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Beauty Tricks: How to Escape Your Beauty Rut

After a while, the beauty routine you’ve developed over the years becomes second nature to you. You know exactly what time you have to wake up before work in order to get your makeup and hair done on time. The clothes in your closet are like a second skin because you’re so used to wearing your favorite pieces over and over again. Once you’ve adapted to a certain style for your fashion, hair, and makeup, it can be difficult to break away from this style and try something new.

There’s nothing wrong with having a comfortable beauty routine that works well for you. However, there are also benefits to switching up your routine. Changing your standard beauty routine can help you feel more confident, adventurous, and ready for anything life might throw your way. Unfortunately, the reality is that it can be extremely difficult to reach for the red lipstick buried in your drawer instead of the sheer gloss that’s used to its throne in the center of your vanity. Once you take the plunge, however, you might just discover your new favorite look for yourself.

1. Take Baby Steps

How to Escape Your Beauty Rut


There’s no need to completely change your look overnight. Start small. Buy a new shade of lipstick. Drag your curling iron out of the depths of your bathroom cabinet. Take baby steps. Commit yourself to making one subtle change to your beauty routine every week. Chances are, you’ll discover some that you want to make a permanent part of your routine.

2. Stay True to Yourself

Don’t transform your style into something that doesn’t fit who you really are in a desperate attempt to get out of your beauty rut. Your style is a direct expression of who you are and it’s important to stay true to that even when you’re trying to switch up your routine. Make sure that the new ideas you try out for your hair, makeup, and clothes are ideas that actually appeal to you.

3. Get Inspiration

How to Escape Your Beauty Rut


There is literally unlimited beauty inspiration out there waiting to help you shape an updated look for yourself. Take advantage of resources like Pinterest. Also, look at style articles in your favorite lifestyle magazines and read features on celebrities and models on social media and news sites. Browse these resources and you’ll be surprised at how many exciting new beauty ideas you’ll be instantly motivated to try out for yourself.

4. Enhance Your Existing Style

How to Escape Your Beauty Rut


You don’t have to completely transform your style in order to escape from your beauty rut. In fact, one of the best ways to get out of a plateau in your personal style is to simply enhance the style you’ve already created for yourself.

If you wear black eyeliner on the daily, add wings to your look. If your closet is full of bright, summery dresses, make it a point to go shopping for some flowing skirts. Use the style you already have as a template, and work to make it better.

5. Ask a Friend

How to Escape Your Beauty Rut


You should rely on your own choices for your personal style above anyone else’s. However, if you’re not sure how to change up your existing beauty routine, ask a close friend for some help. The people you spend a lot of time with spend more time looking at you than you spend looking at yourself in the mirror (hopefully). Asking your friends for advice on how to switch up your style allows you to collect genuine ideas that aren’t biased by your own fear.

6. Cut Your Hair

How to Escape Your Beauty Rut


No, you don’t have to trade the hip-length locks you’ve spent years growing for a brand-new pixie cut (although you totally should if you want to). However, getting a haircut no matter how minor it is automatically helps you break out of your existing beauty rut. It helps you feel more willing to try new things and switch up your style more often.

Plus, getting a haircut is a semi-permanent change to your look. You can’t instantly revert your hair back to its original style as easily as you can wipe off lipstick or colorful eyeliner. This subtle yet semi-permanent change helps you ease into playing around with your style without letting yourself get scared and give up.

7. Add Color

How to Escape Your Beauty Rut


When in doubt, add pops of color to your standard style. If you normally wear neutral colors, buy yourself a bright-colored romper or a pair of pastel denim jeans. Try dark blue eyeliner instead of picking up your standard black pencil. Mix up your hairstyle with highlights or a streak of purple over your natural color.

Adding color somewhere to your style can make a big difference in your look as a whole. Plus, having color in your look automatically helps you feel more energetic, cheerful, and confident.

Switching up your beauty routine doesn’t have to throw your world spinning off its axis. Start small and commit to consistently trying new things when it comes to your personal style. You’ll thank yourself someday for your boosted self-confidence and newfound adventurous spirit.

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