22 Cute Ponytails for Long & Medium Length Hair


Think of a timeless hairstyle that has been worn by every age group and fashion set for generations around the world. It’s highly likely that the first style that springs to your mind is the classic ponytail. The ponytail is a timeless look which we have all worn once or twice in our lives.

Cute Ponytails for Long & Medium Length Hair

Our favorite thing about ponytails is just how incredibly versatile they are. You can wear your hair up in a casual carefree way during a relaxed day time, or you can spend some time creating a chic, pulled back ponytail for a glamorous evening out.

Cute Ponytails for Long & Medium Length Hair

Ponytails can also look gorgeous on almost any hair length, texture and face shape. Here are some of the prettiest styles for you to try out this week. Don’t expect to find any basic or boring ponytails in this list though, as we believe that girls everywhere should take a chance on something new and exciting this week.

Cute Ponytails for Long & Medium Length Hair

step by step French Braid Ponytail tutorial /via

Cute Ponytails for Long & Medium Length Hair

French Braid – braided straight ponytail for long straight hair

Looking for a unique way to upgrade your usual ponytail? Turn it into a subtly sculptured up-do by adding a French braid on one side. Braid some smaller sections of hair and wrap them around the hair band to make it even sleeker.

Layered Curls – messy curly long blonde ponytail

Long hairstyles with curls: These big blonde curls are beautiful and formal enough for just about any occasion. This look can be recreated by twisting and folding sections of the crown to make an angelic halo effect.

Larger Than Life – cool stylish dark to blonde ombre ponytail

If you’re not afraid to turn plenty of heads when you’re out and about, try out this big and beautiful ponytail. The crown has been teased and backcombed to create a bouffant effect and the ponytail itself is gorgeously gigantic and bouncy.

Spiraling Style – simple easy long blonde twisted ponytail

The spiral effect of this hairstyle can be created by twisting and turning the crown before securing the ponytail in place.

Princess Ponytail – loose messy ponytail for dating

We’d be lying if we said that we had never dreamt of being a Disney princess. If you’ve ever envied classic characters like Belle, Sleeping Beauty or Ariel, famous for their thick, flowing tresses, try out this ponytail. The front of the hair is sculpted into a high, beehive style and the rest is swept back into long golden waves.

Fishtail Braid – braided ombre ponytail for girls

This long lacy braid can make even the most casual ponytail look totally magical. The braided style is accentuated by this beautiful two tone brown and blonde ombre.

French Braid Faux-Hawk

Most of the intricate detail in this hairdo takes place at the very top of the head. The big braid down the centre of the hair is raised high, created a Mohawk-like effect. Keep the drama going all the way from the tops to the tips by curling the length.

Ponytail with Shaved Side

Unleash your inner rock chick by daring to try this shaved side style. The shaved side trend first burst on to the scene a few years back, as a throwback to the punk rock era of the eighties. Today it is still going strong, with celebs such as Demi Lovato and Rihanna rocking it regularly. Teaming it with a ponytail like this one looks absolutely gorgeous.

Braided Ponytail

An elaborately braided ponytail, like this one, is an ideal way to add character and texture to your hair. The tight plaits keep your hair neatly in place, showing off your features, while the braided length allows you to enjoy long, flowing locks.

Honey Ombre Waves – loose balayage ponytail for girls

The soft golden ombre in this look makes these brunette locks look perfectly sun kissed. Adding to the stunning, surfer babe image, the length has been styled into beautiful beach waves.

Sixties Bombshell – romantic loose messy ponytail for women

The 1960s was one of the most iconic decades for style. Even now, fifty years later, we are still emulating the hair, beauty and fashion trends set by icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Kennedy. This puffy ponytail does exactly that, try it yourself with backcombing and plenty of hairspray.


The first time we saw the bubble ponytail was when it was being rocked by princess jasmine in the Aladdin movie. This style is fun, youthful and incredibly easy to achieve.

I Dream of Genie

This super high and sleek ponytail, secured with a cylindrical gold clasp has an exotically beautiful effect. It is quite reminiscent of Beyoncé’s genie style on the red carpet of the 2015 Met Gala.

Big Braid

This big, thick hairstyle is defined by one long braid which leads from the top to the bottom. Even though this girl is lucky enough to have gorgeously thick and long locks, this will be a great look if you have fine hair and are looking for a way to add volume.

High with Ombre – African American dark to blonde ombre ponytail

Looking for a way to look dramatic and eye catching? This ponytail has a similar exotic, high style to number 14, but this one allows you to enjoy the flattering effect of scraped back hair along with long, flowing ombre locks.

Bouncy Waves – simple easy daily ponytail for girls

This perfectly preened ponytail is casual enough to wear during the day but chic and stylish enough to wear by night. There is almost not a single hair out of place; we could gaze at these waves all day.

Curly Girl – naturally curly ponytail for black women

Don’t be fooled into thinking that black girls with afro texture hair can’t rock a stunning ponytail. A perfectly polished do like this one, looks absolutely amazing with natural, tight curls.

Reverse Braid – straight french braid for long straight hair

We’ve all seen ponytails which look beautiful thanks to the addition of a French braid. Turn this look on its head by braiding the hair on the underside of the ponytail rather than on the top or to the side.

Multi-Dimensional Ponytail

There is so much going on in this beautiful ponytail that it’s hard to know where to start. We can’t get enough of the beehive crown, the intricate French braid or the luscious, bouncy ponytail.

Half Up Half Down ponytial – great for prom and wedding!

There’s something very regal about this fairytale half up, half down hairstyle. If your hair is fine or flat, try out this style to give the illusion of thick, full-bodied tresses.

Cute Ponytails for Long & Medium Length Hair

simple step by step ponytail tutorial  /via

Cute Ponytails for Long & Medium Length Hair

step by step messy ponytail tutorial /via

Cute Ponytails for Long & Medium Length Hair
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