How Working Out Makes You Beautiful

When it comes to binge-watching Netflix with a bag of chips, we’re all for it. But when our friends invite us to their gym we’re looking for a hundred reasons to bail right at the last minute. The problem is that it takes a lot more mental preparation to get out of the house than it does to sit around all day. For most people, dealing with the stress of everyday life weighs us down until we can’t fathom the thought of doing anything but relax.

However, learning the ways that working out makes you feel beautiful can help us to understand the ways we can better our lives.

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Taking Control

Exercise is one of the self-help answers that doctors advise their patients with depression to start doing. Most days, our schedules feel jumbled. They start off crazy and then throughout the day other things and people join in and make it more conflicting. Exercise routines are a choice. When you suffer from a disorder that makes you feel out of control, or even if you don’t, it helps to put your mind back into control. By choosing an exercise routine, you are taking your jumbled schedule and adding balance and structure.


It’s also something new, which makes it exciting. Excitement gives us something to look forward to. This makes us much happier and willing to do the hard stuff in our lives. When I first started to exercise, it was easier to get through the day at a job I couldn’t stand because I felt like I was succeeding at something.


You don’t think that you’ll get instant results, but you do. Within just a couple of sessions, you feel stronger, healthier, and more beautiful. What keeps us going is reaching our goals. If we aren’t seeing the weight loss or increase in strength, we don’t want to continue what we are doing.


We are influenced by how we feel about ourselves every day. Confidence is what makes us get out of bed in the morning, put our makeup on, and do our hair. It tells us if we’re going to dress up or resort to big t-shirts and sweat pants again. When we have low self-esteem we ask ourselves, “Do I really feel like putting in any effort?” However, when we are confident we answer with a yes because we feel good and we want to feel better.

Confidence is more than just looks, it’s also a reflection of our lives. If we have a job we hate or a relationship we feel stuck in, we tend to lose sight of happiness. Sometimes we get caught in a current with no hope of swimming out. The only thing that will help us gain confidence is by making a choice: the choice to move on. Results give us success. When we are successful we are confident in ourselves. We start to look good, feel good, and forget the ideas we used to think about our bodies, minds, and life. Feeling confident is important because if we can’t smile at ourselves in the mirror, who can we smile at? Working out gives us the opportunity for a new beginning and the chance at having the success we need to change our lives.


Your smile is the most important part of anything you do. When you make a choice, it should always make you feel good. Having success and gaining confidence will leave your face with a smile on it, and that is the most important part of your beauty.

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