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Top 10 Best Car Polishes and Wax on the Market


Our this year’s Top 10 Best Car Polish on the Market reviews offer a brief, but focused overview of the highest-rated, best car polish products, what they do and how well they perform. The key to getting the best car polish and long-lasting protection is taking the time to investigate the huge range of car-cleaning and waxing products.

According to our reviewers, the 10 best car polishes can restore the original finish to your vehicle and in some cases, surpass how it looked when new! Whether you need to restore your car’s scratched paintwork, re-color a black vinyl top, remove stubborn bug stains, restore chalky plastic trim and keep the exterior and interior in tip-top condition, you’ll find what you need here in this year’s Top 10 Best Car Polish on the Market.

It can be a time-consuming business reading the marketing blurb for the wide range of the best car polish products and then wondering which one’s the best value for money!  So read on and find the best car polish for your individual needs in 5-minutes, not 5-hours!

10. NOVUS 7100 Plastic Polish Kit

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

This is a popular car polish for use on exterior and interior plastic.  It’s intended for use as a kit that cleans and polishes plastics and works as a scratch remover on all types of vehicle windshields.

The kit contains 3 bottles labelled 1 – Plastic Clean & Shine, 2 – Fine Scratch Remover and 3 – Heavy Scratch Remover.  Novus is a well-established industry leader and they include a list of the named plastics on which you can safely use their car polish, on their sales page.

9. Meguiar’s G4016 Supreme Shine Protectant

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

This best car polish is ranked at high on the market – Polishing & Waxing Kits and has fewer reviews than the Novus Kit. It’s a product range which offers a variety of products in different finishes e.g. matte, satin, glossy, to keep your vehicle looking great inside and out.

After use, one reviewer commented that his dashboard is super-shiny and his car’s interior has never looked as good, even when new.  It’s excellent on exterior plastic, soaking in fast and giving a deep finish.  Everyone commented this product is not greasy and economically priced!

8. Meguiar’s G3200 Brilliant Solutions New Car Kit

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

It’s a nicely packaged set with enough Wash & Wax, Liquid Wax and Endurance Tire Gel to use 2 – 3 times.

This best car polish kit’s a great gift idea with a MicroFiber Wash Mitt, a foam applicator and 2 microfiber towels, so you only need to add a bucket and water! Users were delighted with the high quality shine and many commented on its affordable price.

7. BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

It’s marketed as an all-finish paint protector and sealant with polymers that create a deep gloss lasting several months.

A car detailer commented that it goes on easily and can be removed easily by hand or with an electric buffer.  He also said it gives top-notch shine and reflection on dark-colored cars, but there are similar products available at a much cheaper price.

6. Forever Car Care Products FB813 BLACK Black Top Gel and Foam Applicator

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

This black-top gel dye returns full color to your convertible’s black vinyl top.

You need to apply several coats, but there’s plenty in the 8 oz. bottle.  One criticism was that the foam applicator supplied is messy and inefficient, but you can apply it with a paint brush, a 4” foam paint roller or diluted 50:50 with water and applied from a household spray bottle.

5. Griot’s Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

Paint cleaning clay is designed for use a few times a year and for removing stubborn stains like tar, brake dust, dead insects and dried bird droppings etc.

Users praised the very large spray-bottle making it easy to apply Speed Shine.  And first-time clay cleaners were very impressed with how much surface impurities the process pulls out of paint.  People love the smooth and efficient way this kit cleans and polishes

4. Pinnacle Natural Brilliance PIN-370 Crystal Mist Detail Spray

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

For enhancing the gloss on your car, this product has a high recommended.  It’s safe for all paint finishes and clear coats, and doesn’t leave streaking on black/red paint.  It’s a product that can save you money by extending the life of wax coatings.

It’s one of the best-sellers and presents itself as the next generation of quick-shine detailers.  It works through the blend of natural Carnauba wax with crystalline polymers and natural oils to remove light dirt from paintwork, without scratching.  This is a more expensive car polish, but lots of users say it gives a fantastic, mirror-finish!

3. MEDS ReNu Pro (RPK175) Automotive Trim Restorer Kit

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

Now being sold in economy-size 4 oz. packs for use on large vehicles and by dealers, who want to restore chalky exterior plastic trim and bumpers.

The kit includes a useful pair of large, good quality nitrile gloves and 2 microfiber towels.  The finish is deep black and one long-term user says it lasts a good 12 months.  Another said it was still looking black two years later!

2. Jescar Power Lock Plus Polymer Sealant

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

So I guess they need to do more advertising! The shine is deeply glossy and reflective and people find it easier to apply than other similar products.

Many users say it lasts for several months.  If you apply a thin coat, it dries in about 40 minutes and comes off very easily.  Nothing sticks to it, so dirt, rain and bugs slide off paintwork and it’s great on windows and headlights, too!  More expensive, but worth the price.

1. Menzerna Fast Gloss 400 Compound

Top 10 Best Car Polish On The Market

It’s rank high in Amazon’s best-sellers and as you would expect, this is more expensive than most car polishes.  However, its legion of fans agree that it actually saves you time and money on expensive professional work.

According to the manufacturer, it can eliminate a 1,200 grit-sanding mark and leave a high-gloss finish in just one step.   Users are highly impressed with its ability to remove bad scratches and transform a dull finish to a mirror-shine without using a wet-sanding method.

Well, if you purchased the polishes, maybe you also need some waxes, here are the top 10 Best Car Waxes On The Market, check it out here.

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