10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2024

wellness trends 10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2024

Our first thought was “wellness has never been bigger, broader or cooler than it was in this year”, actually wellness is becoming even cooler and bigger this year. This year wellness is taking a center stage in every aspect of our lives. From the Hollywood CEOs, to the star on silver screen and even our grandmothers are ready to take back their lives and begin living healthier.

 Everyone is considering innovative approaches to fitness and dieting in order to have a better well-being. Plant base foods are moving from the side dish to the entrée, meditation is being taught in office boardroom and even becoming an everyday movement. We are refocusing our priorities and working on being versions of ourselves from the inside out.

Since wellness is taking over the last year it is only right we discuss with you our findings on what wellness trends you should look out for this year. Time to get excited for a new year of well-being.

Infrared Saunas, Spa Treatments

10 wellness trends to note in 2017 8 10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2024

Infrared Saunas is a new trend that is gaining major momentum in the wellness community right now. It features saunas that use a different type of heat wave similar to the ones used at the hospital to keep premature babies warm. These saunas essentially raise the body’s core temperature in order to provide different health benefits. Essentially infrared saunas are cooler than traditional saunas. They reach about 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while traditional saunas can easily reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since infrared saunas have a different heating system they provide different health benefits such as soothe muscles and joints. Along with better detoxification and deeper relaxation. They also make you sweat more which in essence helps remove toxins from within while helping you rid of excess water weight. Although, infrared lighting has been around for a while they are now taking momentum because of all the health benefits that they provide.

 Medicinal Mushrooms Are Taking Center Stage

10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2017

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We have all heard about all the great benefits certain food can give us. One of the food items that completely took over last year was acai. Acai has been known for having numerous benefits that include its ability to lower blood pressure. Along with helping you feel full for an extended period of time and being able to help you maintain a healthy weight. Acai is now taking a step back and giving the spotlight to mushrooms. Mushrooms are no longer only a staple in culinary. They are now actually becoming part of our healthy lifestyle change. As many medical experts, have discovered its abilities to fight cancer, quell inflammation, balance blood sugar and more.

However, this is not a new discovery experts have always slightly known about the abilities that mushrooms have. “Mushroom extracts are unique because they contain polysaccharides and beta-glucans, compounds that activate the immune system by increasing white blood cell count” says Dr. Mark Stengler. It has also been noted that mushrooms are one of the few food items that offer a natural source of vitamin D. They offer anywhere from 140 to 2,000 IU per 100 grams of mushrooms of vitamin D. The benefits of mushrooms are endless, they are also able to help your body detoxify all on its very own.

The “IT” Diet Is The Ketogenic Diet

10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2017

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Every year we will come across a new “IT” diet. Everyone wants to look and feel their very best. Which entitles us to try different methods that will not only work, but give us our desired results. This year is not an exception. There is definitely a new diet in town. We are pushing over the Paleo diet and are now adjusting to the Ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet is actually the most searched among the wellness trends. Although, plant based diets that have emerged in the past have completely taken over the way people are dieting. People are now becoming intrigued by the idea of the potential neurological benefits this high fat but low in sugar diet might have. Nonetheless, this is not a new idea as it has been researched since the 1920s.

The main idea behind the Ketogenic diet is to train your body to rely on fat, instead of glucose for fuel.  When you minimize your intake of carbohydrates, you enter a metabolic state called ketosis. In this state the body produces ketone bodies from fat to use as energy. While the ketogenic diet is only recommended under a doctor’s supervision it is taking quiet the spotlight on what people are becoming interested in this year. We can definitely expect to see more research on this diet and what it can do for us. Another, expectancy we have is to see a plant based diet similar to the ketogenic that will give us the same results.

Women Only Gathering Spaces

10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2017

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In the last 5 years or so we have begun to see a huge explosion of the feminist movement. There has been a huge dialogue, build up between womanhood and women’s well-being. Which brings to us the latest wellness trend women only gatherings. This is a new trend that is taking co-gathering to a new extreme. Although, this idea has been around for many years, starting in the 19th century, it is now coming to full fruition. We are expecting to see more women only bars, cafes, lounge’s and quiet spaces.

Women are interested in supporting each other without the need of male interference which is why this trend has become so popular lately. There will be no need to join a certain group or category in order to enter these places you simply need to be a woman and want to connect with other women alike.

Mezcal Is Coming To A Local Bar Near You

10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2017

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For those that are not aware of what Mezcal is, Mezcal is a spirit that has floral notes along with earthy notes and a distinctive taste that can only be described as “funky”. As it ultimately does not resonate with something we have tasted before. However, it is becoming extremely popular in the club and bar seen. The distinctive spirit has doubled in sales in the past 4 years, which makes us believe it will triple in sales this year alone, as more bartenders become familiar with this new trend.

Unlike tequila, which is manufactured in multiple world-wide distilleries while having its home base in Mexico. Mezcal is still manufactured in Mexico in the small town that it first began. Although, it is not as popular as tequila it is quickly taking center stage and you can expect it at your local bar.

No Food Going To Waste

10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2017

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Everyday tremendous amounts of food go to waste. According to our reach roughly 40 percent of food in the United States will go to waste. That’s approximately 70 billion pounds of food per year. If you really think about it, we would be able to feed every hungry person, child and animal with all the food that we are constantly wasting. Thankfully, this year a new trend of conserving food is submerging. In order to do just that chefs all over the world are committed to creating delicious, appetizing food, with food that would usually go to waste. This is being done in order to inspire us to take food items that we would normally never eat and create a delicious meal out of it.

Being doing just that we will be wasting less food and enjoying new food groups that we wouldn’t have enjoyed before. Another way chiefs and locals are taking a stand against wasting food is by selling their “ugly greens”. Gotham Greens is a local NYC rooftop grower that is taking a stand and is selling their “ugly greens” at whole foods. Although their “ugly greens” may be less appealing to the eye it does not take away their delicious flavor and the fact that they are sold at an even better price than the visually pleasing ones.

Multisensory Wellness Center

10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2017

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In the past few years, numerous people have turned to yoga and meditation. In order to cope with stress and everyday problems. Numerous yoga centers and spas are now considering changing this mechanism a little bit. By, giving us a full rounded multisensory experience. The idea behind this is to help clients experience a natural high by playing up their senses. This is a way to help individuals destress while nourishing their bodies.

The concept is similar to the idea that we nourish our bodies with the proper nutrients to feel better than we should do the same with our senses. If we feed all of our senses the right nutrients even if it’s for a short amount of time we will be able to notice a huge difference in our coping mechanism. By engaging the body and the mind at the same time with different sensory elements you will be able to focus on the now instead of all the other things you need to do. It is a form of teaching us how to live in the moment instead of the future or the past. We are expecting to see this new trend in every spa and wellness center this year.

Alcohol Free Menus

10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2017

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When someone uses the words “I am Sober” we ultimately reference it to alcohol. Although, the meaning still remains the same. Over the years we have begun to notice a shift in the way people look at their health. Alcohol is now taking a back stage and health is taking on the spotlight. More people have become inclined to worry about their well-being. Which is where the concept of featuring a no alcohol, menu has begun.

 Many new restaurants have become interested in the idea of either removing alcohol from their menu or adding an alcohol-free menu. The popularity has grown so much that bars and restaurants are already looking for healthier alternatives to booze. This year we can expect to see nonalcoholic options in almost everywhere we go.

Less is More When It Comes To Fashion

10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2017

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Fashion is also taking notes this year with its new wellness approach. This year we can expect fashion to focus on the concept idea that less is more. The idea is for consumers to not feel the need to fuss over what to wear. Instead they have signature pieces in their wardrobe that work well with any occasion. This will also bring awareness of where exactly the clothing they’re wearing is coming from.

It allows people to become aware of where their clothing is being manufactured and how exactly the process is done. The idea is to purchase items that you can reuse repeatedly. Instead of having a closet full of clothing you will not wear. This makes fashion easy, reusable and fun. We will begin to notice multiple different designer will take this concept and bring us fresh new signature pieces.

 Nutrition Becomes Personal

10 Wellness Trends to Note in 2017

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The year had a concept of one size fits all food menus. This year that concept is being completely removed to be replaced by personalized nutrition. Nutrition and food menus re now becoming personal to you, your lifestyle and your personal needs. We can expect this trend to expand greatly with well-known brands taking the concept creating personalized food menus that will be delivered straight to your home.

Take a look at the company called Habit, they use their customer’s DNA in order to suggest optimized meals. Habit gathers the results of their, at home health kit and analyzes 60 biomarkers to craft optimized meal plans. Once everything has been calculated your specific meal and plan is sent to your door step.

To conclude these wellness trends are here to stay and we cannot wait to test them all out. Let us know which trend caught your eye and which one you are not so keen about below.

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