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10 Best AC & Furnace Filters 2021 – Air Conditioner Filters Reviews

Air Conditioning filter

AC filters are vital to the safety and efficiency of your home air conditioning system (check out the Top Air Purifier Reviews here). If you have a low-quality filter or a filter that does not work correctly, the efficiency of your air conditioning system will be significantly impaired and it will not function to cool down your home as quickly or easily. Furthermore, without a properly functioning AC filter, you run the risk of leaks or other damage developing within your home.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality AC filter, keep reading the following Air conditioning filters reviews to learn more about the top rated best AC filters on the market.

10. AiRx Energy Efficient AC Filters for Allergy ProtectionBest AC Filters

This pack of AiRx AC filters comes with six separate air filters. The filters are equipped with more pleats per inch than the majority of other retail air filters available. The pleats on these filters allow them to filter air more efficiently in order to waste less energy and save you money.

These AC filters are designed specifically for allergy protection. They use electrostatic air to easily trap mold, pollen, dust, smoke, and other pesky allergens in order to prevent them from infiltrating your home.


9. Filtrete 3M Air Conditioner Filter

Best AC Filters

This 3M AC filter is incredibly easy to install. It can fit into any standard room air conditioner with its easy, cut-to-fit installation. The filter comes in a fifteen inches by twenty-four inches size.

The AC filter is perfect for those who have allergies. It is able to trap allergen particles in the air, such as dust, mold, smoke, and pollen.


8. Honeywell Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter

Best AC Filters

This Honeywell AC filter is a versatile replacement filter that can fit air conditioners from both Honeywell and other brands. It comes in multiple different sizes in order to fit the widest variety of air conditioners.

The AC filter is very efficient at filtering home air conditioning systems. It supplies high levels of MERV filtration in order to keep your home clean and cool for as long as possible.


7. Duck Replacement Foam Air Conditioner Filter

Best AC Filters
This air conditioner filter comes in one size but it can be cut down based on the needs of you and your home. It is originally available in the size of twenty-four inches by fifteen inches. However, you can cut it down to any size your air conditioner needs.

Crafted from polyurethane foam, this AC filter can be reused and washed when needed. Its washability allows you to clean it when it gets dirty rather than having to replace your filter every time it gets clogged. The filter is able to remove dust and pollen from the air in order to minimize allergens in your home and keep it clean as well as cool.


6. FilterBuy Pleated Furnace AC Filter

Best AC Filters
This air filter is compatible with air conditioning systems, HVAC systems, and furnaces. It is incredibly long-lasting and has an expected lifespan of up to three months without requiring a replacement. Plus, it has a MERV rating of eight.

Lightweight and compact, this air filter measures twenty inches by twenty inches and weighs less than three pounds. It is a great asset to the hygiene and safety of your home because it can minimize the allergens in your home by removing lint, dust, pollen, and mold from the air as it filters.


5. Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter

Best AC Filters

This car AC filter keeps the air in your car clean and cool whenever you drive. It is maximumly efficient and is able to filter ninety-eight percent of allergens like dust and pollen out of the air in your car. Plus, the filter features a formula of carbon and baking soda that cleans the air that comes through your car’s air conditioning system before it enters your vehicle.

In order to keep your car safe and clean, this AC filter is designed to keep allergens from infiltrating into your engine and wearing it down. It also allows more air to flow through your air conditioning system to keep your car cooler and minimize any unpleasant odors that develop in your vehicle.


4. Flanders E-Z Flow Air Filter

Best AC Filters

This top-quality AC filter comes in a twelve-pack in order to prevent you from having to replace your filters frequently. It features a continuous chipboard design with a metal media retainer that keeps the filter strong and extends its lifespan beyond that of standard AC filters. One of these AC filters can last for up to thirty days without decreased performance.

These AC filters are compatible with HVAC systems that fit twenty inch by twenty inch filters. They are able to filter furnaces as well as central air units. As an added bonus, this filter has a MERV rating of 4. It is able to easily eliminate allergens like dust, pollen, and lint from the air in your home.


3. Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense Filter for Allergies

Best AC Filters
One of these efficient, long-lasting AC filters can remain perfectly functional for up to three months without needing to be changed. You can buy two, four, or six of these filters at one time in order to prevent you from having to make additional purchases when one of the filters needs to be replaced.

This air conditioner filter is extremely efficient at keeping your home cool and hygienic. It can eliminate airborne allergen particles, such as mold spores, pollen, smoke, dust mite debris, and more, that hang in the air of your home. The filter is electrostatically charged in order to attract these allergens and trap them within the filter.


2. Nordic Pure Pleated Air Conditioner Furnace Filter for Home

Best AC Filters
This AC filter is ready to keep your home free of allergens that can reduce the cleanliness of your house and damage the health of your and your family. It has a pleated design that helps the filter pick up and trap allergens easily and efficiently without a struggle. The filter can remove allergens including but not limited to dust, pollen, mold, smoke, flour, and smog from the air in your home.

Measuring twenty by twenty inches, this AC filter is compact yet versatile. It has a long lifespan and only needs to be replaced every one to three months depending on the conditions of your home and how often you use your AC system.


1. Filtrete Clean Living Basic Dust Filter for Home

Best AC Filters
This AC filter is designed for use with both heating and cooling systems that are high velocity. It can last up to three months without needing to be replaced, depending on your usage of the filter and the conditions of your home.

Featuring electrostatically charged fibers, this filter is ready to eliminate allergens from your home. It can attract and trap both small and large allergen particles that hang in the air of your home, including pollen, dust, lint, and more.


A good Air Conditioning filter keeps your air conditioning bills cheap and your home cool while a bad AC filter costs you more money than you need to pay and is inefficient at cooling your home. If you feel as though your current air conditioning filter is not working as well as it should be, use the list in this post to discover the top ten best AC filters you can buy.

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