Flowers and Their Meanings You Never Knew About

flowers and their meaning

Flowers might be breathtakingly beautiful and make for the perfect present on Valentine’s Day, but did you know there are actually meanings behind each and every flower? Learning the different meanings can help you in choosing the perfect flower for your lover, telling them exactly how you feel using just a single flower.

The History of Floriology

Floriology has quite an extensive history behind it. Did you know that the first time flowers started to have meanings dates way back before the nineteenth century? It’s quite an interesting fact to think that flowers have held their meanings since way back then, but those meanings still hold true today and it’s intriguing to discover the different passions that a flower can resemble.

However, while flower meanings were being discovered well before the nineteenth century, the first formal introduction of these meanings were noticed in 1809 by Joseph Hammer-Purgstall, who wrote ‘Dictionnaire du langage des Fleurs’.

Joseph Hammer-Purgstall didn’t write this lovely book on his own, though. Greek and Armenian women spent an abundance of their time working side-by-side Joseph, showing them their meanings for flowers. After all, they had been using flowers to convey messages for many years, messages of which they could never say out loud. By sharing this information with Joseph, he was then able to create his famous book of the flower languages.

In 1819, the language of flowers became even more prominent. This was due in part to the era of this time, which was known as the ‘Romantic Era’. During the Romantic Era, nature was put on a pedestal and everyone took great care of nature, realizing the true beauty of the things around them that were placed here by a higher being for our enjoyment.

Since then, people have studied more and more about the language of flowers and have simply fallen in love with the emotions and meanings behind them. They are still used to convey messages to this day, and they can either be a feeling of joy and happiness or more darker meanings.

Flower Meanings

We might all be aware that roses go hand in hand with the feeling of love, but did you know that roses have a more in-depth meaning than that? In fact, some roses have a more sinister twist, while others hold light in the mystery realm. Aside from roses, all flowers have a different meaning from morbid to wonderful, sweet to sour.

  • Red Rose: Love and Romance

This is the ideal flower when it comes to showing someone that you are deeply in love with them, not only because they’re gorgeous, but the meaning of deep love behind them.

  • Pink Rose: Gratitude and Appreciation

It’s the perfect shade for Mom.

  • Purple Rose: Love at First Sight

You probably didn’t know the amazing meaning behind purple roses, but now that you know it means love at first sight, it’s an obvious choice for the woman of your dreams.

  • Black Rose: Vengeance

Feeling a sort of hatred towards someone? A black rose has the depiction of hate due to its intensely dark shade, so of course the real meaning behind it is just as saucy.

  • Blue Rose: Mystery and Intrigue

If you find that the woman in your life is downright intriguing, then a rose with a shade of blue may be your best bet in letting them know you not only care for them, but find them downright intriguing and mysterious.

  • White Rose: Innocence and Purity

Such a delicate meaning behind a truly succulent rose color.

  • Green Rose: Fertility

Perhaps this is the perfect present for someone recently pregnant or trying to conceive.

  • Yellow Rose: Joy and Friendship

See? Roses aren’t all about romance. Roses can even be a wonderful gift option for the besties in your life.

  • Orchid: A belle
  • Iris: My compliments

Perhaps this would be the perfect flower present for someone you admire in your life, such as a teacher or a coach.

  • Daisy: Innocence
  • Tulip: Declaration of Love

This will certainly have to be your next flower choice when telling someone you’re in love with them.

  • Calla Lily: Beauty

A beautiful flower would have a beautiful meaning such as this, wouldn’t it?

  • Daffodil: Chivalry
  • Carnation: Pride and Beauty
  • Lilac: Youthful Innocence

Lilacs have a way about them that is just so dainty and sweet, so it is truly no wonder why the lilac means youthful innocence.

  • Birds of Paradise: Joyfulness

Such an intriguing, out-of-this-world looking flower would have a meaning such as joyfulness!

  • Tiger Lily: Wealth and Pride

Who would have known this lovely flower had such a rich meaning behind it.

Love Flower Meanings

  • Myrtle: Love, Marriage, and Prosperity
  • Forget-me-not: True Love
  • Red and Purple Tulips: True Love
  • Amaranth: Immortal Love
  • Moss: Maternal Love
  • Gardenia: Secret Love
  • Honeysuckle: Devoted to Affection
  • Pink Carnation: Woman’s Love
  • Carolina Rose: Dangerous Love

Feeling Flower Meanings

  • Peony: Bashful
  • Sunflower: Pure Thoughts
  • Camellia: Excellence
  • Oak Leaves: Bravery
  • Daffodil: Regard
  • Fern: Fascination and Magic
  • French Marigold: Jealousy
  • Heliotrope: Devotion
  • Mint: Virtue
  • Amaryllis: Pride
  • Sunflower: Adoration
  • Violet: Faithfulness
  • Olive: Peace
  • Pansies: Thoughts
  • Petunia: Soothing Presence
  • Lily of the Flower: Sweetness and Returning Happiness

Other Flower Meanings

  • Primrose: Youth
  • Hibiscus: Devotion
  • Dahlia: Elegance and Dignity
  • Cabbage: Profit
  • Damask Rose: Brilliant Complexion
  • Iris: Good News
  • Lemon Blossom: Discretion
  • Orchid: Refined Beauty


Flowers are unbelievably beautiful. They are not only tantalizing to the eye with their majestic colors and hues, but they all have a unique and intriguing meaning behind them. We can use flowers to show loved ones just how much we care about them, or to bring a light of cheer and enjoyment to any situation. Flowers can even have odd meanings, such as youthfulness, profit, or discretion. No wonder they are studied so heavily and used to convey messages to other people!

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