How to Wear Leg Warmers: 30 Chic & Stylish Outfit Ideas

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Leg warmers are a handy, fashion accessory that keep your legs warm and add plenty of interesting style to your outfits. They were originally used by athletes and ballet dancers to keep their muscles warm in cold conditions. But in the 80’s they became a must-have gym accessory and street fashion. Leg warmers had been forgotten for a long-time, until a designer brought them back to the runways of New York and Paris Fashion Week this year. And after that they were ‘off and running’ again!

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Leg warmers & fashion colors

This season, we’re wearing leg warmers in the current winter colors, including turquoise, burgundy, dark-blue, deep-purple, deep-pink, brown, gray, mustard-yellow, tan and neutral tones like khaki, sand, camel, beige and cream. So to polish-up your cold weather outfits, you need to get some trendy leg warmers. And if you’re not sure how to wear leg warmers this time around, we have a load of modern outfit ideas to get you started!

1. How to wear leg warmers Chanel style

chanel leg warmers

Chanel re-introduced leg warmers in a chic outfit of a mini-knitted dress, with slouchy leg warmers and a baker-boy hat. This season, the trendy hat to wear is a Fedora or a Trilby, which are both brimmed-hats that freshen-up any outfit and make you look worlds away from the cheesy 80’s! Re-create a Chanel-inspired outfit with a slouchy, slightly oversized knitted mini-dress, one size larger than you’d normally wear. Then roll-up the sleeves.

In cool weather, wear nude or black tights and add over-the-knee leg warmers in the same shade as your dress. Leave a tiny section of your thigh uncovered and add accessories that show your individual style. Costume jewelry is good with this outfit, such as several gold chains around your neck and some fashionable ear-crawlers or ear-jacket earrings. And complete your look with heeled, bootees or high-heel pumps for a party, or flat bootees or Oxford shoes for a weekend, smart-casual daytime look.

2. Leg warmers & dress outfits

Leg warmers dress outfits

Leg warmers are very versatile and will work well for day and evening wear. Gray and navy look great together and so a dark-blue dress with gray leg warmers is a perfect match. If your dress is plain, wear fancy tights with polka dots or something similar to add interest and finish off the look with black, suede bootees. This is a great look for a lunch or dinner date!

3. Leg warmers & skirt outfits

Leg warmers shorts outfits

If you don’t want to spend the whole cold season wearing jeans and high boots, try wearing mustard leg warmers over black tights, with a trendy, checked mini-skirt in a complementary color like forest-green.

Leg warmers skirt outfits

You can also wear this outfit with a knee-length skirt for office wear and complete the look with a black or dark-green, high-necked sweater and ankle boots or flat, Oxford shoes.

4. Leg warmers & shorts outfits

Keep wearing your black, fitted shorts into the cold weather season by combining them with black patterned tights and deep-pink or purple leg warmers. It’s a trendy and individual look that you can make your own by choosing a hoodie, a patterned sweater or a romantic white shirt/blouse. Cover up with an oversized blazer, or a teddy-coat jacket and wear with flat Oxford shoes or bootees.

Leg warmers shorts outfits ideas

And you can replicate this look with your summer denim shorts. Mustard-yellow leg warmers go well with mid-blue denim over black tights. And you can complete this outfit with a plain, short-sleeved tee or a graphic tee that has some shade of green in the mix, to complement the blue and yellow.

5. Leg warmers & gym chic outfits

Leg warmers gym chic outfits

For wintery weather, wear a long-sleeved leotard in a dark winter color with a high neck to keep the draughts out. And for spring and summer, choose a spaghetti strapped, leotard with a V-neck. Cover your leotard with a cropped cardigan or wrap top and wear stirrup or footless leggings in a matching pastel shade or black.

Add good-quality, wool/cotton, ribbed leg warmers that come up over your knees. And wear jeans or corduroy trousers for winter-wear. In summertime, you can pop-on a mini wrap-skirt or a longer, flowing skirt. Wear with Oxford shoes in winter or clean, white sneakers in the summer.

6. Leg warmers & casual luxury outfits

Leg warmers casual luxury outfits

For casual luxury to enjoy at home see if you can put this outfit together using clothes from your wardrobe and a new pair of leg warmers. Start with your favorite woollen sweater with a large, rolled-neck collar and buy either matching or contrasting color leg warmers. Buy soft cashmere, (or something similar), but avoid anything made from acrylic because it goes shabby and baggy very quickly.

Then layer your sweater and new leg warmers over tights or leggings and pop yourself onto the couch for a relaxing session of movie-watching. If you need to go out, you can just add gloves, a teddy-coat and some ankle boots and take the coziness along with you!

7. Leg warmers & cardigan coat outfits

Leg warmers cardigan coat outfits

If you want some extra-warmth in the spring and summer, you can create a super outfit with knitted leg warmers and a cardigan coat. Sometimes called coatigans, this new breed of cardigan is long and thickly textured to be a trendy lightweight coat, that’s soft and comfy for spring and autumn wear.

Coatigans usually come down past the thighs, like a ¾ coat and are available in a huge range of rich, deep colors as well as lighter, brighter shades and some fabulous abstract patterns. Really, they are the perfect coat to wear with your leg warmers for a totally contemporary vibe. And you can mix and match the colors of leg warmer you wear with your coatigan for fresh looks every day!

8. Leg warmers & jeans outfits

Leg warmers jeans outfits

Leg warmers work very well over skinny and straight-leg denims, as well as yoga pants and leggings. Obviously you can’t wear them with wide-leg jeans, because you wouldn’t be able to tuck the legs in. So you need tight-fit trousers that allow you to add another layer to your calves, without making your legs look bulky.

Depending on your height, the length of your legs and the size of leg warmers you buy, they can be worn pulled up and over the knees, or smooth and just below the knee, or slouched down from lower calf to ankles.

9. Leg warmers & footwear

Leg warmers with Boots

Leg warmers with Boots

Leg warmers will fit inside baggy or wide-fit knee-length boots, leaving just a little bit of leg warmer peeping out of the top to add color and detail to your look. They look great with smart ankle-boots and the fabulous, new, short Ugg boots, too!

Leg warmers with Sneakers

Leg warmers with Sneakers

You can also get a trendy look wearing leg warmers and sneakers, and this creates a casual, fun look. Play around with bright and contrasting leg warmers and sneakers in plain and patterned styles. Or wear fashionable white sneakers for comfy, fresh street style.

Leg warmers with Oxford shoes

Leg warmers with Oxford shoes

Leg warmers look super with flats, which can be elegant or quirky Oxford shoes – a huge new trend this year! And they conform perfectly to the style and comfort requirements we’re all looking for this year. When you wear them with flat shoes, leg warmers should touch the back of your ankles. Oxford shoes instantly polish up any outfit you team them with!

10. Leg warmers & dressy outfits

For a contemporary, fashionable look choose leg warmers in a subtle color that complements the main color of your outfit. Wear with good quality black leggings to create a chic, well-thought-out ensemble. Add touches of silver or gold minimalist jewelry and wear with a trench coat and silk-neck scarf to elevate the look.

And you can even wear leg warmers to work or for a dressy event if you wear black opaque tights, a knee-length tweed skirt, a fine-knit polo-neck jumper and leg warmers that harmonize with your skirt color!

11. Leg warmers & fun outfits

Leg warmers fun outfits

On the other hand, if you want a fun and youthful look, go with this year’s trend for clashing colors and patterns. Jazz-up your autumn-winter-spring leisure outfits by wearing brightly colored, or crazy patterned leg warmers! You’re the one wearing your clothes, so have fun with fashion!

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