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best yoga blocks briks how to use Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks/Bricks 2021 - Yoga Blocks Reviews


Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks/Bricks 2021 – Yoga Blocks Reviews

Improve Your Yoga Practice with Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are an important element of many different yoga moves, routines, and exercises. Although they are designed for use in yoga, they can also be helpful for other workouts, such as pilate exercises. It is important to invest in high-quality yoga blocks that are firm enough to support you but not too hard that they feel uncomfortable under your body. It can be difficult to find yoga blocks that work well for your needs and preferences.

What is the best yoga block? Keep reading the following Yoga Blocks reviews to learn about the top rated best yoga blocks available on the current fitness market.

10. AVIVA YOGA Set of 2 High Density EVA Foam Blocks

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks

This two-pack of foam yoga blocks from AVIVA YOGA are designed for use by yogis of all levels to help beginners, intermediates, and advanced yoga practicers build strength and develop their balance and flexibility safely and comfortably. The edges of these yoga blocks are embossed and cut straight to help you grip onto them more easily to prevent injury.

The yoga blocks come with a free included drawstring backpack that fits the blocks perfectly so that you can easily transport them to the gym or your favorite yoga class. You can also store the blocks in the bag while at home to prevent them from accumulating dust and dirt between uses.


9. The Original Article Yoga Blocks for beginners

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks

These adorable yoga blocks combine inspiring aesthetics with comfortable functionality. This two-pack of yoga blocks are inscribed with inspiring one-word affirmations, such as gratitude and balance.

The blocks are designed to be firm enough to support your weight for poses where you need to stand and support yourself on the blocks. However, they also have enough give to prevent them from feeling uncomfortably hard and stiff under your hands or feet. The blocks are crafted from a spongy, high-density eco-friendly material.


8. Peace Yoga Set of 2 Yoga Blocks

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks

This two-pack of yoga blocks from Peace Yoga are customizable in both size and color. They are available in multiple colors that range from gray to pink to purple to green and more. The blocks also come in two different sizes (nine inches by six inches by three inches and nine inches by six inches by four inches).

These blocks are one hundred percent slip-resistant in order to help you avoid injury that results fr0m slipping off your blocks. They are crafted from a special high-density foam that is durable and resistant to tearing and deformation over time with extended use.


7. Fit Spirit Set of 2 Exercise Yoga Blocks

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks
These yoga blocks from Fit Spirit are another two-pack set of blocks which you can customize in both size and color. The blocks are available in many bright colors, including bright blue, bright purple, and lime green. They are available in two sizes: nine inches by six inches by three inches and nine inches by six inches by four inches.

The blocks feature rounded edges that are easy to grab onto during difficult poses and exercises. They are fully slip-resistant as well. The blocks are crafted from dense and durable foam that offer extra strength and support to your workouts.


6. Gaiam Yoga Blocks

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks
The yoga blocks from Gaiam are designed to provide stability and balance to your yoga poses. They are specifically designed for yoga practicers who need extra help keeping their balance in certain poses. The blocks help with your alignment and allow you to develop your strength as well.

The blocks are crafted from durable, dense, and supportive foam. They come in a large size that allows you to sit on them comfortable without the edges digging into your skin. The blocks can be cleaned easily with a towel and mild detergent.


5. Veda Yoga Foam Blocks

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks

This two-pack set of yoga blocks from Veda Yoga are crafted from a high-density foam. They help you develop stability, balance, flexibility, and alignment while you perform certain poses.

The edges of these blocks are bevelled in order to help you use them more comfortably under your hands, feet, stomach, or back. The blocks are lightweight and are extremely easy to transport back and forth from your home to the gym or yoga studio without difficulty. The blocks come with an included metal D-ring at no extra charge.


4. SUESPORT Yoga Blocks

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks

This set of two SUESPORT yoga blocks offers extra stability and balance to your yoga workouts. They can be sat on comfortably without falling off or tipping for meditation or seated yoga poses. The blocks are crafted from a durable, dense foam and feature beveled edges to increase comfort and allow for an easier grip.

The blocks are available in four different colors: purple, blue, brown, and pink. They are crafted from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials that are scratch-proof and tear-resistant. The blocks are flexible and can be comfortably placed under your hands, feet, stomach, or back without giving under your weight or digging into your skin.


3. Yoga Rat Yoga Block

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks

These yoga blocks from Yoga Rat are crafted from durable, eco-friendly EVA foam. The foam is also nontoxic and is resistant to the accumulation of microbes to prevent irritation and infection. The blocks are incredibly soft and are used frequently for workouts, routines, and poses by private yoga instructors and professional fitness trainers.

These blocks are available in a variety of fun colors that range from red to turquoise to purple to brown. The blocks are super lightweight and can be easily transported. However, they are also dense and durable and do not give underneath your weight during poses. These blocks help you develop your strength and add stability and balance to your workout.


2. Spoga Premium Quality Yoga Blocks

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks

This set of two yoga blocks from Spoga are very large. You can sit on them comfortably without falling off or feeling unstable. The blocks help you with alignment, flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination while you perform your favorite yoga practices.

The yoga blocks available in many different colors, including bright purple, pink, red, and green. They are studio quality and are crafted from durable, extremely high-density foam. The surface of the blocks is not sticky and is lightweight and supportive enough to withstand your full weight comfortably without giving or digging into your skin.


1. Nu-Source Yoga Block

Top 10 Best Yoga BlocksThis single yoga block from Nu-Source is a top-quality block that can be used safely and comfortable in a variety of yoga poses, routines, and exercises. The block helps you safely maintain optimal alignment and flexibility during your poses. It can be used at home or within a studio to increase your strength and stability while you perform your yoga poses flawlessly.

The block is crafted from high-density foam. It featured bevelled edges that help increase the comfort and support of the block. This block measures nine inches by six inches by three inches, making it the perfect size for versatile use throughout many poses. It can be placed under your hands, hips, feet, stomach, or back without giving or feeling too stiff under your weight.

Yoga blocks can be a significant part of your daily workouts. If you use yoga blocks that are not top quality, you can end up getting injured or developing painful bruises or strains on your muscles. Use this list to learn about some of the best yoga blocks currently available and find one you like to use safely and comfortably in your favorite yoga workouts. You can find a lot tutorials on how to use yoga blocks search on Google.

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  1. ellen

    March 21, 2018 at 9:57 pm

    Hi Shaylie!
    Love your reviews! But I thought I would add in my two cents.
    For background, I’ve been practicing yoga for about 10 years and have my 200-TT and 300-TT with Yogaworks.
    My biggest issue with this list and the yoga market in general is we have been staring at the same yoga colors and products for 20 years. There have been no positive changes – just new players coming in and making the products even cheaper and less durable than ever before. Then in each of my classes students have been introducing me to Yoga Hustle – its the first time I’ve ever seen yoga blocks with prints on them or yoga towels that aren’t super hippy! But besides being so fun to see in a boring yoga studio – the quality is amazing! I personally don’t like cork blocks because they are too heavy and they aren’t hygienic for a yoga studio because we just can’t clean them properly. Give them a look. I don’t work for them, but I have now bought my own set of blocks and their mat for my Privates. Keep up your great reviews work!! Exx

  2. James

    October 24, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    Where’s the Yoga Hustle!? Every block on this list has been around for years or looks the same as every other block on the market. Yoga props are so boring. I’m so happy I have Yoga Hustle props in my studios. Their blocks are so cool and super firm. Its the first time foam blocks are different and special. Thats gotta be where my vote goes!

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