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Investing in a kids drone can be a great way to provide your child with hours of active fun, as well as help them learn more about mechanics and technology. Drones are small airborne devices that can be controlled by a remote and fly around in the air. They are also equipped with cameras and can capture video recordings or still images of the environment around them while they fly. Kids drones are specifically constructed to be easier to use than traditional drones to prevent discouragement and frustration for young children (birthday gift ideas for children).

If you’re interested in buying a drone for your child to enjoy, keep reading the following reviews of drones for kids to lean more about the top rated best kids drones on the current market. Or you can get the hottest ones directly on the market.

10. Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera


This kids drone from Holy Stone is the perfect drone for a young beginner who wants to learn how to operate a drone while having fun. The drone can help train your child how to successfully maneuver and operate a real drone while allowing them to have fun and without getting frustrated.

Equipped with three hundred sixty-degree motion, this drone can move in all directions as well as flip. It features a 1280 by 720 pixel camera that can take both clear photos and videos for added fun.


9. TEC.BEAN X902 Black Spider Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with 3D Flip


Featuring a special, innovative downside design, this drone from TEC.BEAN looks likes a mechanical black spider as it flies through the air. It is equipped with two different speed settings for use by children (and adults) of any skill level. Your child can operate the drone on the low speed to start and work up to the high speed as they learn.

Equipped with a 3D flip capability, the drone can be easily controlled in all directions and even upside down. It also includes an LED flashing light that helps it stand out and look cool and unique as it flies.


8. Gift Ideas for Children: Wonder Chopper RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter w/ 360 Flip 


This all-inclusive drone set provides you and your child with everything you need to easily and successfully fly the drone. The quadcopter drone itself comes with an included remote controller, two Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries, two USB chargers, a replacement blade, and a practice landing pad.

Durable and crash-proof, this drone eliminates your need to worry about whether your child might crash and ruin their drone during its maiden flight. The drone can fly for up to six minutes at a time and is equipped with an extensive flight distance of up to fifty feet.


7. URGE Basics 6 Axis Quadcopter 2 Speed 2.4G Drone With Headless Mode


Easy and fun to use, this drone is the perfect choice for young beginners who just want to get in some recreational flying time without feeling discouraged or frustrated. It is extremely durable, equipped with special crash-proof guards, and can be used indoors or outdoors without sustaining damage.

Featuring a six-axis Gyro, the drone is easy to control with precision and stability. It has a flight distance of up to one hundred feet and can perform many super fun tricks, including rolls and three hundred sixty-degree flips.


6. Inguity Max Speed Personal 3D Stunt Micro Drone Quadcopter 

Top 10 Best Kids Drones - AWESOME Interesting Drones for Kids

This kids drone from Inguity combines durability and crash resistance with effortless acrobatic capabilities for added fun. Designed specifically for use by beginners, the drone is extremely stable and easy to fly. Plus, it is lightweight and is equipped with powerful motors that make tricks and flips easy to execute successfully.

The drone includes internal lights that shine during flight. These lights make it easy and fun for you and your kids to enjoy flying the drone at nighttime without losing track of it in the dark. You can fly the drone indoors or outdoors to enjoy fun and active adventures  with your kids anywhere and anytime. This is a great Christmas gift for children.


5. Haktoys HAK907 2.4GHz 4 Channel 17″ RC Quadcopter


Equipped with a six-axis gyroscope that includes auto-stabilization, this kids drone is a great choice for use by unexperienced beginners with a low skill level who are just hoping to have some fun. It features a 2.4 GHz frequency that allows you to maintain easy, precise control over it during flight.

Designed with three different speed modes, this drone can be flown at a slower level by beginners and at a faster speed by more experienced flyers. It can be used indoors and outdoors and has a flight time of up to ten minutes and an extensive flight range of up to three hundred feet.


4. BH Tech X-DRONE NANO 2.0 Nano Quadcopter


Armed with a six-axis gyro stabilizer an an auto trim feature, this drone is extremely stable, smooth, and easy to control with excellent precision. It features three speeds–low, mid, and high–that can be adjusted and used depending on the skill level and experience of the controller.

Equipped with throw launch capability, this drone can effortlessly perform three hundred sixty-degree flips in mid-air. It also features internal LED lights that allow it to be flown indoors or outdoors and at nighttime without getting lost. Looking for a gift for your children? Buy this one!


3. iFlly Drone Quadcopter with Camera


This drone is designed for fun, recreational use by children and beginners. It features collision protection and induction suspension that increase its durability and smooth stability during flight.

Equipped with infrared sensor hover technology, the drone can hover above the ground in a cool, unique flight mode. It has a long working time of up to ten minutes and only takes ten to fifteen minutes to fully charge so that you can use it consistently all day long. Plus, the drone comes with a clear, HD camera and can plug into any computer using the included USB charger so you can effortlessly view what you filmed.


2. Babrit X9 Flying Cars Quadcopter Car Remote Control Car and RC Quadcopter Remote Control Drone


This drone presents an innovative combination of a car and an aircraft. It is equipped with a land mode and a fly mode that allow you to fly the drone in the air or use it on the ground as a rolling car. Both modes include two different speeds that can be customized depending on your skill level and experience.

The drone can be operated at two different levels: beginner mode or expert mode. In flight mode, it can fly in all directions and can even perform three hundred sixty degree-flips. While in land mode, it operates smoothly and precisely and rolls in all directions on the ground.


1. UX5C RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera


Equipped with an innovative intelligent orientation control system, this drone does not need to have its position adjusted before flying. This feature makes it a great drone for beginners who are just starting out in the world of drone flight.

The drone also includes six-axis gyro stability and a special design that is crafted specifically for ultimate control, precision, and stability during flight. Plus, it comes with a forward-facing stationary HD video camera that takes high-resolution pictures and videos of the drone’s surroundings as it flies.


Drones are one of the hottest, most popular toys for kids at the moment. Trendy, cool, and educational, drones can provide your child with countless hours of active fun and learning. Use the list in this post to find out more about the best kids drones available and choose one that is compatible with your child’s age, skill level, and preferences.

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