How to Choose between a Lip-Flip and Lip-Fillers

Lip-Flip and Lip-Fillers

As surgeons report a decrease in the demand for cosmetic surgery, beauty clinics are having a busy time with the huge, new demand for non-surgical face-lifts and lip enhancements. And that’s because having non-permanent ‘fillers’ or Botox injected into your face looks more natural, and is cheaper and safer.

We’ve all seen photos of celebs in the newspapers with unnaturally bulging cheekbones and eyes pulled back too tightly. And when they’ve obviously spent a fortune with a well-qualified cosmetic surgeon, you can see it’s not always a good idea to go for something permanent!

Having ‘pouting’ lips is something many women want to increase their attractiveness, and why not? But before you decide how to get fuller lips, read our guide to whether you should get a ‘lip flip’ or a lip filler! Because individuals have different requirements, want different looks and we all want a natural look for our money, right?

Before and after: Lip-Flip vs Lip-Fillers
Before and after: Lip-Flip and Lip-Fillers

1. What are the best treatments to enhance your lips?

As we all know, lips become thinner as we age. And this leads to a loss of definition, and fine lines around the edges of your lips, especially in the upper lip. These lines are often called, ‘barcode’ lines. And if you smoke, or used to smoke, they can be quite noticeable once your lips lose their original volume.

But you don’t have to live with these lines if you don’t want to, and the two best treatments to improve the appearance of your lips are ‘lip fillers’ and the, ‘lip-flip’. And here’s all you need to know to decide which is best for you!

2. What’s the difference between lip-filler and a Botox lip-flip?

Lip fillers are injections of hyaluronic-acid dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm or Vollure. And these actually add physical volume to the lips to make them look younger and fuller.

Cosmetic dermatologists define the ‘lip-flip’ as a procedure that injects Botox or Dysport into your lips to make them appear fuller. And this method works by causing the muscle in the upper lip to relax, which causes your top lip to flip outwards slightly. And so you get the illusion of a fuller top lip, without any worries about having a ‘trout-pout’ or any other unnatural shaping. Botox is a neurotoxin, which means it prevents muscles from firing, says Robert Applebaum, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon in private practice.

3. How to choose between lip-fillers & a Botox lip-flip?

This depends on what you want to achieve. For instance, if you want to make your lips appear sexier, with more physical fullness, then dermal lip-fillers like Restylane etc. are going to give you that.

But on the other hand, if you just want to keep your natural volume, but get an improved shape that no-one will notice as it looks so natural, then a Botox lip-flip is the one for you.

4. How long do lip-fillers & Botox lip-flips last?

Both treatments greatly improve how your lips look, but the duration differs. A Botox treatment that removes barcode lines in the upper lip and creates a natural-look, lip-flip will last several months.

And a Restylane, lip-filler treatment that actually adds physical volume to your lips will last about 12 months. But results always vary between individuals, as it depends on how quickly your body metabolizes the product.

5. Can you have lip-fillers and Botox lip-flip at the same time?

Yes, you can. If you need to get rid of barcode lines in the upper lip and get physically fuller lips, a combination of both treatments gives an excellent result. You just need to explain very clearly how you want your lips to look after the treatment.

And this is because the doctor giving the injections needs to choose between different products to get different results. For example, for creating fuller, plumper lips they can use a thicker, hyaluronic-acid filler. But if you want better moisturized lips and a subtle improvement, they can use a softer type of hyaluronic acid for the most natural result.

6. What’s the price difference between lip-fillers and a Botox lip-flip?

The more affordable option is a Botox, (or similar product) lip-flip. This treatment usually requires between 4 – 8 Botox units per session. And you could expect to pay between $80 – $200 in the U.S. for a Botox treatment that will last up to 4 months or so.  

And for both treatments, the price is calculated on:

  • how medically qualified the injector is
  • how many vials you need
  • where you live

But each treatment’s cost can vary enormously, and go up to $2,000 per treatment session. Obviously, be careful only to use injectors who have been personally recommended, and for your personal safety, are medically qualified.

You don’t have to choose someone who’s unqualified, but lives near your home, or who makes house calls or Botox ‘parties’. This is a serious undertaking and you would be better off travelling further if you need to, to get treatment from a medically-qualified, cosmetic doctor.

7. How much lip-filler should you be getting in each session?

  • The usual treatment requires ½ to 1 syringe of Restylane etc.
  • That is between 0.5 and 1 mls of filler

Occasionally, more lip-filler is required, but it’s unusual for anyone to need more than 2 mls or two syringes of hyaluronic-acid filler at one session.

8. How to prepare for lip-fillers or a Botox lip-flip appointment correctly?

Both types of injection are uncomfortable at the time. But don’t take a pain-killer before-hand, unless you are ready for noticeable bruise-marks to appear on your skin and last for a week or two.

I took Paracetamol before my second Botox lip-flip treatment and facial fillers, but the bruising was very noticeable because of the pain-killer.  So now I just grin and bear it! It’s all over in a very short time and the results are excellent.

Always avoid fish-oils, blood-thinning meds and alcohol for the 24 – 48 hours before you attend your appointment. They will also increase the amount of after-injection bruising you have. Normally, there’s very little, if any, bruising if you follow this advice.

9. What happens after your lip injections?

Don’t rub or massage the treated area after injection, just leave it be and wait until the product settles down and starts doing its job.

Restylane-type lip-fillers usually cause mild swelling, minor pain or tenderness and slight bruising where the needle went in. How long this lasts depends on each person, but it can be from 3 days to 2 weeks.

On the other hand, Botox lip-flip sessions are quicker, less painful and have virtually no downtime. But you do need to wait between a week or two to see the full effect. So be patient and treat the area gently, with no pulling or massaging.

10. How to ensure a successful outcome?

  • As our readers come from such a wide range of countries, including the U.K., Australia and the U.S., (and a range of international English-speakers), we recommend that you ring around several reputable clinics in your area, to get up-to-date prices. If one price is too good to be true – be very wary!
  • Always ask who will be doing the actual injections and what medical qualifications and experience they have.
  • If you go to your appointment and the named injector isn’t available for any reason, re-schedule and don’t allow an unqualified person to do the treatment.

So instead of facing the aging process with wrinkle-creams alone – or if Nature didn’t give us the luscious lips we deserve – we can all choose small improvements that are temporary, but affordable.

And from personal experience, I can say that these little tweaks can look completely natural and be an incredible confidence booster!

Have you ever had lip enhancement treatment? What’s your opinion about the treatment you had? Have you any tips to share with everyone? Let us know your thoughts and opinions – we love to hear all about you! Subscribe to get more beauty tips on (HSC)

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