better and faster speed.

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