Coconut Oil: Redefining Your Beauty Routine

coconut oil

Coconut Coconuts. What are they possibly good for? Adding the perfect flavor to your piña colada? Making your show stopping outfit for the beach party tomorrow? Or completing the tranquilizing vision of a palm tree appearing in the distance as you arrive to your long-awaited, well deserved vacation in the Florida Keys?

Well coconuts are obviously great for all of these, but don’t forget how precious they are to your body! With all the buzz about coconut oil I’m sure you’ve heard the topic wiggled into conversation at one point or another… But what can coconut oil really do for your health and beauty and how does it accomplish all of these marvelous claims? Let’s explore it a bit, a little insight on this mysterious substance goes a long, long way.

benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil’s impact on the 4 major beauty categories: Hair, Face, Skin, and Body

Coconut Oil for Face:

The skin on our face is extra sensitive and therefore must be tended to with extra care. Coconut oil is unique in that it contains medium-chain fatty acids, unlike other oils. After all of the science, what this means is that the skin on your face can easily absorb it and it will increase skin elasticity and strength. Rubbed on fine lines and wrinkles, it will moisturize and repair skin, making a younger looking you! Also use coconut oil as a facial cleanser and makeup remover. Again, because of its antibacterial qualities, it will cleanse the skin and lift dirt and makeup to be gently wiped away.

Coconut Oil for Hair:

Coconut Oil can be used before shampooing as a pre-wash and deep conditioner. It contains a fatty acid called lauric acid (which is found in breast milk). Lauric acid is well known for its antiviral and antibacterial qualities. Used as a pre-wash, coconut oil will kill bacteria and lift dirt sitting on the scalp to be rinsed away down into the drain. While it is working to cleanse, it will also deep condition at the root, along the hair strand, and all the way to those delicate ends. The lauric acid in coconut oil is easily absorbed into hair proteins and will work to strengthen and prevent the loss of these proteins, resulting in strong, moisturized, glowing hair.

Coconut Oil for Skin:

Our skin loves coconut oil and the endless array of things it can do. Create your own exfoliating body scrub by mixing coconut oil with sea salt, then use a bit of plain coconut oil as shaving cream to get smooth lovely legs. Take a relaxing bath and add a bit of coconut oil into the hot water for a nice soak, or make a bit of a more coconut concentrated mixture for a little extra tender loving care on your feet. Coconut oil has great anti-fungal properties which will work wonders between your toes and under your nails! Finish up beautifying your skin using a dab of the oil, just as you would lotion, to get wonderful, full body moisture!

Coconut Oil for Body:

We are always trying to get our perfect beach bods, but aside from looking great on the outside, we have to get it right on the inside too! Coconut oil works as an antioxidant in the body and also stimulates the thyroid gland. This is the glad that controls metabolism! So, getting this glad going will promote weight loss. No need to cut oils out of the diet, just simply replace them! Coconut oil is the best quality that can be used for cooking, as it can handle high heats better than every other oil. Worried about the coconut taste? No problem, just buy the unscented coconut oil.

Now, how do you get your hands on some of this stuff?

Well, just walk into your local health food store and peruse the shelf of oils! First and foremost, if bought from the correct retailers, it is a completely unrefined, natural substance. Look for Virgin or Extra Virgin coconut oil, and be careful buying beauty products which advertise using coconut oil as an ingredient – it is often hydrogenated coconut oil, and this form loses much of the nutritional value.

Have you tried coconut oil before? Share the ways it has help you!

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