Brighten Your Look: The Best Spring Makeup Colors and Trends

Pops of color

Spring is on our doorsteps, and with the change of season comes the change in makeup looks and trends. The bright sun and fresh morning air inspire many of the makeup trends we will see for the season.

If you want to update your look for Spring or aren’t sure how to move away from the dark, moody Winter looks, this is the post for you.

spring flower

Fresh face

One of the most popular trends we are seeing is a reimagining of the fresh face makeup look. A few years ago, the “nude” look took hold; now, it is the must-have look for Spring. Not only is it incredibly versatile, but it is also easy to pull off and will suit most styles.

This simplified fresh face look comprises a subtle contour, styled yet natural eyebrows, and a natural glow instead of a dewy look that borders on oily. It is more about a refined look than hiding blemishes or overly accentuating features.


Underpainting is something you may not have heard before, but it is certainly something you have seen before. Made famous by Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner’s makeup artist, underpainting puts a new spin on contouring.

The steps involve applying your contour first, then your concealer and foundation. This still gives you the contour effect, but in a way that makes you look like you haven’t applied anything. It is a simple yet highly effective method.

Subtle embellishments

When you hear the words “makeup embellishments,” your mind probably automatically jumps to the early 2000s when glitter and stick-on diamonds and gems were a thing. We have long left that time behind, and the concept has evolved into something far more classy.

This season, the embellished look is far more subtle; tiny rhinestones around the eyes create a frame that makes them pop. Keeping them small means they won’t overwhelm your face but are still a suitable replacement for eyeshadow or eyeliner.


One of the most popular colors for the season is lavender. This classic purple shade is bright but subtle, suitable for day and night looks, and something that will work with a simple face of makeup or a glammed-up date night look.

While purple has been part of the makeup world for a long time, this season, it is all about lavender eye makeup. One of the best things about it is that it goes with every eye color and skin tone, making it a far more versatile shade than you might think.


A unique trend quickly taking the makeup world by storm is the anti-flawless/anti-beauty queen look. Instead of perfectly winged eyeliner, perfectly applied lipstick, or blush, many people choose to do the opposite.

Many experts believe this new trend is all about embracing imperfections, meaning everything from overly lined lips to skinny or no eyebrows is all fair game. This trend is about making a statement rather than following the rules.


Blush, blush, and more blush, this is one of those trends that many believe is only just getting started. From bright, pink cheeks to blushed eyelids, celebrities and influencers alike can’t get enough of it. While it may be too much for some, if you allow it to be the focus of your look and not an addition, you will easily find the balance that suits you.

The 60s

Finally, every season sees a new year or decade reimagined; this time, it’s the 60s. While still keeping the simplicity mentioned earlier, this new 60s look is all about defined eyes, pastel hues, and teased hair that stands tall.

Not only is it one of the best formal makeup looks you can wear, but it can also be modified and either made more prominent or more subtle, depending on the event.

Spring Makeup Tips

Now that you know the looks, here are some tips to help you live your best Spring makeup life!

Update your skincare

No matter how much or how little you wear makeup, if your skin isn’t at its best, your makeup won’t be either. Many people will have a rather intense Winter skincare routine, but it isn’t necessary anymore when it begins warming up.

A strong SPF sunscreen should be a priority, and regular toning and exfoliating will help keep your pores clear of oils created by sweating.

Keep it light

While there is nothing wrong with a bit of dramatic makeup, Spring is all about keeping it fresh and light. Winter is made for dark and moody looks, while Spring is for bright colors, pastels, and soft angles. As mentioned, a defined eye or contoured cheekbones will always be noticed, but using a lighter touch will go a long way.

Pops of color

Pops of color
Much like seeing the leaves change color and the flowers begin to bloom, reflecting the pops of color in nature in your makeup will never be a bad idea. Whether it be colorful lipstick, eyeshadow, or eyeliner, find what works for you and let it elevate your look.


Setting spray

Finally, Spring is the time to get the setting spray back out again. Depending on where you live, Spring can be a very warm season, and the last thing you want is for your look to be destroyed by a few annoying beads of sweat. A setting spray will lock your look in place and keep it looking brand-new throughout the day.

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