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Top 10 Best Floor Carpets for Home 2020 – Home Floor Carpets Reviews

If you have hard flooring, you know that it can get cold in the wintertime and is extremely uncomfortable to sit on when you have a large amount of guests in your home. Investing in a floor carpet can add comfort and warmth to your hard flooring as well as spice up the decor of your room and help make your home seem cozier and more inviting.

If you’re interested in purchasing a floor carpet for your home, keep reading the following home Floor Carpets reviews to learn more about the top rated best floor carpets that won’t disappoint in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and durability.

10. Persian-Rugs Gray Moroccan Trellis 5’2 x 7’2 Area Rug Carpet

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

This floor carpet from Persian-Rugs is available in several different color schemes with this traditional Moroccan design. Its color schemes include cream, gray, navy, turquoise, and more in order to fit a wide variety of home styles and decor.

Crafted from high-quality polypropylene, this floor carpet is firm and supportive while still soft in order to ensure maximum comfort for sitting or walking. It is resistant to stains and can be cleaned effortlessly, so it is perfect for use in a home with children or pets.

9. Generations Panal and Diamonds 5’2 by 7’3 Area Rug

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

Designed with a beautiful, elegant pattern that ties in many different shades of brown and blue, this floor carpet can brighten up any home. It features a clean-cut edge that includes no fringe in order to increase the carpet’s durability and prevent it from getting snagged and dirty over time.

This floor carpet is also extremely resistant to stains and, despite its thick and comfortable padding, does not absorb dirt or stains in order to allow for easy and effective surface cleaning to restore it to its original condition.

8. Mohawk Home Strata Caravan Medallion Printed 8′ by 10′ Rug

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

This gorgeous floor carpet is designed with a mesmerizing ornamental medallion pattern that features several colors, including blue, red, orange, cream, black, and white. This wide array of colors allows you to effortlessly incorporate this rug into almost any room, no matter its existing color scheme.

Crafted from one hundred percent durable and soft nylon, this floor carpet is designed with a thick loop cut loop pile and action backing. It can be cleaned easily with a gentle vacuum or a spot clean using a solution of detergent and water.

7. Gray Black Red White Swirls 5’2 by 7’2 Modern Abstract Area Rug Carpet

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

If you’re looking to add a touch of abstract modernity to your home, this floor carpet is the perfect choice for you and your home. Featuring an attention-grabbing design of swirls in modern, flashy colors, it creates a focal point in any room.

This floor carpet is crafted from polypropylene of the highest quality. It is soft and plush and is comfortable enough to walk on, sit on, or even lay down on if you so desire. As an added bonus, the carpet is also resistant to stains and does not absorb dirt easily. It can be cleaned and cared for effortlessly through vacuuming and spot cleaning whenever a stain does arise.

6. Safavieh Adirondack Collection Ivory and Silver 3′ by 5′ Area Rug

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

This floor carpet from Safavieh screams elegance, sophistication, and purity. It makes the perfect addition to add comfort and warmth to any room without stealing the attention away from the existing theme and decor of your home.

Crafted from top-quality polypropylene pile fiber, this floor carpet is extremely soft and comfortable. It is also very durable and can endure years of foot traffic without losing its original quality. Plus, the carpet features a power-loomed construction that ensures that it does not shed all over the rest of your house in order to help you maintain a tidy room that does not require daily vacuuming.

5. Persian-Rugs Area Rug Modern Carpet

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

Featuring a square design, this floor carpet has an extremely modern and minimalistic look. It is available in many different sizes that range from 2′ by 3′ to 9′ by 12′ in order to fit any space in your home that needs a rug to add some style and comfort. The rug also comes in multiple color schemes which range from black and gray to turquoise.

This floor carpet is crafted from polypropylene material, which ensures that it feels soft, plush, and comfortable under your feet. It is resistant to stains and is very easy to clean, requiring minimal care and upkeep to retain its original quality.

4. Sweet Home Stores Cozy Shag Collection Solid Contemporary Living & Bedroom Soft Shaggy 5′ by 7′ Area Rug – Floor Carpets for Sale

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

A shag floor carpet is a timeless piece that can be added to any home to provide extra comfort and cozy warmth to a bare or drab room. This shag floor carpet from Sweet Homes Stores is extremely deep and comfortable and is a perfect rug for sitting down and relaxing when friends and family come to visit.

Crafted from a soft polypropylene material, this floor carpet is both durable and comfortable. It is heat-set and machine-woven to ensure durability and endurance that lasts for many years without falling apart or deteriorating. Its deep shag pile is very soft and plush to provide maximum comfort.

3. Home Dynamix Catalina Polypropylene 7-Feet 10-Inch by 10-Feet 5-Inch Area Rug – Floor Carpets Online

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

This floor carpet features a contemporary design that looks hand-carved. It includes eight different combination of colors to draw attention while still retaining enough neutrality to be incorporated easily into a wide range of home styles and decor.

Crafted from one hundred percent heat-set polypropylene, this floor carpet is both durable and comfortably soft. Plus, it is a heavy-weight rug that feels thick under your feet and stays in place on the floor without sliding out of its position over time.

2. Amazon Floor Carpets – Safavieh Florida Shag Collection-1113 Cream and Beige 4′ by 6′ Area Rug

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

This floor carpet is constructed from polypropylene with an extreme dense and thick pile that feels lush and supportive underneath your feet. It features a neutral, swirling design that can fit flawlessly into almost any room in your home.

Featuring special power-loomed construction, this floor carpet is equipped with intense durability that can last for many, many years. It has both depth and texture, which helps it become a focal point in any room without stealing the stage from the other decor in your home.

1. Floor Carpets for Home – Safavieh California Shag Collection 5’3” by 7’6” Area Rug 

Top 10 Best Floor Carpets

This gorgeous shag floor carpet is available in many different solid colors, including the beige shade pictured above, lilac, light blue, pink, white, green, and more. The wide range of colors in which this carpet is available adds versatility to the carpet and allows it to be incorporated effortlessly into the color scheme of almost any home.

Casual and comfortable, this floor carpet is made of soft polypropylene that feels lush underneath your feet. It has a pile height of two inches which makes it feel thick without being so deep that it gets matted and dirty over time.

Floor carpets can be a great addition to add comfort and style to any home. Before you buy a random rug, use the list in this post to find some of the best floor carpets available that can spice up your home for years to come.

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