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Spring Makeup Looks You’ll Want To Try

spring makeup trends ideas Spring Makeup Looks You'll Want To Try


Spring Makeup Looks You’ll Want To Try

Spring is here. As the sunny days warm up our life, it’s time to warm up our looks. With the latest trends in full gear, now is the time to get these pretty looks for yourself. It’s time to say goodbye to the dark colors that associate themselves with winter and pull out the brights. One thing that will never change about spring makeup, is color. Spring makes for the best time to be experimental with your look.

If you love your pastel palette, you’ll be happy with the new looks for this year. If you prefer the brightest of colors, you won’t be disappointed either. The runway for 2017 was full of gorgeous looks for just about everyone. You’ll love these natural looks for when you want minimal makeup and bold looks that would be perfect to rock at an evening concert in the park. Coral is still in, but other shades of orange will have you wanting to trade in your favorite lipstick. Bronzer, that best friend we all missed, is back with a makeover. The cat eye has evolved into a less dramatic look, and classic pink will never go out of style.


Eyeshadow in bright colors is always great for spring. This season, eyeshadow isn’t just for eyelids. And eyes aren’t just for eyeshadow.

Shades of blue, yellow, and pink, of course, spread around the eye make for a fresh look. As for spring colors, the look will stick with tradition – the brighter the better. Models from the runway sported these colors with a major focus on the corners of the eyes.

Eyeliner from the runway was beautiful, to say the least. With a smaller flick than the unusual dramatic cat eye, this simplified look is sure to be a huge hit this season.

Bronzer and blush were both seen on the runway in an unordinary, but an extremely beautiful way. With blush spread higher up and around the eyes to the temples, eyeshadow isn’t necessary. Bronzer made for a beautiful shadow as well, making for a simple, natural look.


The key to pretty lips, especially in spring and summer, will always be starting with a balm containing SPF. Protecting your lips will help you to rock any style of makeup from nude lips to bright reds.

Red is a classic look, always pretty. Ombre shading adds a twist to the look we all know and love. Artists played with shades on the runway from darker red, to orange. Peach is a pretty pastel color that looks absolutely beautiful when it comes to picking a lipstick

Glitter is an absolute hit this season, and the lips take the gold metal. Some models wore this look dramatically, while others had just a shimmer. The look held more versatility in its many shades.

Bare lips will always be an easy and pretty look to wear in the spring, and the runway reminded us why. Many models went without, either sporting minimal makeup or adding a pop of color elsewhere.


Blush will be a necessity this spring. Perfectly positioned, beautiful highlights will really light up your face for the spring sun. Dewey skin will be a hit for those who want to tone their look down to a natural one.

Sweeping your blush across your cheekbones, you can then keep on applying up to the temples. This was a favorite on the runway and was played up in dramatic colors, as well as down in more natural ones.

Dewey skin was pretty this year with models wearing bronzer on their cheeks and eyes for a simple combination that makes natural beauty easy to achieve. Shimmer was hot too. Different shades highlighted the cheeks and face of models.

Matching the color of your eyeshadow to your blush will really keep your makeup in style this season. You’ll love the eighties feel of it, and the bonus of not having to search through your makeup bag trying to find a color. Just use your blush for both to achieve this easily.


The nail styles from the runway had a huge range of color and shape. Neutral was very popular with pops of color and designs really making the look beautiful. Shiny isn’t just in for faces but for nails too.

Rose gold is everywhere. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either. Models wore the color, as well as other metallics, on their nails in different fashions. Sweeping paint over the whole nail is easy, or brush on just a line for a pop of the metallic color.

One really fun and gorgeous trend to try this spring will be outlined cuticles. With a neutral nail and a pretty outline, your nails will be extra glamorous.

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