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15 Cute Meaningfull Small Tattoos for Women – Tiny Tattoo Ideas

15 Cute Meaningfull Small Tattoos for Women – Tiny Tattoo Ideas


Tattoos can be pretty scary, depending on what you want and where you want to get it. That’s why getting a small tattoo is a great option. Another perk of getting a small tattoo is the ability to cover it up if you work somewhere that doesn’t allow large or extremely visible tattoos. Plus if you have an extremely low pain tolerance, getting a small tattoo definitely isn’t going to hurt as bad as getting a regular tattoo. One problem is trying to find a small tattoo that you love so check out these ideas for cute small tattoos.

1. Small Dreamcatcher Tattoo for girls

Dreamcatchers are a great idea for a small tattoo because you can go a lot of different ways with it. You can choose different colors and styles, whatever you want. The possibilities are endless!


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