40 Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend a sucker for romance?  Let him know he’s the only one for you with these 40 Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend!

  1. Every time I see your face, I feel so happy you’re my guy!

His aim is to make you happy, so telling him that just knowing he’s your boyfriend makes your heart skip shows how much you value him.

  1. I suppose I could live without you – but I definitely wouldn’t want to!

Instead of sounding ‘needy’ with ‘I can’t live without you!’ this shows you’re capable and confident, so it means more!

  1. It’s normal for us to disagree sometimes.

This is a great way to downplay a recent spate of arguments, when you need things to calm down.

  1. My heart always races when I see you!

If you place his hand on your heart as you whisper this example of 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend, it’ll be twice as effective!

  1. I still get butterflies when you call me!

Let him know you love his calls and that being his girlfriend is exciting!  It will encourage him to keep in touch more.

  1. After I talk things over with you, it’s a lot easier to solve my problems.

Show him he’s not just a ‘pretty face’ and you see him as an asset to your whole life!

  1. Life’s so much more fun with you in it!

This is a great way to use the 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend to tell him he’s a major part of your life and well-being.  If your guy’s not sure if you want him for the long-term, this is a good way to reassure him that you do!

  1. I want to fall asleep in your arms.

This should push all of his romantic ‘buttons’ in one little phrase, that conveys so much!

  1. Hi there, lover. I can’t wait to see you tonight!

What’s more romantic than calling your boyfriend, ‘lover’?  This is another of the best 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend, if you want to get an extra-warm welcome the next time you see him.

  1. I’ll never stop loving you! We’re destined to grow old together.

This is another of the 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend that reassures him you see him as a whole-life partner and not just a stepping-stone whilst you’re scouting for Mr. Right.

  1. You’re my forever guy – prince or pauper. All the gold and diamonds in the world are worthless compared to the happiness you bring to my life!

This is a very important idea in the 40 romantic things to say.  To say to your boyfriend that you love him for himself and his value does not depend on him having loads of money is always well-received.

  1. I can’t get enough of you – I’m a ‘You-Addict’!

Make him laugh with this funny quip from the 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend and let him know that you enjoy every moment of your time together.

  1. Since meeting you, I feel so safe and protected.

Men really enjoy having their protective instinct validated by the one they love.  It reinforces their feelings of physical superiority and manly power!

  1. Being with you has finally made me understand what real love is.

Let him know that anyone who ‘romanced you’ before he came along, is just a total zero in your eyes.  We all fear rival ‘exes’ who might crop up and ruin a new relationship.

  1. I go to sleep fast, ‘cos the sooner I sleep, the sooner I get to see you again!’

This example of 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend is cuter than just saying, ‘I miss you’.

  1. I’d swap all the Jimmy Choo shoes in the world to be with you tonight!

‘I’d give anything to be with you now!’ is a popular saying between lovers, but it’s a bit of a cliché, so make it more interesting and personal!

  1. I don’t care how far away you are, where you go I’ll follow!

This is a good example of 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend if he has to move away.  Let him know you’re committed to a relationship with him, wherever he lives.

  1. Check everything twice! I don’t want to have to start again with someone new!

If your guy enjoys ‘extreme sports’ or bungee-jumping, it can bring you together if you’re also an adrenaline-junkie, or make you anxious!

This is a light-hearted way to get across another of the 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend, i.e. ‘I couldn’t bear it if anything happened to you!’

  1. I never loved a man the way I love you.


This is a good way to stoke up the romantic passion and let him know he’s ‘the best man’ you’ve ever had.


  1. I love you for who you are, you’re such a great guy.


This means you’re not going to keep trying to change him and it’s a very reassuring and romantic thing to say to your guy.


  1. Nothing and no-one will ever pull us apart.


Even in the roughest times, you’ll stick with your man.  It’s a romantic statement showing your confidence in the strength of your mutual love.


  1. You’re always so good to me.


I love to hear this from my boyfriend, just as he likes it, too.  We all like to hear that we’re doing things well and how much we’re appreciated for our efforts, too.


  1. Your kisses make my heart pound!


This romantic and passionate exclamation is guaranteed to make his heart pound, too!  If you love his kisses, you must tell him often, ‘cos he’ll feel great hearing you say so.


  1. I fall deeper in love with you every day.


As one of the best 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend, this one is hard to beat ‘cos it imagines a long and happy future for you both.


  1. I feel as if you were tailor-made to be my soul-mate.


Who wouldn’t be pleased to hear that?


  1. You’re the only man in the world for me.


Clear away any insecurity by getting straight to the point with your declaration of love.


  1. I can always rely on your support – that means so much to me.


Let him know you appreciate having someone you can always rely on.


  1. You’ve made my life so happy!


This will make him happy too, because he’s doing a good job as your boyfriend.


  1. You bring out the best in me!


This a good one to weave into your favorite 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend, because it compliments him on the good influence he has on your whole life.


  1. I think I started to fall in love with you when . . .


This is one of my favorites from this list of 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend.  It calls up happy shared memories of when your relationship started and you can make it as funny, romantic or passionate as you like!


  1. Remember when we . . .


If your relationship is stuck in a rut, re-ignite the romance by reliving some of your most romantic memories.


  1. My heart has chosen you.


This is a very romantic thing to say. Follow it up with some tender kisses and a marriage proposal or make your partner laugh by singing, ‘You’re the one that I want! Oo oo oo!’ like in the movie, ‘Grease’!


  1. If I could go back in time to that night when we met . . . . I’d still choose you!


It’s a good idea to sprinkle a few ‘no regrets’ into your list of 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend.  They’re particularly helpful when you’re working through a difficult patch.


  1. Thanks for choosing me.


This lets your guy know he’s very much appreciated and you know he has lots of other romantic options.  It’s a ‘flattering’ example of 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend.


  1. I love the way you accept me as I am.


Letting him know you can be yourself with him is a great compliment and often leads to a long relationship.


  1. You’re the kindest man I’ve ever met.


Not every man is a bulky hulk and we shouldn’t make men feel they have to look like a young Schwarzenegger to be ‘a real man’.  In terms of friends, boyfriends and husbands ‘kindness’ is a more useful quality than being 6 feet tall with big muscles.


  1. I wish we could cuddle like this for ever.


Cuddling is an important way to build trust and intimacy with a boyfriend, so let him know how good it makes you feel to be in his arms.


  1. I love you because _____.


This one requires some input from you to make it a perfect fit for your special guy.  It’s a good way to praise your guy and boost his confidence and you can use it in lots of different situations.

  1. I love you.

Whether you whisper it into his ear during a romantic clinch, or shout it at him when he thinks you’re getting back with your ex, (but you’re not!) no man ever tires of being reminded that his girlfriend loves him.

  1. You’re my everything!

Telling him things couldn’t be better will be music to his ears.

In fact, hearing any of these 40 romantic things to say to your boyfriend is bound to bring your guy closer!

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