Top 11 Best Yoga Mat Bags 2024 – Yoga Mat Bags Reviews

Best Yoga Mat Bags for Sales Top 11 Best Yoga Mat Bags 2024 - Yoga Mat Bags Reviews

Taking care of your body and being healthy can ultimately be the best thing you do for yourself. Keeping a balanced diet and exercising is the best way of staying in shape and give your body the nutrients it needs. One way to maintain shape and feel more energized is by doing yoga. Yoga is an excellent workout as it uses your own bodyweight to strengthen you while helping you clear out your mind.

If you are an active yoga participant, you know how important it is to have a yoga mat that is comfortable for you to use while being versatile enough to put away when needed. Storing your yoga mat is one of the best ways to ensure it stays intact and lasts a long time. To store your yoga mat, you need a great bag that will not only keep your mat in a safe place but also help you carry your important items. These yoga mat bags are sure to ensure the longevity of your mat and help you carry your necessary items. Read the following yoga mat bags reviews to find your favorite one.

11. Yoga EVO Yoga Mat Bag with Open Ends, Mobile Pocket and Water Bottle Holder – Keeps Your Mat Dry and Odorless


Yoga mats are important when you are doing yoga as they essentially are your workout machine. After a session of yoga you might notice your yoga mat may be sweaty just like you are. If you do not want a yoga mat that has a strong odor you want to try this mat bag.

The design of this mat bag was specifically created with keeping your mat odorless in mind. It has open ends to keep your mat dry and odorless. It also contains a mobile pocket to hold your cell phone with ease and a water bottle holder to assist you in carrying everything you need. This bag is lightweight but it does contain shoulder straps so you can adapt it to your liking.


10. Large Yoga Mat Bag by Gecko Active – The Original SMART YOGA BAG


Yoga mats are sold in different shapes, materials and sizes. Depending on the size of your mat is what your mat bag should be. However, finding a large enough mat bag is not the easiest thing to accomplish. A mat bag like this one will take care of that problem. It is currently the largest mat bag on the market measuring 28×7 inches. Allowing you to include inside your yoga mat along with any essentials you may need.

The uniqueness comes in the design of this bag. It was intended to be the ultimate yoga mat bag. You can choose your color of choice giving you the personalization that you would want. Featuring innovative contouring zipper to seal your mat inside while having a duo odor free system. This will ensure your mat always smells free everytime you use it.


9. Peace Yoga® Yoga Mat Carrier Tote Bag With Adjustable Straps – Choose Your Design


We all live hectic lives which may not allow us to always have the time to change from our work bag to our yoga bag. For this reason, it can be very convenient to have one bag that does everything. Takes all of the items that you need while holding your yoga mat in place. You can also customize this bag with a design that catches your attention to make your bag even more personal to you.

This tote offers adjustable straps to give you the ability to modify the way you carry the bag while you are on the run. It is spacious enough to carry your favorite items while giving your yoga mat as well.


8. Sustainable and Ethical Yoga Mat Bag by Bagmaya

Sustainable and Ethical Yoga Mat Bag by Bagmaya

If you are looking for a beautiful and practical yoga mat bag that has also been ethically made from sustainable materials, then the Pushkar Yoga Mat Bag from Bagmaya is your best bet. Handmade in Nepal with natural hemp, this comfortable yoga mat bag will allow you to go anywhere hands-free, thanks to it’s backpack-style design.

It also features an external pocket for a reusable water bottles, plus one external pocket and another internal pocket for your valuables. It’s large enough to fit your yoga mat plus other yoga accessories like yoga straps or small towel. On top of that, the guys at Bagmaya will plant a tree with your order, and your yoga mat bag will arrive in plastic-free packaging.



7. Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bags


If a simple yoga mat bag is what you are trying to find then look no further. This yoga mat bag is exactly what you are trying to find. It is simple, lightweight and it does exactly what it’s intended to do. Hold your yoga mat while you are on the road. This yoga mat can be positioned in your car and forgotten about.

It will hold your yoga mat for you in a fashionable manner as you have multiple color choices to select from.This yoga mat bag was created with 100 percent organic cotton. Organic cotton allows breathing room for anything that you put inside of your mat bag.


6. Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Slings


If you live a hectic life and would like to be able to carry your yoga mat everywhere you go without needing to stop and place it inside of anything a sling is an excellent option. Mat slings are simple and will carry the weight of your yoga mat without the hassle of having anything else attached.

This sling has adjustable straps so you can decide what length feels more comfortable for you. We would recommend something like this if you are interested in having something that is quick and easy to take anywhere.


5. Aurorae Yoga Multi Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack


If you are into fitness, you know yoga is just one of the many different classes that you can take when you are working out. If you are one of those people that take multiple work out classes you may want to try a backpack like this one. This pack back will carry all your gym essentials while having a separate section for your yoga mat.

Having a separate section for your yoga mat is a great idea as it allows your mat to ventilate and be odor free. It also gives your pack back more room for the necessary items that you may need.


4. Yoga[Addict]™ Large Yoga Mat Bag “Compact” With Pockets, 28″ Long


An expandable yoga mat bag with multiple pockets is just what you need when you want to take everything you need for your yoga class. The straps are expandable as well so you can adjust them to your comfort level.

It contains zippered outside compartments and zippered interior compartments to provide you with enough room for everything you need. It also contains ventilated eyelet pockets to give your mat some breathing area to minimize odor. The more ventilation your bag has the less you will have to worry about odor.


3. Aurorae Yoga Mat Tote Bag


When you are looking for a yoga mat bag that is versatile and can transition with you from yoga mat bag to hanging out with the girls a tote bag is a great option. This bag is not only large enough to fit in your yoga mat but it has secret compartments to carry anything you may need to carry to and from the gym. The magnetic snap allows for easy access to all the items that are already in your bag.

It comes in multiple other colors and designs so you get to choose which design and color works best for you. If you want to secure your belongings you can use the interior pockets as well as the exterior pockets that both contain zippers.


2. COMPACT YOGA MAT BAG / Stylish, Efficient & Lightweight


A smaller yoga mat bag may be the solution for you. If you are looking for a compact small mat bag that will carry everything you need without being bulky this may be the one for you. This bag is full of pockets to maintain your belongings safe. It also has an adjustable strap to hold your mat in place on the exterior of the bag.

This gives your yoga mat room to breathe and causes less odor as well. If you happen to carry additional bags with you as well. This is a great small bag that holds the little essentials you need to workout without overwhelming or too much of a big addition to what you already carry.


1. YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag “Supreme” With Pocket, 28″ & 30″ Long


We love the idea of a versatile bag that is big enough to fit in a large yoga mat but compact enough to not be bulky and heavy. A yoga mat bag like this one hold your yoga mat while having multiple compartments to store in your belongings.

The compartments stretch for those times you want to add something that are a little bit bigger. It offers inside compartments that have zippers as well as exterior compartments that have zippers as well to maintain your belongs dry and safe. This could become your favorite all around gym bag as it is that versatile to carry around. Also you can take your yoga blocks with this bag.


Carrying your yoga mat (checkout the best yoga mats here.)in a bag is the best way to maintain it fresh and odor free while you go to the gym or yoga class. It is equally a great way to have everything compact every time you need it. What yoga bag are you excited about trying and why? Please tell us in the comments below.

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