How to Get Thick & Healthy Looking Hair

Best hairstyles for thick hair How to Get Thick & Healthy Looking Hair

Thicker hair can be more work to look after and it can be harder to get it to sit in the right style. However, thick hair does look better, it has more bounce and generally more shine. In short, it looks healthier and most people want it! Good-looking hair also boosts your confidence.

You can have thick hair! You may currently look in the mirror and see thin, flat, or even limp hair. But, with the right approach, you can have thick and healthy hair.

Thickening Shampoos

how to get thick healthy looking hair herstylecode How to Get Thick & Healthy Looking Hair

There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners available that promise to thicken your hair. The majority of them do exactly what they say. However, you should note that many of the cheaper brands will use harsh chemicals to achieve the desired effect. These are more likely to damage your hair.

The is little point in thickening your hair if you’re reducing the health of it. That’s why you need a quality shampoo and conditioner from a recognized range, such as these offerings from Olaplex. It is important to choose a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed for thickening or volumizing your hair.

Styling Products

How to Get Thick & Healthy Looking Hair
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Good quality thickening conditioners don’t use many chemicals to ensure your hair isn’t weighed down and made flatter. But, they are best complemented with a good styling product as these will add lift and volume to your hair.

Again, choose a good-quality hair product, like those mentioned above, then follow the instructions. These will tell you whether to brush it in or apply it before/after brushing.

Change Your Style

How to Get Thick & Healthy Looking Hair
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It may surprise you to learn that shorter hair looks thicker. The thinner your hair the more it will be weighed down as it grows. This will cause it to stay closer to your scalp, looking limp and thin. By cutting your hair above your shoulders you’ll reduce the weight on each strand of hair. This will help to give it bounce and volume.

Use Dry Shampoo

How to Get Thick & Healthy Looking Hair
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Many people shampoo their hair daily but this can strip the essential oils from your hair. Without the protective oils, your hair will be unable to retain moisture, leaving it dry and brittle. It will be easily damaged and flatter, ensuring it doesn’t look as healthy on your head.

But, instead of shampooing in the shower every day, try using dry shampoo to cleanse your hair. It’s the perfect choice for between shampoos as it helps to maintain clean hair. At the same time, it will add air and therefore volume to your hair.

It does this by using starch and minerals to clean and nurture your hair. This increases friction between your hair strands, forcing them further apart and adding volume. It’s simple but effective.


How to Get Thick & Healthy Looking Hair
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If you’re still struggling to get your hair to look thicker then consider having extensions added by a professional. Despite the name, extensions don’t need to extend the length of your hair, although they can.

By adding them closer to your scalp the extensions will effectively add hair to your head, instantly making it look more voluminous because it actually is.

Of course, you still need to maintain your hair in the same way as usual. This will ensure your hair doesn’t just look thicker, it looks healthier and fantastic all the time.

Nurture Your Hair

How to Get Thick & Healthy Looking Hair
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Hair is largely made of protein, taken from the food you eat. In order to ensure your hair is healthy and has plenty of volumes, you need to ensure you’re consuming enough protein and other important minerals.

A balanced diet will help your body to stay healthy. But, it will also improve the health of your hair. This will help your hair to look thick and luxurious.

You should also avoid using heat styling tools whenever possible. Applying heat directly to your hair removes moisture and damages the protective oil coating. This makes your hair dry and brittle, appearing flat and it will be easy to damage.

Turning down the heat setting will help, as will not using the heat styling products every day. Sometimes it’s good to let your hair air dry. If you have to use the hairdryer then use a heat protecting spray first.

Tease It

Teasing your hair means using the tip of a comb to lift them off your scalp. Do a small section at a time and you’ll be surprised at how much life it adds to your hair. You can also backcomb your roots to gain a little height before combing your hair forward to get the style you like.

It does require careful use of the comb but the result is worth the effort.

Remember, everyone has different hair, you need to choose the style and volume that you are comfortable with, which will help to ensure you are happy with your hair.

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