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Top 10 Best Car Window Sun Shades for Babies

Find the best sun shades for babies in cars here! Sunlight can be extremely damaging to the skin and eyes, especially of babies and children.  And high temperatures caused by hot air being super-heated in a closed car are not only uncomfortable, but very dangerous at times.  And that’s why people love the new car sun shades for babies and all passengers.  There’s not a lot of difference between the brands, but there are 3 different ways to apply sunshades for cars to the rear windows.  Some car sun shades come in packs of two and other in packs of three, and there is a universal size of about 19” x 12” for most sunshades.  This may not cover the whole area of your car windows and give the sun-blocking effect you need in high temperature locations.

However, there are car sun shades for babies that cover the whole window, which can be easily slid onto the car frame in seconds. Even if you don’t have kids, pets or passengers riding in your car, it makes a lot of sense to protect the interior plastic and fabric upholstery from sun-damage. So if you haven’t got one of the latest car sun shades for babies in your car, now’s the time to check out the Top 10 car sun shades for baby reviews and be fully protected!

10. Premium Rear Window Sun Shade PLUS Two (2) ShadeSox Universal Fit Car Window Baby Sun Shades! | Universal Baby Sun Shade Travel Kit Bundle (3 Piece) For Cars and SUV’s

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies

This set of 3 car sun shades for babies and to protect all passengers and your upholstery, includes 2 side-window sunshades for cars plus a rear-window shade.  These car sun shades fit all vehicles and are easy to install over the door frames. The rear window sun shade can easily be removed and folded to a small package that fits under a seat or in the trunk.

Users said they could still see through the windows to drive safely. The nylon mesh material has the texture of pantyhose, and blocks about 70% – 80% of direct sunlight.  You can still open the side windows and get fresh air, with the car sun shades in place.

9. Premium Quality Car Sun Shade By Shieldpro – Easy Stick Window Sun Shade – Powerful UV Rays Protector Great for Babies, Kids

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies


This pack of car shields for babies, pets and passengers includes 2 sun shades for the rear side windows. The shades are easy to install using suction cups that come with the product and there are four suction cups giving good adherence.  The universal size for car sun shades is approx. just under 19-inches x 12-inches.

These sunshades for cars are made from UV ray black mesh material on one side and lined with a special static-cling material, which clings to the window surface. Testers said you get good UV blocking, they are easy to put on and take off and they fold up small to store in the included pouch.

8. Premium Car Sun Shades | Pack Of 2 | Block UV Rays | Protect Your Child | Simple Installation

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies

Marketed as car sun shades for babies and kids, these sun-shades claim to block 97% of harmful UV rays, which is higher than some other brands.  They fit any car window and are easy to install, with a static-cling design.

You cannot open the windows when these car sun shades are in place and they come in the universal size of approx. 19 x 12 inches.  Users said they stick straight onto the windows and lay flush, with no bulk that little fingers could pull.  These sunshades for cars stay in place well and leave good visibility for safe driving, too.

7. Outback Shades – Sun Shade for Side Window – Ultimate Baby Window Shade keeps precious cargo cool without the fuss

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies

The Outback refers to the hot, desert in the centre of Australia and this Australian product’s made for extreme conditions.  It’s an effective car sun shade for babies, kids, pets and any passengers, which is easy to apply.  The sunshades cling tightly to the window surface using static-cling and no suction cups or adhesive is necessary.

Testers said that after applying the car sun shades the inside of their car felt cooler instantly.  They work well, but reviewers said they would be better if they covered a larger area of the window.  Need to be removed when you want the windows open.

6. Car Sun Shade (2 Pack) – Black Sunshade Visor Set for Babies & Kids – Clings To a Rear Side Window And Covers Your Baby Or Toddler

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies

These are the universal size for the U.S. measuring 19” x 12” and are easy to fix to windows using the static-cling method.  This product is sold by a small family company and includes an e-book on children’s health with each purchase.

These car sun shades for babies and other passengers are UPF certified 50+, which means they block out 98% of harmful UV rays.  You can’t open windows which have these car sun shades fitted.  One reviewer said he’d heard that with tinted windows, harmful UV rays will still enter and damage a baby’s eyes, so he was very satisfied with these shades!

5. Car Window Shade (2 Pack) – Car Sun Shade Baby with UV Protection for Your Kids, Dog – Car Window Sun Cover Without Clings or Suction Cups

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies

This set of car sun shades for babies and kids, is larger than some other shades and each stretchy shade measures from 24” – 45” in length x 18” high.  The shades are 90% polyester and 10% elastane and provide complete window cover. They are very easy to attach by just sliding them onto the car-window frame and they stay in place.

These shades can be re-positioned easily, with no need for suction cups or static-cling.  Our testers said these were one of the best car sun shades for hot temperatures, as you can have all windows open and still get full UV protection.

4. Kinder Fluff Car Window Shade (3px) – Car sun shade EXTRA LARGE 20″x12″ with Maximum UV/Sun Protection

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies

These are ‘static-cling’ car sun shades for babies and other passengers.  There are three sun shades in this pack and each shade measures 20” x 12”, so you get a little more window coverage.  These car sun shades block 97% of UV rays and can be folded into the travel pouch supplied, which fits in a handbag or pocket.

Apart from using as car sun shades, these easy-carry shades can be applied to train or bus windows in seconds.  This is a great idea for train and long bus journeys when there are no window shades to protect anyone from UV rays!  Users loved this product.

3. Cozy Greens® Car Window Shade (2 pack) | Baby Car Sun Shade | UPF50+ Protection 97% UV Rays Blocked

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies

These are car sun shades for babies that measure 19” x 12.5” and fit most car windows.  They are certified as UPF 50+ to keep out 97% UV rays and can be fitted in seconds using the popular ‘static-cling’ method that doesn’t need suction-cups.  You can’t open windows fitted with static-cling car sun shades.

However, you can use them as extra UV protection on tinted windows. As with all of the best car window sun shades for babies, these were popular with all users for providing protection from the sun and keeping the internal car temperature cooler!

2. Baby Car Sunshade (2 Pack) Static Cling Sun Shade

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies

These are static-cling car sun shades for protecting your passengers.  They’re also made to protect the interior plastic fittings and upholstery of your car from sun-damage, making car sun shades almost a necessity in hot weather.  You can’t open windows when these shades are in place, but that’s not always a problem when your passengers are small children.

This retailer says their car sun shades have been created to fit a wide variety of vehicles, including vans, trucks, SUV’s and compact cars.  Reviewers say they do a great job and are less expensive than other very similar car sun shades.

1. Veneev Car Sun Shade for Side Window – Car Sunshade Protector 2019 – Protect your kids and pets in the back seat from sun glare and heat. Blocks over 97% of harmful UV Rays

Top 10 Best Car Window Sunshades for Babies

These are a best-selling brand of car sun shades for babies, which are universal-fit and easily attached static-cling fabric.  One reviewer uses them on the high windscreen of his Polaris Ranger 900 XP with great success.  He put the shades at the top of the windshield, so when driving into the sun he gets far better visibility.

Testers also said they use car sun shades as a convenient way to get more privacy, as you can’t see through them from the outside.  And kids say they can continue to use their games or video screens when car sun screens are used! If you can’t find proper shades on the internet, you may need to custom car sun shades instead.

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