How to Find High-Quality Affordable Leggings


One pair of leggings from mainstream workout brands like lululemon or Nike can set you back $50 to $100 or more. You can find basic black fashion leggings at popular department stores or boutiques–think Forever 21–at prices as low as $5 per pair. However, these leggings tend to be see-through or can’t withstand one spin in the washing machine without falling apart.

Finding durable leggings but don’t break the bank can be a challenge. High-quality affordable leggings might seem like an oxymoron, but finding good leggings at fair prices is possible as long as you know where–and how–to look for them.

1. Set Your Priorities

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If you’re like many women, your leggings might never see the inside of a gym. Although leggings were originally designed as workout wear, they have transcended this category and expanded into styles that are as common for everyday wear as jeans.

It’s important to get your priorities straight when you’re shopping for leggings. If you’re in the market for everyday leggings, you should prioritize comfort and shouldn’t expect to pay more than $20 to $30 for a pair of basic black leggings. For athletic leggings, you might need to pay slightly more for functionality in addition to comfort. However, you still shouldn’t pay more than $50 for top-quality, moisture-wicking leggings that will keep you comfortable and dry during a workout.

2. Forget Brand Names

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Some women place far too much value on the brand name of their leggings. For some women, wearing leggings from popular, expensive brands like lululemon, Nike or Adidas is a status symbol of sorts. Chances are good that no one is going to notice whether or not the tiny stylized ‘A’ logo stamped on every piece of lululemon apparel is printed on the back of your leggings or not. A pair of $25 leggings from a brand you’ve never heard of can serve you just as well as a $125 pair from an ultimate athletic brand.

It’s tempting to put your trust in a pair of leggings based on its brand name or price. When you’re shopping for leggings, try not to pay any attention to brands at all. The widespread–and false–assumption that leggings are of a higher quality based on their brand or price can cause you to spend way more money than is necessary on a pair of basic leggings.

3. Read Reviews

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Buying leggings from an unfamiliar brand can help you save $$$ and discover a wider range of styles that you like even better than those from a more popular–and more expensive–brand. Although price doesn’t necessarily translate to quality when it comes to leggings, not all affordable leggings are worth their lower price. When you’re buying leggings from an unfamiliar brand, it’s important to read as many reviews as possible.

There are certain things you should look out for in the reviews you read. See-through fabric and lack of lasting durability are two of the most common problems with cheaper leggings. Make sure you verify the opaqueness and longevity of a pair of leggings by reading reviews by women who have actually tested them. Comfort is an important factor in leggings for both everyday and workout wear. Breathability and flexibility are also important factors when you’re in the market for workout leggings.

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