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Ideas And Tips For Your First Tattoo

Choosing your first tattoo can be a tough decision. You are putting a piece of art permanently on your skin for the rest of your life. The idea is to choose something that not only embodies you now but will also be meaningful ten years down the road and fifty years after that. That doesn’t mean you have to go about making it stressful. If you stick with what you know and love, you will surely be happy with the outcome.

Image result for first tattoo

Image result for first tattoo

Even those who have multiple tattoos face a hard decision when it comes time to choose a new one. Asking friends who have tattoos for advice is always a good place to start. You’ll realize you not only have to choose a design, but the spot you want it, the size you want, and the artist you want to do it. To help take off some of the stress, this list contains inspirations and advice to help you get through the whole process, so you can love your new tattoo. With so many designs to choose from, the most important thing to remember is to pick a design that speaks to you and about you.

Simple Shapes

Do you dot your i’s with a heart every time? Maybe you draw a star on the corner of every paper you see when you hold a pen in your hand. Those simple shapes make for great first tattoos. The simplicity of these shapes are timeless, making them hard to regret. You can choose a design online, in the tattoo shop, or to add extra meaning, hand the artist a paper you drew one on in the past.

Go Small

They say ‘go big or go home.’ When it comes to getting a first tattoo, I don’t recommend that. Sure you might want a full sleeve one day but for now it’s best to start small. You can choose something you’ll be able to add to later in time if you want more. This means you get the experience, without being under a needle for countless hours at a time.

Show It Off

Choose where you want your tattoo carefully. Picking a spot you will see it may seem like a great idea at the time, but may not be so later on in life. A face tattoo probably isn’t wise for first timers. There are plenty of places on your skin that will make showing off your ink easy but will also give you an easy way to hide it if you need to, On your feet or ankles is a perfect example of this.

Use Your Words

You likely have an all time favorite song, favorite quote, or a personal motto you live by. You might even have a catchphrase you use on daily basis. These make for great first tattoos. Even just a one or two word tattoo can be very meaningful. The artist will help you pick a good font you love, or if you really like your own handwriting, you can write it down to use. If you go this route, use thick lines to make it last.

Be Unique


If you found a popular design you absolutely love, but are worried it isn’t unique enough, you can easily make it yours. adding a little extra something will make a played out design fresh. You might have an idea, or you can talk to your artist who will be able to help you come up with some. Even adding just a small touch can be very effective.

Sibling Love

The internet is full of beautiful ideas for sibling tattoos. These are awesome for first tattoos, not only because the bond between siblings is already unbreakable, but also because you’ll have someone to support you and join you in the whole experience. It can make the whole decision and the time at the tattoo shop a lot more fun for both of you.

Spirit Animals

Do you have a certain species of animal you feel a connection to? You might be a cat lover, or an owl fanatic. Maybe your spirit animal is a unicorn. Animal tattoos can be simple or intricate, depending on what exactly you want. Animal tattoos look good just about anywhere, and when it comes to size it’s your call.

Image result for small tattoo for girls

Image result for small tattoo for girls

Do research on artists in your area and ask your friends for recommendations. You want to be sure you have an artist that is easy to work with and will do a great job. Once you’ve made all the decisions you need to and take the jump, follow the aftercare instructions you are given. The healing can look a little rough, but hang in there and be patient. You’ll eventually see your tattoo as a special part of you.

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