Is a Gluten Free, Dairy Free Diet All Worth it?

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Diet

You might have noticed that many people are trading their normal eating habits for a gluten free, dairy free diet. But is it all worth it? Does this special diet really help you lose weight?

is a gluten free dairy free diet all worth it Is a Gluten Free, Dairy Free Diet All Worth it?
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Diets are hard to define specifically because they are different for each person’s body. What might work for me might not work for you and vice versa. That being said, so many people are claiming that their gluten free, dairy free diet is working wonders for their body. So how does that work?


From my personal experience, going gluten free helped me to shed a couple pounds. I now had a real reason not to eat a ton of bread, indulge in cookies or grab a muffin with my coffee. It made me more aware of what I was putting into my body. I had to really think about my meals and plan them out. In turn, it helped my brain to become more health conscious.


The same goes for dairy. When I started swapping almond milk for whole milk, I was again more health conscious about what I was eating. There’s nothing wrong with milk, but going dairy free helped me stray away from things like half & half, butter and fatty cheeses. By eliminating these things from my diet, I noticed that I was again, more conscious about what I was eating. And the fatty elements what I was eliminating from my diet.


By eliminating both gluten and diary from my diet, I noticed a few key things about my body.


Weight Loss

  1. I quickly lost weight and kept it off. This was because I stopped eating carbs and fatty dairy like pasta, bread, cake, soft cheese, butter etc. With that being said, I never deprived myself. If I craved a gluten free, dairy free cookie, I quickly found a healthy recipe on Pinterest. Although I cut out dairy, I still allowed myself healthier diary options like hard cheese and Greek yogurt to ensure my body got enough calcium.

Health Conscious

  1. I was more health conscious. By having two major diet restrictions, I was always thinking about what I was eating and how it would fuel my body. This allowed me to notice the kinds of food I ate as well as keep me accountable at restaurants and cafes when I wanted to splurge.


  1. My body felt more regulated. I was less tired and more full of energy while going gluten and diary free. Maybe this was because I wasn’t scarfing down cake and cookies or cheese covered nachos. Or maybe it was because I was swapping those things for more veggies and natural foods.

Hair, Skin and Nails

  1. My hair, skin and nails felt so revitalized! I no longer had any breakouts, my nails grew faster and my hair felt stronger. I think this was because I swapped gluten and diary for wholesome foods that gave my body more energy and better nourishment.


  1. I had better digestion. I no longer felt bloated after meals and I felt like my digestive track was 10 times better since I eliminated the gluten and diary from my diet.


All in all, I enjoyed going gluten and dairy free because it forced me to be more health conscious about my body. It also really helped me think about the food I was eating. I eliminated the bad carbs and fatty dairy, and replaced it with foods that made my body feel so much better! So the verdict is in, not only will going gluten and diary free help you lose weight, but it has so many more health benefits!

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