How to Style a Fedora Hat with Your Whole Wardrobe for All Seasons

How to Style a Fedora Hat

What to wear with a Fedora hat?

A fedora hat can make all the difference to your fashion style and your overall image! Wearing a statement hat such as a flattering fedora projects a confident image that’s attractive and enviable. And as fedoras are back in fashion again, you should consider buying one to spice up your look, because this cute accessory can be styled successfully with most outfits!

Smart, versatile & casual

And it’s so versatile – wearing a fedora can dress-up a not-quite-smart-enough ensemble or dress-down a smart-casual look that needs to chill-out more! And all women know that if you happen to have an important appointment, but not enough time to style your hair properly, the right fedora hat can remove that problem in an instant! So it’s both practical and fashionable to have a fedora in your wardrobe at all times.

A balanced look

There are just a few rules about wearing a fedora and they are fairly obvious to anyone who takes an interest in fashion styling. For instance, balance is always important, so if you have a fancy, decorated hat, always wear it with a simple, plain colored dress to get the attention on your hat. And the opposite is true, so if you have a highly-patterned, dress with frills on it, pick out the main color of the dress and wear a plain fedora in that main color to pull the accessories together and avoid too much ‘going on’ in your outfit.

Practical & trendy

The fedora is also a practical way to look good and keep your head nice and warm, with spoiling your hairdo with a tightly fitted, knitted beanie. A light-colored gray or beige, khaki or camel colored fedora over a winter outfit of leather jacket or coat, jeans, a sweater, and boots will instantly ‘lift’ the look from ‘winter-ordinary’ to fashion-aware trendy!

Fedora hats and dresses

Hats always add a nice touch of elegance and cool-style to your look. But if you choose the most suitable dress to wear along with a fedora, you can ramp-up the trend factor by 10!

Consider these ideas:

  • A pastel and black patterned mini-dress, with knee-length black boots, a black leather jacket or a black blazer, all topped off with a smart, black fedora with a colored band around it to match the dress.
  • And a tan handbag to add some more color, but in a fairly neutral way.
  • And with a plain gray dress, with a cute white collar, you can wear a short denim jacket decorated with small, white bleach marks. Add a pretty cushioned black bag on a chain strap and sweet black ballet pumps. And a gray fedora hat is the perfect finishing touch to a contemporary and feminine outfit!
  • To look really dressed-up, match a floral maxi-day-dress, with black stilettos which have trendy cut-out sections, a large black clutch bag and a sassy, black fedora. It’s a very feminine, but also powerful look!
  • A short, black skirt with heeled ankle black boots and a shell-pink sweater, with an asymmetric bottom hem looks fabulous with a black fedora.
  • Your usual denim jacket buttoned up over a bright, floral dress, with black, thick tights and khaki desert boots just needs a black fedora to bring it right up-to-the-minute!
  • Long boots allow you to wear very short flared skirts, so try wearing a short, brown patterned dress with a belt around the waist, with long, brown-suede, ‘kinky’ boots to match and a straw colored fedora hat with a black ribbon around the crown. It’s a very fun and flirty look!
  • Would you have known that a burgundy fedora looks great matched with a blue floral dress? Me neither, but they are complementary colors and look super with flat, black, ankle boots, a flowy, feminine dress and a maroon hat. Try it and see!
  • And fedoras aren’t just for trendy young woman dashing about around town, as they really flatter women of all ages!
  • For a cute spring outfit, try a pretty floral dress, with a long beige cardigan, taupe boots and a light-brown tote bag and finish off the look with a fedora that matches the main color of your dress. It’s a gorgeous and comfortable look for spring.
  • Baggy pants and jeans are certainly the main new fashion for this year and you can easily style a black, fedora hat with a short check or plaid shirt in bright blue and red, over a white long-sleeved top.
  • Add baggy trousers with waist-pleats that add a smarter edge to the pants, a red cross-body bag for a versatile outfit you can wear to meet friends or for work.

Fedoras, long cardigans, ponchos & sweaters

Woollen ponchos are another retro-fashion that’s back in fashion for this exciting new year! And they are the perfect complement to a fedora hat. Casual, unusual and trendy combinations like this really uplift your fashion credentials. And if you make sure your fedora is a color that complements the main garment you’re wearing, you can easily look like an off-duty model!

Try a pair of brown flat ankle boots, with dark-brown skinny pants, a beige handbag, and a very pale blue knitted vest top over a brown shirt. For a coat, wear an extra-long, thickly textured camel-colored cardigan coat and a brown fedora. This makes a beautifully put together modern look in brown, which is a major color trend for this year.

Patterned long cardigan coats are a very popular style right now, as they are warm and cozy, but also so much brighter and more fashionable than ordinary winter jackets and coats. And as spring approaches, you can wear with a colored fedora that harmonizes with your cardigan’s outstanding colors, for example, a cardigan with a geometric pattern with pale blue, black, brown and camel shades will look fabulous with a burgundy fedora. And with black, slim pants and a white sweater top, you’ll be getting lots of fashion-expert compliments!

Boho fedora outfits

Boho fashion fans are no strangers to the floppy hat and how much it can add to any outfit. But this years wide range of colored Fedoras means you don’t have to stick to one black hat, you can branch out and match your fedora to any color outfit!

  • Long floral dresses or long skirts, with a long cardigan, a casual jacket or a super-trendy, Boho poncho have always been popular Boho ensembles. Imagine how many extra fashion points you’ll score when you add a smart-casual fedora!
  • Black and white Boho printed leggings look super with a hot pink long top, and toeless ankle boots.
  • Drape a black blazer off one shoulder and a chain strap shoulder bag off the other and with a small brimmed fedora hat, you’ve got a very individual and trendy outfit.

Fedora hats with animal print clothes

Fedoras look perfect with animal print clothes as they are similar to the hats most global park and safari rangers wear. But can you wear a cheetah print coat with red plaid slim pants? Well, yes you can! This is the year when stylists are matching lots of unusual patterns and colors and finding out that they look pretty great! So you can mix and match your animal prints with this year’s obsession with plaids and checks. And with a black fedora finishing off the outfit, you know you’ll look smart and confident!

Fedora hats & shorts

Apart from look great and flattering your face, fedora hats are great sun-protection hats in the hot weather. And worn with a black, sleeveless top and hot pink, medium length shorts, a black shoulder bag and low-heeled shoes makes a lovely outfit for a leisurely, Sunday afternoon walk.

And tie-dye tops are back this year, but in fabulous new colors and dye-patterns. So you’ll need a graphic or printed or tie-dye tee to wear tucked into your denim shorts and a cream-colored fedora hat to finish the style.

White urban fedora hats

If you live in a hot country you must wear a hat when you’re in the streets or the sun bleaches your hair. So instead of walking around town like a tourist in a straw hat, why not look gorgeous in a white fedora over a white shirt knotted at the waist and some of the latest ripped jeans. Or in a white and black striped sun-dress and a perfect white fedora. Or a white jumpsuit and that attractive and classy white fedora!

Street-style with fedora hats

Here’s a quick run-through of some easy street style jeans and tops to wear with a fedora.

  • A lovely soft red fedora, with a blue and white fisherman’s top with long sleeves, a flimsy indigo scarf around your neck, bell-bottom dark-wash jeans and a chain strap, cushioned handbag.
  • A black fedora, with a thick gray, woollen scarf, a broad black and white striped top under a short, black leather jacket and well-ripped mom jeans, with black high-heels and a rectangular, chain strap bag.
  • And really up to date is this outfit with taupe slim pants, a cream blouse, under a sleeveless taupe and cream cardigan, with black, strappy high-heels and a snazzy black fedora to accentuate the matched taupe and cream outfit.
  • Deep blue fedora, with deep blue blazer, tan handbag light-blue shirt and light-wash straight leg jeans with ripped knees and beige platform shoes.
  • A simple everyday look is a burgundy sweater, and jeans, with a matching burgundy fedora teamed with black shoes and handbag.

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