30 Amazing Medium Hairstyles for Women 2024 – Daily Mid-length haircuts


Freshly Cut Mid-Length Hairstyles – All-New everyday medium hairstyles and Colours for Your Style Update!

Can’t wait to see what’s new for AW19 this year?  Read on and discover the fabulous, new mid-length hairstyles just waiting to grace our eagerly awaiting heads!

Fine and medium texture mid-length hairstyles

For fine or medium thick hair, try a blunt cut style that finishes just below the shoulders. With an off-centre side parting and no fringe, let a gentle wave caress your face at lip-level and accentuate your mouth and nicely shaped chin.

Blunt cut tips are the best way to make your hair seem thicker and this is one of the fresh and most versatile mid-length hairstyles that have been spotlighted on the AW19 fashion runways!

On mousey hair, caramel blonde with pale honey highlights looks great and you can vary this haircut with waves, curls, updo’s and half-ups or a pretty polka-dot bow or braided headband.  As for basic styling time, this is a style that’s quick and easy to get on naturally straight hair!

How to revive your colour at home

Colour glaze is just what you need to bring your faded summer-hair colour back to life and the best way to do this is to buy your own dispenser of Revlon Nutri-Gloss colour-gloss product.  Salons offer it as a ‘colour glaze’ and it is a great product, but you can buy it online now and do-it-yourself at home in just 3 minutes!

I’ve been using this product for several months now and it’s a fabulous temporary-colour-in-a-conditioner that’s super-easmedy to apply just like any other conditioner.  It does everything from quickly covering grey hairs at the last minute, to re-colouring your bleached streaks or ombré or changing your ombré colour completely if you leave it on for 5 or 6 minutes!

Brunette mid-length hairstyles

For an oval, square or heart-shaped face, try a layered shoulder-length cut with a side parting and a fringe swept across the forehead.  Coarse, curly hair will behave if you ask for sliced layers and don’t be afraid of letting your curls have their own way!

Big hair around the top of the head is definitely ‘in’ and with a pretty diagonal braid, taking the fringe off your face and pinned just before the crown, you can add a touch of boho and lengthen a short forehead or a round face.

Brighten up your dark mid-length hairstyle with resplendent autumn accents of bright copper-orange or an all-over warm-up from a yummy chocolate-brown dye!

Our fabulous new Inspiration Gallery is full of all the new mid-length hairstyles, including vintage Victory Rolls, dual ombres and fabulous short-and-medium-in-one-styles, so get them while they’re hot!

Black to Copper Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Shoulder Length Hair

The beauty of balayage is that you don’t simply need to go from one colour to the other, but rather you can work a range of stunning tones into one seamless look – like this stylish lady has managed to pull off! Her hair starts a rich and glossy black and quickly works its way into a bright copper colour towards the mid section, finished with lovely blonde tips.

Back View of Brown to Blonde Shoulder Length Rough Tousle

One of our favourite ways to add edge to our look is opting for a rough, tousled style with our hair – a loose wave and back-combing to create a striking finish. This lady has nailed the look perfectly, and it’s even better than usual because of the absolutely beautiful balayage effect going on! From brown to blonde in one colour blend, we adore this medium hairstyle.

Purple and Pink Tousled Mob (Medium Bob) Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair

This gorgeous long bob style sits just around shoulder length and is finished with shorter layers around the face for a lovely finish. She’s curled this gorgeous crop and tousled it loosely for the perfect beached style that looks gorgeous – especially because of the pink and purple pastel tones that run right throughout the hair! This look would be fabulous for a festival.

Chocolate Brown to Caramel Balayage Hairstyle for Medium Hair

This gorgeous graduated shoulder length balayage bob hairstyle is finished with lots of short layers to create a stunning texture and bounce. The loose curls are absolutely perfect – especially because of the stunning balayage effect of a gorgeous chocolate brown to a caramel colour all along the ends, offering a gorgeous transition from one shade to the other.

Brown on Brown Bob Balayage Hair Idea – Medium Balayage Hairstyle

This gorgeous graduated bob finishes slightly shorter at the bag and with longer strands around the jaw line in a stunning graduated style. This lady’s curled it for a beautiful and stylish look; perfectly showing off her brown to brown balayage transition which is simply stunning! From a rich brown to a light brown this looks impeccable.

Silver to Blonde Balayage

This lady has combined two remarkable hair trends in one style – silver hair and a balayage trend, as pictured in this beautiful lady’s picture above! It’s finished just below the shoulder and blends from a striking silver tone to a white bleached blonde at the tip in a wonderful look. She’s added a loose wave from the ear down to bring body to the cut and we love this look!

Blonde Balayage ombre Fringe for shoulder length hair

This lady has gone for the beautiful balayage technique, but towards the front of the hair around the fringe as opposed to more traditionally on the ends. We absolutely adore this look, and think the bleached blonde fringe sections lifts her honey blonde hair no end and creates a gorgeous frame for her face; especially with the loose curls!

Straight and Sleek Chestnut Bob – Medium Straight Hairstyle for Girls

This lovely shoulder length cut is straight, sleek and oh so glossy – creating the most beautiful and shiny finish! It’s finished with a blunt, straight line which forms a gorgeous bottom layer, and is all one remarkable shade of chestnut brown. This long bob is oh so striking and incredibly smart, but it would look equally beautiful when curled too.

Red Toned Brown to Caramel Ombre Medium Hairstyles

Amazing medium ombre hairstyle for women! This gorgeous colour combination is totally unique and we simply love it! This fashionable lady has a stunning red-toned brown hair tone that blends perfectly into a caramel tone at the ends. The colours in this wonderful cut create a striking appearance on this amazing shoulder length hair style which is straight, sleek and oh so smooth too!

Medium Black to Toffee Balayage Hairstyle for Thick Hair

This lady is blessed with the most beautiful hair – and by copying her stunning balayage style then you can have stunning hair too! She’s added subtle balayage highlights to her deep brown hair with a gorgeous caramel colour throughout the ends, and by finishing this cut with a loose curl she’s accentuated the stunning colour change throughout.

Medium Rainbow Pastel Hairstyle with Bangs

This cool and contemporary girl has worked blue into her hair amongst a plethora of other pastel tones to create a gorgeous rainbow ombre look that is full of beautiful pastel tones. From pink to purple, blue to green, some of our favourite pastel shades blend together beautifully and are highlighted by the lovely tight ringlets this girl has worked into her style.

Light Brown to Bubblegum Pink Blend Hair Style for Mid-length Hair

In what might be one of our most gorgeous styles in this gallery, this beautiful light brown to bubblegum pink ombre style is simple gorgeous! This lady has a fabulous and fashionable long bob which finishes around shoulder length, and the lovely pink finish is spring personified! She’s finished the look with gorgeous and soft curls that we can’t get enough of.

Unique Twisted Bun with Floral Decorations for Medium Hair

Medium bun updo for women. This bun is elegant, classy and oh so stylish – not least because of the beautiful floral decorations which finish off the look. Her wonderful brown hair is full of blonde highlights which add lift and body to the tone. She’s created a lovely low bun and whisked the top layers into striking and sweeping sections across the hair which wrap around the bun in style.

Medium White Blonde Twisted Low Bun Updo for Wedding

Updo for shoulder length hair – This lady has created a fabulous and extravagant bun style that is designed to attract attention; in the most stylish way possible too! Her beautiful blonde hair has been back-combed for volume at the top and twisted tightly, working its way into a low bun which is finished with flicked ends to create a firework-style effect! This look is ideal for a wedding.

Tightly Curled Graduated Bob for Medium Length Hair

Medium Wavy curly hairstyles for women – You can bring your graduated bob to life with lots of tight ringlets, just as this lovely lady proves! Her hair falls in longer sections around the front of the face and works into short, choppy layers at the back of the head to create this wonderful and wedged effect. The curls add a bouncy and voluminous finish which brings these gorgeous highlights to life!

Medium Hair Ideas for Women Over 40 – Black to Bright Purple Bob Hairstyle

This lady likes her purple bright – and Styles Weekly are certainly inclined to agree with her! Her utterly gorgeous and naturally curly bob is bouncy and light, falling just above the shoulders in a lovely side parting. She’s worked a vibrant shade of bright purple into her hair in a gorgeous blend from her black roots; and we are smitten with the finished result.

Gorgeous Grey Ringlets for shoulder length hair

We must say, grey or silver hair looks particularly special with blue eyes – which is exactly why this lady’s look is go gorgeous! Her bright silver locks are finished in a short bob, which falls just below the jaw line and is full of shorter layers up to the sweeping fringe section. Her hair has been curled into tight ringlets for a wonderful bouncy finish.

Voluminous Short Ponytail for shoulder length hair

Who says short hair can’t have volume? Certainly not this fashionable girl! This glorious blonde crop has been back combed and teased to perfection, created an incredibly voluminous look that is truly gorgeous. She’s added a wonderful twisted ponytail look to this gorgeous hair full of body, and we think the finished result is just perfect.

Tousled Red and Brown Stacked Bob Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

Red highlighted medium hairstyle – A stacked bob not always be incredibly short; and it can work with lovely tousled or curled hair too; as proved impeccably by this gorgeous lady! She’s got beautiful naturally dark hair which she’s melted into a deep red shade, and tousled the hair with soft curls, accentuated the fabulous stacked layers which feature throughout the back of the cut.

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