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How to look expensive on a tight budget: Look great – Spend less!

how to look expensive


Marketing campaigns are always convincing you to buy their trendy fast-selling products without you even need them. And this true! 

Have you ever noticed that the more beautiful woman is in the advertisement? The more you are open to spending your money on the product, even if you do not even need it? Just take a look at the most luxurious campaigns with worldwide known supermodels. Subconsciously you would like to look like them just because of a beautiful picture.

But the question is: “Do we actually need all those things?” 

The answer is no. This is why this website exists in the first place. We test, explore, review things that actually work the best! Lately, we have been blessed to have a fashion stylist on the team to guide us on the best stylist practices.

Does elegance really mean expensive?

YES! But…this is only what you might have thought. You will say that it is straightforward to look chic and glamorous with high-end brands. 

We tell you NO! You can definitely strike that on a minimal budget. To be more precise – you need to learn something about the colors first. 

What color looks expensive and luxurious?

Your first choice is beige and all complementary shades of beige. This color has been the color of the “Royals”; mostly, it is visible among The British Royal family. Beige speaks for itself all the time, and you can never go wrong with it. Beige is all-time classics. 

sourced from pinterest

How to incorporate beige into your wardrobe

  • Office/ work environment – a beige geometrical jacket/blazer works well with classic trousers and blue jeans. 
  • Going out after work – the beige bodycon dress will match greatly with red pumps and red lipstick.
  • Not so formal/ casual outfit – beige jeans will serve you well even if you have an important business meeting.


sourced from Iryna Fedorchak Filosofashion

What other color looks expensive and chic?

The other best-looking color is white because it is the color of “supremacy” and elegance. It stands for uniqueness, purity, simplicity. Let’s be honest here, and a total white look always looks terrific. White color is not only expensive-looking but also gives you a feeling of a “big celebration day.” White elevates your style to the next level and also transforms your whole day.

sourced from pinterest

What color is complimentary and classy?

The next classy color is brown. It can be light or dark when used with genuine or faux leather things. These staple items usually serve as a “long-term” wardrobe. It is definitely a statement piece to have if you want to appear more “luxurious” and as someone who truly knows fashion and style. Brown works well for leather goods like a bag, purse, belt, shoes, or even a jacket/trench coat.

sourced from pinterest

What colors are undeniable classics for all women?

We could never forget about the black! This color can be tricky, and it does not work well for all. We got used to how Coco Chanel incorporated a little black dress as the universal item to have in your wardrobe. However, that is not true! Black cannot be colder or warmer, which is so significant for our skin types.

sourced from pinterest

Black can be tricky for every individual skin. People with colder skin shades like brunettes with brown eyes, or right on the contrary, very dark-skinned women would actually benefit from pitch-black. So you need to understand that people of summer/fall types would look much better with softer colors.

Let’s make it clear; black will look good if your skin color enables you to use it. For more information, please consult:

If you are a warmer type, this does not mean that you need to throw the black wardrobe out completely. This means that you need to minimize it and take it away from the face area. Please keep it for the shoes, belt, begs, and bottom wardrobe pieces.

If you are the colder type, you can use black and shades of black in your wardrobe, starting from the total black outfit.

The other classic color is blue. This shade can be used by all, which also goes well in combination with brown, white, and beige colors.

Take a closer look at your makeup bag. Makeup can tell a lot not only about your skills but also it can help you elevate your expensive looking outfit. There are two essential things to have regarding chic makeup: a great foundation and mascara. 

For more information, please check these articles out:


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