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It goes without saying that any team of beauty bloggers loves their hair color – including the Loxa team! But with fabulous hair color comes the need to maintain it. Salon hair color is an investment and it takes the right products to keep color looking fresh in between salon visits.

The recent launch of AG Hair’s new BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer and Deflect Heat Protectant made us really excited to take our color care regimen to the next level. We put the whole AG Hair Colour Care line to the test on five different hair types. Here are our results!


Hair type + texture: Curly hair to the maximum! My hair is fine, curly and thin in texture. It can be voluminous if I style it correctly with the right products.

Favorite way to style: Curly with a little bit a volume. I prefer soft and textured curls vs. extremely defined.

Favorite type of products: Because of my color, I use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner each time I wash. A creamy conditioner is a must. I also like argan oil, and a crème-based curl defining product OR a mousse defining product.

AG Hair Colour Care products tested: Colour Savior Shampoo and Conditioner, Deflect Heat Protectant

Results: I am a big fan of sulfate-free shampoos, especially with curly hair, and I really enjoyed this product. It barely had any suds, smelled amazing and left my hair feeling very clean, even a few days later. Definitely using this as my go-to curly hair shampoo moving forward.

I will try any conditioner, especially with curly hair. The thickness of this creamy conditioner is wonderful with my curly locks! I love how smooth is applies while in the shower. After using this conditioner for 3 days in a row, I noticed a significant increase in moisture in my locks. Definitely would highly recommend this product!

I usually don’t use a lot of heat protectant products because I diffuse my curly hair for only a few minutes, but this product is going to be added to my daily routine. It literally sped up my drying time by 5 minutes, which, in the morning before work, is precious time! I loved how it feels so lightweight and doesn’t weight down my curls.


Hair type + texture: I have a lot of thick hair, can easily waves and holds most curl. It dries straight, but I still like to smooth it out with a flat iron.

Favorite way to style: I usually wear my hair big at the roots but straight.  I love big hair.

Favorite type of products: I just changed up my color for spring and added caramel and blonde highlights to my brown hair, so caring for my color is important to me. Lately I’ve been playing up my natural waves for a beachy look, so I’ve been playing with texturizing products, too!

AG Hair Colour Care products tested: Colour Savior Shampoo, Sterling Silver Toning Conditioner, Texture Spray

Results: I really liked the fun color of this shampoo! It was pretty much odorless, which I very much enjoyed.  It did not lather quite the way I expected, but I was still able to cover and saturate my hair from scalp to tips. It rinsed out easily and my hair felt like it had just had a good scrub.  The conditioner was a fun color, too, which I loved! It worked well and even my hands felt softer.

The texture spray is my favorite of the products that I tried. I let my hair air dry and sprayed this throughout my hair while scrunching with my hands. The result was a really pretty wavy style that lasted throughout the day. I was able to work my hands through my hair without any crunch or stickiness.


Hair type + texture: Fine and a little dry with a semi-natural wave. It tends to hold waves and curls done with a curling iron fairly well. It can be blown straight, but needs a little help with a flat iron to get rid of any kinks.

Favorite way to style: Curled with LOTS of volume. With my fine hair, I make sure that it’s going to stay and not fall flat by the time I head out for my event.

Favorite type of products: I love styling products that give me volume and hold. On non-wash days I use dry-shampoo to soak up any extra oil around my scalp.

AG Hair Colour Care products tested: Texture Spray

Results: This product had to possible be my favorite on that I have tried. My fine hair can always use a little more “umph” when I style it and the Colour Care Texture Spray definitely gave it that. Unlike other texture sprays, this one has that added lightweight hold that’s even hard to find in different hairsprays.


Hair type + texture: thick head of lightly wavy, soft hair

Favorite way to style: Straightened or curled

Favorite type of products: Anything that helps my split ends! I have extra long hair, so caring for my ends is important to me.  My hair is colored using a color melt and I like color-protecting shampoos and conditioners. I also love dry shampoo and texturizing sprays.

AG Hair Colour Care products tested: Colour Savior Shampoo and Conditioner, Texture Spray, BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer

Results: I was instantly impressed by how the Colour Savour Shampoo lathers in my hair.  I often feel as if some shampoos do not lather well or spread evenly, however this did both.  I have a lot of hair to cover and this shampoo did the job very well.  It is also a major plus that the shampoo is sulfate-free and specially created for colored hair.  Not to mention it smells amazing as well! The conditioner smelled wonderful and had the best texture of most conditioners I’ve tried.  It wasn’t so dense that I had to use gobs to achieve full coverage on my long, thick hair, but it wasn’t so thin that it felt like cheap waxy lotion – hate that feeling.  It is the perfect creamy thickness.

The BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer is my absolute favorite of the AG Hair products I tried. I would recommend using it whether or not your hair has color.  I had never heard of a BB cream for hair before, but with the recent buzz about facial BB creams I took my best educated guess and assumed that, like the face cream, it was a multifaceted miracle product. At first I wasn’t sure if it was for damp or dry hair – by its thick, creamy texture I assumed damp, but figured I’d test it out on both.  Why not, right?  Because of its thickness I was a little nervous it would make my freshly cleaned hair feel like it was already beginning to gain buildup, but it felt so incredibly smooth running through my damp hair and a little went a very long way! (Which is an incredible plus when you have a lot of hair to care for)  I also tried applying a little bit more once my hair was dry, which worked out just as wonderfully, if not better.  It put softness back into my ends that I often feel is lost after heat styling even when using heat protectant products.  I would recommend everyone try this product!  P.S. Just in case you were wondering, this product is, in fact, meant for damp hair… however I’m not sure this will stop me from using a bit on my dry hair every once in a while for an extra little boost!

I really liked using the texture spray, too.  I don’t feel as if many texture sprays work very well in my hair because it is relatively heavy.  This one did its job though.  It gave my hair a nice, finished look and allowed me to add a little tousling and body to it.  This is definitely a great product to use to finish your look before you get dressed up or go somewhere fancy!


Hair type + texture: Thick and wavy

Favorite way to style: Straight (with a little bit of uumph)

Favorite type of products: If it’s a hair wash day, I obviously use shampoo and conditioner. If not, I don’t go a day without hairspray and a heat protectant!

AG Hair Colour Care products tested: BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer and Deflect Heat Protectant

Results: I would say, hands down, Deflect is the best blow dry spray I have ever used. Not only did it cut my blow dry time from 15
minutes to 5 minutes, but also my hair was easy to brush and felt smooth after the heat application! (For reference, blow dry sprays usually only cut about 5 minutes off of my time, so this was double.)

I found the best way to use this bb cream is on second day hair with a dry shampoo. My main issue in the past is that, while I adore my dry shampoo, I end up losing the silkiness of my hair. When I ran a dime-sized amount through my tresses after the dry shampoo, my hair actually looked exactly like it did right after I washed it. Essentially, the main perk of this product, for me personally, was that I could place it on my hair when dry (rather than wet) and quickly see silk and smoothness (not oily).

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