5 Must Have Beauty Products For Your Carry-On

There’s nothing I love more than a vacation. And what’s even better than a vacation? Going somewhere new to explore. However, over the past two years while exploring the US, Greece, and Australia far and wide…I realized some of my trusty travel companions needed a serious upgrade…and the one that needed it most of all? My carry-on.

It doesn’t matter if I look impossibly fresh, oil-free, and well rested when entering the airplane…by the time I arrive at the destination I’m hesitant to look in mirrors.

I’ve compiled a list of my essential beauty goodies to pack in a carry-on:

1. Colgate Wisps 

With the increasingly strict guidelines for carry-on baggage it can be difficult to pack mouthwash or your toothbrush and toothpaste. Plus, you don’t want to have to worry about your toothpaste getting all over your iPad or computer in your carry-on. But, spending a long amount of time on a plane indulging in the subpar airplane food can leave your mouth hygiene questionable. That’s why I always carry some Colgate Wisps with me. I’ve never been stopped going through security for them, and they leave my mouth feeling impossibly fresh. You don’t even need water to use them!

2. Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

 If you’re traveling on an airplane, there’s not a lot of fresh air to go around. You’re surrounded by all the passenger’s breathing and the air/heat being produced by the airplane… and it’s not a normal habitat for your skin and if you’re like me- your skin will look extra oily after the flight. That’s why I live by these little wipes. Within 30 seconds my skin looks drastically less oily and more alive. And the best part? It doesn’t wipe off any preexisting makeup.

3. e. l. f. Correcting Concealer 

If you’re like me…your entire makeup bag is probably too filled with products found questionable with security to take with you. So when I’m hopping around airports or using the cube disguised as a restroom on the plane, I need something that’s effective but small and mess-free. One of my most essential beauty products is concealer. So I found this essential tone correcting concealer from e.l.f. that’s compact enough to take anywhere. I use a little bit under my eyes or on problem areas after a long day of travel. It’s magic.

4. The Body Shop: Lip & Cheek Stain

 I think blush can always give my cheeks the healthy glow I would usually have from being outside. But when you’re traveling, you are tired, inside all day, and lacking proper nutrients. That’s why I turn to this lip and cheek stain from the Body Shop. Just a little bit adds a wonderful color to my cheek that looks completely natural. Then, I can use it on my lips for an added pop of color and moisture.  Also, I’ve never been stopped during security for it. It’s a win-win.

5. Schwarzkopf Pro Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder

 I’ll be the first to admit that I love dry shampoo and it has helped me in a lot of situations. But things like dry shampoo can’t be taken on an airplane. This presents a problem after I’ve nervously caressed my hair at every bump in the flight for over 3 hours now. My hair ends up looking slightly oily and in need of a washing. But then I discovered this mattifying powder. I can take it on any vacation and I only need a few sprinkles at a time so it’s lasted for ages. It works just as good if not better than most dry shampoos AND adds volume. Consider me enamored.

These are my musts for looking (and feeling!) good after a flight. Anything I missed? What works for you?

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